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Welcome to the first Official Kniteforce release in over 15 years. Times sure have changed, but don’t worry, we remain as idiotic as ever!

Anyway, this is the “proper” release of KF61, Cru-l-t – No New Idea’s E.P.

This release comes on a CD. The CD tracklisting is as follows…

01. Baby

02. Yeah

03. Baby Breaks

04. Nothing (Remastered)

05. Something (Remastered)

06. Krull (Remastered)

07. Nowhere (Remastered)

08. Poosie & Cru-l-t – Knite In Paradise (Remastered)

09. Poosie & Cru-l-t – Hear Me Hear Me (Remastered)

10. Latch The Door (Remastered)

11. I Cant Take The Pancake (Remastered)

The first three tracks are brand new Kniteforce material, in traditional Kniteforce style. These 3 tracks will be available as individual MP3s on this store in a few weeks time. The other 8 tracks are exclusive to this CD and this store. All future Kniteforce releases will come in this format – the new tracks, and remastered old tracks that will not be available anywhere except on the CD. The Remastered tracks wont be uploaded to the other MP3 stores, or be available on this store as an MP3. Basically I intend to get all the back catalog remastered a little at a time, so those of you who buy this CD and the others will eventually have a completely remastered Kniteforce collection. And no one else will. Brilliant, eh?

Of course, some people would like these tracks digitally as well. And I happily oblige…When you receive the CD, you will also get a sheet of paper giving you a link to a secret Kniteforce web page containing the new tracks from the CD in .wav format. Plus other digital goodies no doubt…Its sort of like what we used to do with the original Kniteforce label, a little unpredictable and insane. Its gonna be great! Plus there will be the “other stuff”. Each Kniteforce CD release will come with other stuff. It will usually be something stupid, but who knows, if you are lucky, sometimes it might be something pointless instead. Might even get crazy one day and give you something you actually want. Who knows? Not I!

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  1. 5 out of 5


    Couldn’t mistake this for anyone else! Brings back the excitement of when i first heard a Kniteforce/Remix records release. This is how new hardcore should be made and the direction it should be heading.

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