KFA54, forthcoming products and I stabbed my eye.

Hey Everyone,

As I said in the last post, I have written another article about music production – but it is long. Very long. Nearly 4000 words. I think it needs to be trimmed a little bit before it goes up, as that many words is about a chapter of my book, lol. Plus its kinda “stream of consciousness” which is interesting, but a little bit of trimming would serve it well. So I am doing that, and I hope it will go up in a week or so. Bear in mind that each chapter of my book was rewritten about 10 times. While my blog posts dont need to be up to that standard, it would be best if they were fairly polished, eh?

Meanwhile, this week has been a little slow because I was visiting relatives in New Jersey (about 8 hours drive away) for a long weekend. Then I stabbed myself in the eye with a toy flag – not intentionally, in case you were wondering. And it didn’t do any serious damage, but it hurt like a bastard and put me in a foul mood. Then on Wednesday, I had a crap load of dental work done, and was put under for 4 hours or so. So Wednesday was a blur, Thursday was like “where am I? Whats going on?” and its only today that I am functioning as normal. Whatever normal is.

What else? Oh yes. I have new clips for KFA54. This is the last in the series of three True Skool E.Ps featuring tracks from the Breaking Free album. It also comes with a rather special Executive Edition. As you know, those things can be random, but I think you will like this one. The E.P is due out on Monday 24th. Here are the soundclips…

Lets bombard you with information…The KFA53 Executive Edition is no longer available. Likewise, the skateboards have sold out. Thats the ban news. Here is the good news.
I have two new CDs coming out soon, KFACD23 and KFACD24, exclusive to the store. They should be available in the next month. I have also signed / started to get music from a few new artists. There is a new T-Shirt design coming – or rather, a remake of an old classic. There are new Keyrings on their way, as we have sold out of the old ones – they were surprisingly popular. If you make an order in the shop, you get free stuff. Stickers and a mini poster. There is an enormous amount of work going on behind the scenes for the 20th anniversary of Kniteforce Records. Music is being made that sounds brand new.
I think that covers it…
Oh! Podcasts! Yes, podcast 38 is ready. And even though Becky has fixed the RSS feed for the blog, its still being a dick about the podcasts. As soon as its fixed, Podcast will be ready to go up, and up it will go!
Okay, thats all for now! Whoop!
Chris / Luna-C

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