KF68 – Remixes Part 11 – Fat Controller, Justin Time, Dj Jeph, Saiyan & Cru-l-t


Look at that! Thats a proper line up of talent on one 12” right there. Yes indeed. Yes indeedly doodley. So I thought I would do a little blog about this one, because there are some things to say!

I have decided to announce the next two Kniteforce releases individually because I have words to blab about each one, and I am letting you know about them early because, in this case, two of the remixers have been silently and patiently waiting for a very long time, which was unfair of me really, very unfair, but circumstances meant that it couldn’t really be avoided.

So, previously On Game Of Kniteforce (cue music and flashbacks of scenes you already saw and want to fast forward through but you know if you do you will go too far and accidentally miss new material which will mean you have to rewind and thats just annoying so instead you will sit through the whole boring bit and maybe notice that some of it has been edited because that isnt quite how it happened but anyway.)

Dj Jeph won the remix competition I did in 2016. Way back then, I put up three tracks to remix, and a huge amount of people entered. My intention at the time was to release two brand new 12″ vinyl  “Remixes” in the ongoing classic Kniteforce series, and leave it at that. 10 was a good number to stop on. So I had expected to choose 2 of the 3 tracks I put up in the competition, and that would be the end of it.

And then the competiton entries came in, and there was no way I could leave it at just the 2 winners – Ant To Be and Nicky Allen, so Dj Jeph was the third winner, hand picked as such by Alk-e-d himself.

Only there was a problem – I could not afford to release three 12” vinyls at once – doing two was a struggle. So I told Jeph that his remix would be delayed until the next two vinyls. And I started looking for a big name remix for that EP.

In the mean time, Alex Jungle sent me some amazing tunes, and I got to work on a new Luna-C vinyl. And as most of you will know, those ended up being the next two releases. These are likely arriving this week – please buy them lots of times lol:

KF66 – Alex Jungle – Elevate EP

KF67 – Dj Luna-C / Scartat / Gothika Shade – Things I Made With Things I Played With EP

Why did these two vinyls jump the queue? Because I did not want to have just 11 remixes in the “Remixes” series. 10 is okay to stop on. So is 12. 15 would be okay too, but yeah, thats not gonna happen lol. But 11? Nooooope. But if I was going to do 11 and 12 then I felt they needed to be released at the same time. However, I was not ready to do that. I had Jeph’s remix, and plans to get Saiyan in the studio, and that was it. I had spoken to The Fat Controller, and he was on board and had started work on his remix, but that was it, that was all I had. And I needed more – I needed another old skool artist that was great, had not appeared on the series before now, and was still working AND wiling to make something in the old school style. Thats actually a pretty hard thing to find in 2017.

Dont worry – I have found another headliner. I will reveal that next week and you can all die of excitement and shock (if you have survived this release’s news, that is) lol.

Anyway, where were we? Oh yes. So a month or so passed while I was still searching for another big name, The Fat Controller gave me his remix, and suddenly we were starting to get these remixes ready! His remix is superb by the way – a subtle rolling remix of 2 Croozin’s “Code Red”. Its a really classy remix, and I have to admit, I was a little surprised. I mean, obviously In Complete Darkness remains a timeless classic, but I wasn’t sure what I would get, and sort of expected a typical old skool remix – which would have been fine of course. Instead, he has taken the original tune and given it a classy rebuild, giving it depth and thoughtfulness while retaining a wry sense of humour. Obviously, I am thrilled with it, and I think history will show it to be one of the best remixes in the series.

So. Fantastic remix from Fat Controller. Full on jungletastic remix from Dj Jeph. Annnnddd…..nothing. Nothing else at all. Nada. Zip.

Which meant I had to ask both of them to just sit on their remixes. Say nothing, do nothing, don’t talk about it, just wait. This was very unfair really, and they both had to wait over 4 months. But wait they did, and grateful am I (spoken in Yoda fashion for no reason) – and now I am very happy to be able to finally reveal them both as the remixers on KF68.

And some of you are now wondering “How come I have read all this way with no mention of Justin Time?” Well, hang on a sec, I will get to that. Jeez. No patience have you (Yoda again).

I finally found another big name to remix for me on part 12, nearly died of excitement myself, and then had to find a third remixer for part 11, while at the same time setting up another competition for part 12. Yeah. Its been confusing.

As it happened, enough time had passed and Shane Saiyan was on his way to the studio, and so we got straight to work with a remix for the EP at the same time as we did the remix of Pilgrim for Scott Brown. Shane and I have done an excellent job, if I say so myself, which I do. Shane wanted to go for a slightly later style on the remix – nearer to 1996/97 than the others on the vinyl, which was great because it gives the EP a nice balance. So I let him do his thing and functioned more as an engineer than as an artist, like usual for when we work together.

I then commissioned another remix from a Kniteforce artist for part 12 (revealed next week, pop fans!) And I was all ready to go. Yup. Got the three remixers for each vinyl. Nothing more to do here. We are good! Relax.

The End.

Except….out of nowhere I was given a link to a Dj Poosie “Its Gonna Be” Remix by Justin Time. It was on Youtube, and had had a few hundred views. It had only been up for a week or two. And I was like “wait, what?” I had a listen and expected it to be some shit knock-off or something. But what I heard was waayyy to good a remix to have been done without the samples. And it was very…Justin Timey. The problem was, I had no recollection of a Justin Time remix of Dj Poosie. Ever. I certainly did not have a DAT of it. Thats not the sort of thing i would have lost, missed, or forgotten I owned.

So I contacted the Youtuber who uploaded it, and that mystery person was…Matt Carlton aka the one and only Justin Time lol.

It turns out, it was an official remix that I must have asked him to do at some point? I just don’t remember that ever happening, although Dj Poosie does. Look, I don’t know what happened, ok? Its a brilliant remix, and I didn’t release it for no reason at all, and fuck knows. Moving on….Justin Time very kindly dug through his old DAT tapes, and found the original, unmastered, fucking excellent remix. And I added it to this EP – partly because it makes an already amazing EP even better, but mostly because its a FUCKING ORIGINAL UNRELEASED JUSTIN TIME REMIX FROM BACK IN THE DAY. What? Im not gonna release that? Of course I am. Its brilliant. Its a brilliant remix. So it kinda had to be on here, you know? And yes, it breaks the rules because he appears twice in the series. So does Luna-C actually. But rules schmools, whatever.

So yeah. Thats the story of KF68, Remixes Part 11. Next week, KF69, Remixes Part 12!

Now, let me anticipate and answer your questions:

“When can I order this EP – I don’t even need to hear the tracks because obviously its the best thing ever?”

Soon. KF68 has been sent to be cut. When the TPs arrive and I have checked they are all fine, the pre-sale will start. I sent this one to be cut before the new vinyls arrived because I want to speed up the vinyl releases 🙂 So. Soon!

“Wait, even though I don’t need to hear the tracks, what are they?”

A1.  2 Croozin – Code Red (Fat Controller Remix)

A2. Dj Poosie – Its Gonna Be (Justin Time Remix)

AA1. Alk-e-d – Shining Bright (Dj Jeph Remix)

AA2. Dj Force & The Evolution – High On Life (Saiyan & Cru-l-t Remix)

“Actually, I do want to hear the tracks after all – where is the link to the soundclips?”

Nope. Sorry, no sound clips until the pre-order is up. BUT you can hear the Fat Controller Remix on his radio show, Tuesday 21st February:

The DJ Fat Controller’s #OldSkool Show live each and every Tuesday
4-6pm G.M.T. 5-7pm C.E.T.
Join us for a 2 hour magical mystery tour through Old Skool… All aboard!!!!

**********Available LIVE **********
DREAM FM website:

**********Get Involved***********
Or use the hashtag #OldSkool
Event Page:

And you can hear some of the other remixes from KF68 and KF69, as well as a full mix and an interview from me on Glowkid’s radio show on February the 28th – details next week!

“Can I still listen to the Youtube of the Justin Time remix?”

Nope, I asked him to take it down. Ha ha! I suck!

“Are there going to be amazingly amazing good things with these EPs?”

Yes. Yes there are! There will be 2 KFA EPs like last time – one will be the Remix Competition Winners 2 EP, and the other will be Remixes from the Kniteforce family!

“Are these remixes a direct result of the support we have given you with the last releases?”

Yes, absolutely.

“Any chance of new material from these remixers, especially Justin Time and Fat Controller?”

Yes, on both counts. Jay (Fat Controller) had been doing his thing for a while and we have spoken about a full Fat Controller release, and Matt (JT) has said he is cautiously interested. Incidentally, so has the remixer on KF69. Like I said to you all originally when I first restarted KF as a vinyl label – if you support these things, big things can happen. You are supporting, I am trying to make them happen. I want to be able to go to these remixers and say “your vinyl sold out, lets do an EP, eh?” because they will be down for that. So really, its up to you guys 🙂

No more questions? Good. I’m sleepy! Until next week then? 🙂


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  1. Alkivar February 20, 2017 at 1:32 am #

    You need to just start blind preorders for vinyl… I dont care who’s on it or what tracks… your labels are an insta-buy

  2. Paul Bradley February 20, 2017 at 11:33 am #

    Yeah, I always order before listening, they are more a less guaranteed to be top drawer.

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