New Liquid EP Plus…Legends are awesome…


Today I want to tell you about the new Liquid double pack, because of course I do. The pre sale opens Monday 25th Feb for both the bonus bundle and single versions.

And then I wanted to say that I am a raver and a musician, and I am also a record label, so obviously I want to be able to sell the music I put out. But one of the true joys of my job is that while it is a job, its also not like, miserable work. Often I find myself as excited as you are about a new release. And as well as those 3 things, I am a fan, but we will get on to that in a bit.

Anyway, this release totally deserves the excitement. All the excitement.

I warned you all that 2019 was going to be an exceptional year, and it is already, what with the huge success of the last few bundles. But now we are moving into the next level with forthcoming EPs from Hyper On Experience, Sublove, Whizzkid, Al Storm and too many others to mention, and we kick it off with this absolute winner of a release, KF92 – The Spacemonkey EP, by Liquid.

This is an 8 track double pack EP (Or LP? We could never quite decide!) of some of the finest old skool hardcore out there. Beautifully produced, and perfectly executed, this is old skool as it should be done. I love Monofuntion particularly, because it takes me back to the early years when I first got into raving – R&S records and Frank De Wulf and all those wicked Euro releases. But then you have Good Love, a piano anthem if ever there was one, and Clerkenwell Sound, which is like the early UK sound of jungle before there was such a thing.

All in all, this is a brilliant EP and I am proud to be releasing it…which brings me to…being a fan.

I do not often fanboy, and not in public. I have a reputation to maintain after all (ha!) but I did want to mention something that does not get talked about very often, because in one way, it doesn’t matter at all, but in another way, it is totally significant.

I have recently been speaking to Njoi and to Acen, hoping to tempt them into releasing music on Kniteforce. And of course there is this Liquid EP, and Hyper On Experience and Sublove releases already and more to come…Thats 5 artists that I have always admired greatly, and whose records I bought and loved before there was even the consideration of the possibility or perhaps meeting them one day. I contacted Sublove for the first Kniteforce EP back in 1992, after being turned down for a remix by NRGs manager (which was fair enough, I don’t think I came across as knowing what I was doing, because I didn’t. I also hadn’t actually made any music at that point, and did not mention Smart Es lol). Anyway, I remember being in absolute awe that Sublove would do a remix for me. It never even occurred to me at that time to ask Liquid – that would be like me asking, I dont know, who is super famous nowadays? Kanye? He seems like a wally, but will do for this example. Back in 1992, asking Liquid to do a remix for me would be like me asking Kanye to do a remix for me now. Except, you know, I wouldn’t want a remix from Kanye, he always looks like he is sulking. Look, analogies don’t bear close examination, okay? The point it, I thought of Liquid, and Hyper On and Njoi, and Acen, and the majority of the rave artists from back then as so stratospherically far above me that the mere idea of trying to contact them never even entered my head. Getting the courage to speak to Sublove was hard enough – and at least his phone number was on the record label, and I suspect I was stoned out of my head at the time to get the nerve up. And besides, back in those days, getting the contact was a mission and a half. If it wasn’t on the label, then…well….nothing. That was that.

Anyway, my point is, I find myself here in 2019 actually working with these people, and heres the thing: They are nice. They are really nice people. And importantly, they have a deep and genuine love for this music. You might wonder…How can I know that? After all, I met Sublove back in the early 90’s but I have still yet to meet any of the rest, although we talk online and by email, obviously. And yet I can say with absolute confidence that these people just love this music and want to make it.

I can say this because, what they do now is one hell of a lot smaller than what they did then. It never gets talked about, but all the artists I have listed have sold a HUGE number of records, multiple times.

And yet, here they are, making this music for a tiny fraction of the audience it used to have. It never gets talked about. And thats because….they don’t care. I mean, of course they (we – can I include myself a little bit?) would all like to be selling 10,000 instead of 300 units…but…the thing they really want, is to be able to make and release music at all. Getting paid is icing on the cake, and sometimes the small amount of money it makes is essential simply because you have to actually survive in the world and it takes time to make music – time that could be spent on things that really earn money instead. And yet, they still do it.

This is true of everyone making the music of course, but I think its interesting, and admirable, when you see artists who have such a great legacy and history still absolutely wanting to just make the music they fell in love with right at the start of long industrious careers, regardless of how the world and the audience has changed. And I have always thought that this purity in desire is echoed in the music that gets made.

I also think that this purity and honest desire to make this music is what will make it get huge. Always, new music and new scenes grow from the dedicated who love it. So I have faith that this scene will grow and grow. And in a few years time, EPs like this will be much sought after as rarities with their limited pressing. But thats for another day.

For now, I just wanted to do a little bit about this great new Liquid EP, and a little bit about how wonderful it is for me to be working with some of the scenes greatest. They say you should never meet your heroes. Well bollocks. I have met most of mine and they are fucking awesome.


Oh, and if my review is a little biased, here is another one that I only paid $14,0000000000000000.03 dollarsĀ for:

Liquid-Space Monkey EP


Nice one,


Chris / Luna-C




2 Responses to New Liquid EP Plus…Legends are awesome…

  1. GL0WKiD February 25, 2019 at 3:50 pm #

    It’s an amazing record indeed, my personal favs are “Double-Ended Dub”, “Clerkenwell Sound”. Liquid is always beloved to all within the scene. His talent is displayed over here, following a different path from his previous stuff.
    Hopefully, and I do believe it that there will be plenty of qualities to KFollow from Oldskool heroes you cited..


    And yes, this record is a must!

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