Sublove / Shoreman Bundle (Double 12″, Single 12″, Double CD) (Presale)


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THIS RELEASE IS DUE IN STOCK END OF October and may well be cheaper as far as postage goes if you buy from the UK based Bandcamp store!

This is the best of all worlds right here…Not only do you get the epic Sublove Legacy 2 double pack and Shoreman EP, but you also get a Sublove Legacy 1 & 2 Double CD with bonus tracks. Delicious! Also, make sure you scroll through the descriptions cos there is a code for a discount on the first Shoreman EP if you dont already have that…

KF105 – Sublove Legacy Volume 2
This is the stunning follow up to the first Sublove Legacy EP which sold out in record time. There were only 300 pressed of Sublove Legacy 1, and there will only be 300 of Sublove Legacy 2 as well, so get in while you can!

And it contains some real gems, all lovingly remastered from the original DAT recordings.
Where the first Sublove Legacy concentrated on the most well known of the Sublove tunes, Legacy 2 leans hard into the more obscure and difficult to get.
Three of the tracks have never previously been released: Lose Control, Strings In E Major and Take Me To Heaven, and all of them are perfect original old school masterpieces, with Take Me To Heaven boasting a beautiful vocal line that takes you right back to the birth of rave music.
Then you have the previously released but still much in demand “Jah”. And of course, “Always In My Mind” is a total classic, with the stunning vocal work and intense riffs to match. I got to remix this one, and I think my remix does it justice too, if I may say so. Lastly, we have the undisputed classic “And Then More (Remix)” plus the remix of that remix by the extraordinarily talented T.N.O Project.

KF105 – Sublove Legacy Volume 2 Tracklist:
A1. Always In My Mind (Remastered)
A2. Jah (Remastered)
B1. Strings In E Major (Remastered, Previously Unreleased)
B2. Take Me From Heaven (Remastered, Previously Unreleased)
C1. Lose Control (Remastered, Previously Unreleased)
C2. And Then More (Remix) (Remastered)
D1. Always In My Mind (Luna-C Remix)
D2. And Then More (T.N.O Remix)

KF111 – Shoreman – On The Edge EP
It is no surprise that Shoreman got to remix Hyper On Experiences “Lord Of The Null lines” because his talent is unquestioned by any who hear his work. The problem of this generation in music is getting heard! Shoremans first EP remains a stunning hidden gem. Some of you are reading this and don’t have it, but you should, it is genius, and I don’t say that lightly. It’s rare that any artist comes out and hits so hard and its criminal that we have any of his first EP left at all. Here, look:

Shoreman – Deep Waters

And I will put my money where my mouth is, here is a coupon to pick it up with 25% off:


Anyway, his follow up EP is even better. Yes. It is. I am not going to say any more. Listen to the clips, and buy the record. You will never regret it!

KF111 – Shoreman – On The Edge EP track listing
A1. Soul On The Line
A2. Feeling Good
B1. On The Edge
B2. Syncronize

KFCD105 – Sublove Legacy Vol1 & 2 Double CD
This CD tracklist is in the pics, but of particular note are the brand new, exclusive remixes including spectacular work from Dj Beeno, Sub Fundation (a new artist for KF White but an exceptional talent as you will see), and Timme’s absolutely bad ass remix…


PLUS EXCLUSIVE 320MP3 / 24Bit Wavs to download of the tracks.

The digital downloads are available when you receive the vinyl. All vinyls come with a “collector sheet” that contains a link and password to your downloads, as well as links to bonus material and previews of forthcoming Kniteforce & Knitebreed releases!



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