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Firstly, thank you for clicking on the link! In doing so, and in a weirdly ironic way, you have demonstrated one of the reasons for this blog. I wonder, did you click it from a post on Facebook? Or from a link in the Kniteforce the mailing list?

If you came here via Facebook and you are not on the mailing list, you can join using the form on the top right of this page! And please do – its great – and its gonna get a whole lot greater 🙂

If you are already on the mailing list, I thank you! Seriously, you are one of the reasons we are here doing what we do.

Because heres the thing. One of the toughest challenges for any record label or musician is actually getting word of your new music to the people who want it. It is very difficult to do. There is no central place everyone looks anymore – web based forums are mostly dead, magazines are non existent, record shops are very individual and specialist, and TV advertising is obviously way out of our reach, and even that is failing as people do not watch it anymore. All we have really is things like Twitter, Instagram, Reddit and Facebook. The first three are are fairly weak at advertising new music as it gets lost swiftly, and Facebook is not very good although until recently it has been the best option out of the four. And sadly, Facebook is getting worse for anyone who wants to spread the word about anything they are doing.

The reason is that Facebook keep changing their algorithms in favour of paid advertising. And the trouble with Facebook paid advertising is its not very effective in my experience. This makes it very hard to get the information out there about new releases. And the result is a direct hit to every record labels efforts to sell music and survive. Its not that people don’t want the music, they just don’t even hear about it, and worse, they don’t KNOW they are not hearing about it. What would previously come up on their feed no longer does.

So Facebook is not our friend, unfortunately.

But the mailing list is. The mailing list is my way to be able to talk to you directly. And here I have to apologise a bit. I had always planned to make the mailing list a bit more than just a place to advertise our new releases, but the label raced ahead and I…errr…forgot lol. There has been so much going on I had barely time to breathe, let alone turn my attention to managing the mailing list a bit better. My bad.

However, since I am now between homes and have had time to think about it, and as Facebook is rapidly becoming useless, it seems to me I need to make the mailing list more attractive both to thank you regulars who are always supporting the label, and to encourage new people to join. Since Facebook is actively limiting our reach (and there is no reason to think its going to change for the better) I want to make sure everyone on the mailing list feels valued and gets good stuff out of it! And so, I have made some changes!

Here is whats going on with the Kniteforce mailing list from here on out:


From now on, each vinyl release will have 5 tracks. Four of them will be on the vinyl, and one will be exclusive to the mailing list leading up to that EPs release. The first link is right here:

Paul Bradley – Feels Good – ‘Kin Cosmic EP

Usually, the link will not be public. It will be given exclusively in the mailing list and active for a week, and then gone…but for this first one, you can get the exclusive 5th track on Paul Bradleys newly released EP “Kin Cosmic”. The track is called Feels Good, and was always intended for the vinyl, but we decided on the other 4 because they fit together better as a cohesive EP. You can get his EP as part of the bundle right here:

Kniteforce Bundle 11

Or on its own, right here:

Breed22 – Paul Bradley – ‘Kin Cosmic EP

In the folder, you will find the bonus track and also find a mini mix from resident Kniteforce Radio Dj, Dj Beeno. His show is on Friday nights at 6pm, should you want to catch that! We will often add extras, as and when we have them…maybe sample packs or whatever. It will be a surprise!!!

2. Remix Competitions:

We will be running a remix competition very soon. It will be one of my tracks, and like before, the winner will get their remix cut on a Kniteforce vinyl. Again, only the mailing list will be given the samples / competition details.

3. Exclusive Mixes:

There is one in the folder right now, but we will also be doing things like “preview” mixes of upcoming KF / KFA / KFD and Knitebreed releases. One of those mixes is being done as we speak, and will be available in the next 2 or 3 weeks.

4. Discount coupons and codes:

As many of you will know, we have The Triple Threat triple vinyl and triple CD dropping in October. There will be a discount code for that for those on the mailing list.

5. Exclusive mailing list only releases!

I already have a few planned…

6. Anything else fun I can think of really.

If you are a cynic, you could say “Isn’t this just a way for Kniteforce to “buy” loyalty so that they can sell us more stuff?” And I would candidly answer “Yes” lol. But is that a bad thing? Yes, we want sales – we need sales to keep the label going. Every single one matters. Our survival depends on it. But on the other hand, if you know the label at all, you know we are in it for the funny more than the money. Its just…we do need the money too. Otherwise we cant do the funny. And I feel like this will make the mailing list a lot more fun for everyone, plus you don’t HAVE to buy anything. Perhaps you will just enjoy all the free goodies, and thats fine too. Again, if you know the label and me, you know I am always interested in trying new things. And this is me doing that. My hope is that it will be fun for you, and if it generates a few extra sales as well, brilliant.

I really cant emphasise enough how important your support is. We started releasing vinyl again a mere 18 months ago. In that time, we have gone from one or two releases every 2 months, to 3 releases a month, and have featured a huge array of new and old talent. Many were tempted because Kniteforce can offer a proper vinyl release with a full sleeve, and offer an advance as well. i am in talks with two other HUGE old skool legends, and a potential return of one of the biggest acts ever to feature on Kniteforce Records. We can only do those things because of your support. And your support can only happen if you know what we are doing. And I intend for the label to keep growing, I have ambitions beyond my own label. I want to see this scene expand and grow, and there is such huge potential….but it cant be done alone. And it cant be done if people don’t know what we are doing.

So to sum up, heres the deal: Please join our mailing list and buy stuff. In return, I will give you lots of good things for free. And we can all have fun! Yay!

Nice one,

Chris / Luna-C

8 Responses to Why Not Join The Kniteforce Mailing List?

  1. Ziggy Trix September 17, 2018 at 12:05 am #

    100% agree with your comments about Facebook ads, unless you are a Fortune 500 company trying to push your products to a particular group. Boutique or niche companies are horribly served by Facebook advertising.

  2. Jake September 17, 2018 at 1:36 am #

    It’s quite strange, I have read your last two blogs probably not long after you posted them, due to being on my laptop, and reading my emails, so I’ve seen your email actually appear on the screen, this is usually while on Discogs Trying to submit releases to the database correctly which is not as easy as one might think, Several times I have added a record or digital release and afterwards felt like I had committed some sort of petty crime, lol,
    I should probably be asleep, (work in a few hours) but I have had self induced Insomnia for years now, hahaha, I shouldn’t laugh, being 51 years old I suppose I should be a sensible and mature adult! But fuck it I can’t see that happening any time soon.

    When you had the sale the other week, I happened to see that email appear too, I was straight on that and definitely made the most of it.
    Can’t wait for the new bundle to arrive, you were spot on with what you wrote, Shoreman sounds great and Paul Bradley is awesome there’s evil dead samples, I’m a sucker for anything with an Evil dead sample. ha ha.

    Right I’m going to read the blog then I’d better settle down with my eyes shut for a few hours, If they’ll stay shut!!!

  3. Jake September 17, 2018 at 2:11 am #

    Sorry I guess I should have read the blog first.
    But I have to say that what you are doing is ‘kin sound as a pound, I will always try and buy stuff when it comes out, but free stuff as well, that’s excellent.

    I don’t do any social network stuff apart from posting in the discogs groups occasionally, but that can suck at the best of times, so many people seem to not realise that everyone is entitled to an opinion, I think most people will post something at least once, then not bother again due to being slagged off by some complete dick..

    I listen to Kniteforce radio now and again, but can’t post any comments because of not being on facebook, so I had to smile to myself the other week when Silent Shift was on And I just about heard someone remark that there were two anonymous listeners, then something like ” Come on Grow a pair, and log in. I thought to myself Sorry I Can’t lol. And my last words are T-Shirts. hahaha

    CHEERS and ALL the BEST

    • Ruud September 17, 2018 at 7:58 am #

      You don’t have to be on Facebook (or twitter), Jake, to join the chat at kniteforceradio,which is awesome ’cause I’m not on Facebook either.
      Just your enter name, nickname or whatever-name and join the chat, there’s no registration. It’s really fun in the chat, you’ll get your shout out from the Dj’s ;), off course you can ask for rewinds and thank them for their show. It’s a really nice way to support.

      • Jake September 17, 2018 at 12:13 pm #

        OK Thanks for that Ruud, nice one.
        I guess I just saw the log in with Facebook bit and never looked any closer.


  4. Ruud September 17, 2018 at 7:35 am #

    Nice One Chris.
    It’s always a good way to start the week by reading your mails and it still gets better, awesome!

    Keep it going, EZ

  5. Pugsley September 17, 2018 at 12:18 pm #

    This is glorious.

    i’m not really a big talker, but I have always supported what you do.

    The Paul bradley tune is kin’ awesome. TUNE

    Hope this continues to grow and get the attention it deserves.

    Peace out.

  6. GL0WKiD September 17, 2018 at 1:51 pm #

    I agree Chris. You’re not far away from reality cos this is how it is and taking it to Mailing List seems a bit kinda oldskool again “rejecting” socials which don’t work like social 🙂 Follow the same thing with my blog and in the end when someone needs to find sth they will search after & for it so one way or another the mainling list subscribers are 100 % fans.

    Bigup as always!

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