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Welcome to my mix page. It has mixes on it. Some are old, and badly mixed. Some are new, and badly mixed. And some are really well mixed, but those are only there to surprise you. The quality of the files varies like the quality of the mixing, and can at best be described as “haphazard”. Some of the files are quite big, some of them are quite small, some of them are right in the middle. This is a very unprofessional way to write my mix page. Luckily for all of us, I get a great deal of pleasure by being unprofessional. If you have a problem with any of these mixes, I suggest you think carefully about the nature of your complaint, then write it down on a small piece of paper, put it in a waterproof envelope, and send it to:-

Santa Claus,
North Pole,
The Earth

Anyway, here are the mixes:-

Supaset 0 – Japanera – Built in the late 90’s for some Japanese tours. 320mp3. Very strange mix. Just warning you.

Supaset 1 parts one and two, built around 2002, 128mp3 cos I no longer have anything of a higher quality, sorry:-

Supaset 2, 320mp3, not as good as Supaset 1 but screw you buddy, I was having a bad day, okay? Leave me alone:-

Supaset 3, 192mp3, reminds me of stubbing my toe, but in a good way:-

Supaset 4, 192mp3, such a good set that I had babies which I then ate. They tasted like beetroot:-

Supaset 5, 320mp3. Super high quality because its nobodies favorite set:-

Supaset 6, 320mp3, almost as good as Supaset 4, but slightly more puce.

Supaset 7, 320mp3, cant remember this one at all. Its probably not too bad:-

Supaset 8, 320mp3, my personal favorite FM set. I sing on it. Yeah. Sorry about that:-

Supaset 9, 320mp3 I was definitely running out of ideas at this point:-

Supaset 10, 320mp3 Sometimes when you scrape the barrel, you find some interesting muck. Supaset 10. Interesting muck:-

Supaset 11, 320mp3, Mostly original music, which makes this either the best of worst of the Supasets:-

Supaset 12, 320mp3, This is the best of the Supasets. If you hated the first 11, you wont like this either!


Here are the Kniteforce Podcasts as they appeared on iTunes, with me mumbling over them lol:-


More mixes for you to enjoy. Or to despise. Its up to you:-


Hardcore, d’n’b, gabber, old and new, mixtures of Supasets etc…

Recorded for Snoochy Boochy in Seattle Mix For Snoochy.mp3

Recorded for Bangface in 2009 09.mp3

Unique set of Luna-C tracks made for the Breaking Free Album Free Hardkorenakopia Into The Chaos.mp3

A set of DnB played at home, just for my own pleasure…’n’B Mix 1.mp3

A set of Gabber records, mostly old skool, ¬†played at home, just for my own pleasure… Set.mp3

A homemade mash up of bizarre hardcore tracks…

My favorite mix of my favorite era of my favorite music…’s Old Skool Euro.mp3

And so is this lol… Skool 90-91 Mix.mp3

Oh, and this… Skool Hardcore.mp3

Released on a CD in Australia in 1995 or 1996… Noise.mp3


Total Chaos – mixes of all different styles:-

Halloween – all “horror” based music, various styles… Mix.mp3

Mixed with Dave Skywalker – very odd, and pretty damn good too! 1 Final Mix No Vox.mp3

These tow sets were made long ago at home, contain hugely varied music, and are recorded from tape, but I think they may be my finest mixes:- Days & 2 Errors (A-side).mp3 Days & 2 Errors (B-Side).mp3

Title says it all really… Need Help Vol.3.mp3

Old Skool Trance Mixes:- Mix 1.mp3 Mix 2.mp3

Hip Hop Mixes:- Hop Electro Mix.mp3 Hop Mix 4.mp3 Hop Mix 1.mp3 La Era – The Soul Children.mp3


Ambient Mixes:- Thought 43 (Ambient Mix 2).mp3

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