KFA66 – Remorse & Glory – Risk! E.P Video Two

I wont lie. In the past, I have been different just for the sake of being different. I have always enjoyed the perverse thrill of doing exactly the unexpected thing, or heading in a totally different direction to what it looks like I am doing.

I don’t do that anymore. I just take what I feel is the correct step each time.

The result? Pretty much the same as it was, really lol. I am still doing things differently to what might be expected, but instead of it being a deliberate act, it is a natural one.

I mention this because here is my second video from the Risk! E.P. The track is called Remorse & Glory. Of the four video clips, this is the only one professionally filmed – the others were homemade. Have a look, and then, if you feel like it, have a read. I promise this blog will be a little more fun than the last one:

Luna-C & Reeve – Remorse & Glory


The first thing you will notice is that Remorse & Glory is very different to Take Me Home in both music and video content and style. The Risk! EP was made over a period of 8 months or so. Each completed track took a number of weeks, and between each completed track there were numerous starts and stops, attempts that went nowhere, tracks that started off strong but failed in one way or another. Some of them started with a guitar riff and lyrics, such as next weeks video “A Million Miles”. Others came together in parts, such as “Take Me Home”. My point is that there was no plan to be this way or that way, I just went at it with everything I had, and these four tracks are the result. And interestingly, if you could categorise them, they would be:

Take Me Home – D’n’B (ish)

Remorse & Glory – Gabber (ish)

A Million Miles – Old Skool (ish)

Can It Be Sweet – Modern Hardcore (ish)

My aim was just to make tracks from the heart, that were pure in intent and concept. But then, maybe it is only right that all four are different in concept and style. I like variety. And it is fitting, in its way. And somehow, each video became its own entity as well, entirely different from the one preceding it.

My original intent was to tell you about each track and video with each blog post. But last week I had to fill you in on the back story, and the blog was so long that I did not have time really to tell you about Take Me Home. So I will tell you a little about that one, and then a little about Remorse & Glory.

Take Me Home required an insane amount of prep. I had to record 6 full length videos, edit them, time them up. Some of them required me making numerous photoshop stills, and others were “live action”. I had to build a rig to hold the camera away from my face but still. I then built a large circular arena in my front room (after moving everything else out of it) and went to a few charity shops to buy monitors and dvd players. I then had to set up all the stuff in the arena. I placed a turntable in the centre to put the camera on. Then I triggered each video to start at the same time, while the camera was spinning. All of that was arduous and frustrating to complete.

I had to do numerous takes, because pressing play on a DVD player is not like pressing play on a CDJ. There is no defined time between when you press play, and when the DVD plays. Might be instant, might be half a second, might be two seconds. Likewise the ipad Quicktime and VLC on the laptop. This meant that it was impossible to get every video to be in time with the music. And because of the constant motion of the camera, it had to be done in one take. And there are things that change within the video while filming, such as the dominoes falling. So after each take went wrong – as they did because my vocals would be massively out of sync owing to delayed start times on one or more of the videos playing – I would have to rerecord the whole thing. In the end, it took about 6 days, 20 attempts and a lot of messing about to get the video I eventually went with, and it annoys me that the quick sample of “Are You Concerned About Me” by Jack Nicholson is out of time, but it was the best I could get. I am happy with it. Even if it made people dizzy lol.

Remorse & Glory was a whole different bunch of issues. I hired a friend who runs a film company to film and edit it. This was filmed in downtown Raleigh in the snow, and on a bridge above a freeway at night and also in a studio. It took a lot of planning. I pitched down the track so that when recording the footage, I was singing it at 75% slower than it should be but doing my hand movements etc at double the speed. Then, once the recording was finished, we sped the film up – this made it so that my hand movements were ludicrously fast but my lips were still in sync. I was very pleased with the result.

The concept and filming took maybe 3 days over a period of 6 or 7 weeks, as we waited for snow and I bought the things we would need.

Some things to note about this video – the duck walk was initially removed, but then I asked for it to be put back because it is funny. You will know what I am talking about when you see it, it is just a split second.

Take Me Home has a fairly obvious theme. This one, less so. But I do not wish to explain the lyrics on any of my songs especially. They will either speak to you, or not 🙂

Lastly, while filming the snow sections of this, someone shouted “Stop being a Ninja” which I wish I could have left in the video, but as the film was sped up, you would not have heard it clearly anyway. This video was immensely embarrassing to make. But…worth it, I think. And if nothing else, I have proven that I can dance even worse that I did in Smart Es. So thats a notable achievement right there 🙂

Okay, I am in the process of moving house this week. So I am going to post this and run. I hope you enjoy it, and I will be back next week for A Million Miles. I look forward to your comments, and am grateful for any shares via Facebook etc etc!

Also, the Best Of KFA, mixed by Dj Sayian is out today! Whoop! Sorry that has got such little promotion, time has been very tight. But please support it and post about it if you can!KFA66 Artwork Back500

KFA66 Artwork Front 500

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