Podcast 45

This podcast is kinda thrown together due to my studio being in bits cos moving home. The mixes aren’t though! Both my mix and this months guest – The one and only Doughboy are fantastic. Its just I had throw the rest together without my normal tools,  so it is a little messier than usual 🙂

Podcast 45 Tracklist:

Intro – Squarepusher – Ceephax Remix

Doughboy mix:

Dougal & Gammer – Monster (Ayobi Remix)

Hardwell – Spaceman (Carnage Festival Trap Remix)

Mark Breeze – Gotta Get

Doughboy – Gimme That Beat

Luna-C – Fly To Heaven (Haze Remix)

Alex Prospect – Never Let Go

Kman Feat. Dani – Love (Defekt Remix)

Dan Edge & Uprise – Into The Blue

Eufeion – Sincerely Yours

Doughboy – Good Things

Fracus & Darwin – Don’t Tell Me (AOS Remix)

Alex Prospect & Obie – Viper

JDM & MJ – Love Me Like You Do

Euphony – Space Invader (Scott Brown 2015 Remix)

Luna-C Very Old Skool Mix:

Smart Systems – The Tingler

Euphoria – Believe It

Shut Up And Dance – Tablet Man

Wisdom – Trigger

Mind Of Kane – Stabbed In The Back

Split Second – Flesh

CJ Bolland – Mindwar

Destroyer – Senses

The Scientist – For Those Who Know

The Scientist – Spiral Symphony

Xray Xperiments – Into The Future

Space Trax – The Bells

Inappropriate song of the week – Jake Bugg – Theres A Beast & We All Feed It

2 Responses to Podcast 45

  1. nij_tp June 9, 2015 at 1:26 pm #

    LOVE IT! I am not sure why but your mix has a slight scratchiness to it, the very Vinyl and Needle sound in places. Missed the Luna-C banter but it is a great podcast. Doesn’t show you were/are moving. Doughboys mix was great as well. To me the differences in speed only helped remind me that I loved the music being made then and I still love it today but also the current offerings are awesome as well.

  2. Blondell July 30, 2015 at 6:26 am #

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