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Breed17 – The Timespan – As Predicted EP 12″ Vinyl


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Breed17 – The Timespan – As Predicted EP 12″ Vinyl

Knitebreed Records presents Breed17 – The Timespan – As Predicted EP.

A1: This Sensation
A2: Back Again (Okay Then)
B1: Lovely Piano Tune
B2: Music (Cru-l-t Revisit)


What can I say about a new EP from me without sounding like an ego maniac? Normally, it would be hard to do, but I kind of dont even remember writing this EP. Sometimes, as an artist, the music just comes together with little to no effort, and this was one of those EPs. Everything just worked as it should, and I ended up with one of the best EPs I have done in a very very long time. And I think you will agree. So I hope you will buy it 🙂

This is a brand new release from the newly relaunched Knitebreed label. It is limited to 300 units and it will never be sold as a digital release, although if you buy the vinyl, you will receive links to the digital versions of the three tracks in both 320 MP3 and Wav format. This is the only way to get the digital versions of this release.

The vinyl comes with a wealth of goodies. So I will just go ahead and list them for you…

1. All the music on the EP is proper traditional old skool hardcore!

2. With the vinyl you will receive an “Breed” sheet (like with the Kniteforce releases) which will contain a link to the digital versions of these 4 tracks in 24Bit Wav and / or 320 MP3 formats.

3. As with the Kniteforce releases, the Breed sheet is collectable – if you collect 10 of them, something good will happen!

4. This one comes with bonus remastered Knitebreed tracks!


All merchandise orders over $60 (excluding postage) come with a free Kniteforce Rave Bag worth $20:


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