Hyper On Experience – Lord Of The Null Lines Remixers Revealed!

Ah yeah, its FINALLY time to talk about this…

Yes, its the Lord Of The Null Lines double 10″ vinyl. And I am here to tell you we have an absolutely amazing set of remixes by an amazing set of remixers. And I want to tell you all about it, but first: here is the full track listing and details:

KF99 – Hyper On Experience – Lord Of The Null Lines Remixes (Double 10″ Vinyl)

A1. Shimon & Benny L Remix

B1. Acen Remix

C1. Fracus & Darwin Remix

D1. Shoreman Remix

Bonus: Empyreal Remix

Just look at that list. I still cant quite believe it to be honest. Here is how they all came about.

Once the deal with Moving Shadow was done, Alex Hyper On and I talked about how we wanted to do all the releases, and early on we knew that the Lord Of The Null Lines remixes had to be “out of this world” good. And the bar is so high. Both the original and the Foul Play remix are classics, and remixing classics is tricky. Not to mention, both are vastly different in style. Who can you get to do remixes that do justice?

On top of that, while I love the Foul Play remix, I felt like no one had ever done a really good remix of the original version of the track. The Foul Play remix is genius, but it is very far from the original version, and subsequent remixes of Lord Of The Null Lines have been remixes of the Foul Play remix. Nothing wrong with that at all, except the original is so stunningly good that it deserved a credible remix.

So. Slightly tricky – remixes of both versions that do those versions credit AND move them forward? Yeah. Thats tough.

Alex and I reasoned that The Foul Play remix update should be done by a big name in the current d’n’b scene. I know ONE person in that scene, my old label friend Hamilton. So I asked him and he immediately suggested Shimon & Benny L. This appealed to me immensely because 1. I know who Shimon is, being a fan of his early stuff on Ram, 2. Thats a perfect thing to me – an old skool name AND a modern artist and 3. I trust Hams judgement, and Ham assured me that Shimon was the top of the game in the wonderful world of D’nB, which is what this track deserved. Ham put us together, and I told Shimon what I needed – a new remix of Lord Of The Null Lines but sort of staying true to the Foul Play remixes. And Shimon and Benny L knocked it out of the park. The remix is absolutely mindbendingly brilliant, and exactly what both Alex and I wanted.

Even better, Shimon (who was my main contact of the duo) was an absolute star to work with, very helpful and courteous and if I ever get the chance to work with him again, I will do so immediately. Brilliant remix, brilliant people, all round brilliant.

While Shimon and Benny L got to work, Acen had his new EP and the deal with Acen and Kniteforce came about. Now Acen has historically not done many remixes outside of Production House. One maybe? And I didn’t know him very well, I am still just getting to know him actually. So the idea of him remixing Lord of the Null Lines was like…the most amazing thing that could happen, right? As soon as I thought of it I thought “PERFECT and BRILLIANT” and other words in capital letters. But honestly, I thought it would never. Still, if you don’t ask…So I asked. And Acen was like “sure, send me the parts and we will see what happens”.


And then, for the next few weeks, I didn’t want to hassle Acen, but I was like “OMG what if this happens?” and was probably unbearable to live with lol.

Meanwhile, I definitely wanted a modern hardcore remix – if we had the top of the D’n’B world remixing it, we ought to have the top of the hardcore world doing the same. So obviously Fracus & Darwin. We have been working together on various things and I was thrilled when they said they would do a remix. So once again, I sent the parts, and was now waiting for two remixes from two huge acts, as I had the first draft (and nearly finished version) of the massive Shimon & Benny L one already.

Three remixes is not ideal. Alex and I wanted to keep the 10″ format that the early remixes had, to keep the theme of the repress / reimagined / remixed thing going. And you cant put 2 tracks on a single side of a 10″. We either needed to lose one and do a single 10″ EP, or add one and have a double 10″ EP. We chose the double pack because again, the project deserved it…and this meant we needed one more remix. Two in fact because what if Acen found he couldn’t do it? All artists have that – sometimes you just cant remix a thing for a multitude of reasons. Also, I wanted a remix that stayed true to the original version. I had no idea what Acen would come back with in that respect.

So I contacted two Kniteforce artists who in my opinion are hugely talented. First I hit up Empyreal – I knew his remix would be absolutely unique because his style is absolutely unique. And I knew Alex would dig Empys style, because it is so unusual. So off the samples went…and then I hit up Shoreman and gave him a nearly impossible task. “Please remix Lord Of The Null Lines, but I want a remix of the orginal, not the Foul Play version, and it has to be breakbeat and hardcore, and its Hyper On Experience so it has to be brilliant.”. It was most unfair of me lol.

And wow, did they both deliver. Empys remix is in many repsects exactly like the original and Foul Play remixes in that it is not like anything else heard before. Uniquely strange, heavy hitting and full of unexpected elements and classical instruments, it is gorgeous. Shoreman also saw how high the bar was set then leaped over it with space to spare. His remix is the perfect “new” version of the original, and is breathtakingly good. I love it.

And then Acen hit me up all casual like “heres the first version of the remix”…I fell off my chair, which is something I have been doing a lot with this project, and I am actually getting a little sore lol. Acens remix is brilliant, and is both very Aceny and very Hyper On, and just amazing. It is a remix of the best elements of both of the original remixes, and is exactly right.

Look, even as I write this I know I am like one of those people that just hypes up their own shit and is all “yeah, its the best thing ever” etc etc but damn it, this really is. This is 5 remixes of a definite classic and all 5 are perfect. I mean it. They are perfect. I honestly cant think of how you could get better versions. Sure, we have some of the biggest names in Shimon & Benny L, Acen, and Fracus & Darwin. But big names doesnt always equal big remixes. In this case it totally does. And then, my two KF artists did remixes that sit perfectly right next to these huge artists, and I couldnt be prouder of them and more grateful to everyone involved in this whole release.

So yeah. Perhaps I am over hyping? Perhaps I am biased because I love the tune and everyone involved? That might be true, but I also think I am right and these are the best remixes ever.

At least…so far 🙂

PS oh wait, I forgot to mention that out of the blue Acen did an awesome promotion video for it just because he is a proper legend! Track it down and check it out if you can…

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  1. HEAVY SYSTEMS, Inc. July 20, 2019 at 10:06 pm #

    If any more legends coagulate into the same sound stream, you’re gonna have to be split up cause mofo’s will call you a monopoly on legendary status.


  2. GL0WKiD July 21, 2019 at 7:03 am #

    Wonderful summer!

  3. Paul Shine July 21, 2019 at 7:58 am #

    It’s like being back in 1993 again

  4. GARRY K August 8, 2019 at 11:16 am #

    Biiiiig tune !!

  5. Bo Johan Lundberg January 13, 2020 at 6:09 pm #


    Im Don eyekon.

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