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For the impatient….here is a link to the Bundle! For the rest, read on

I sometimes think I must be one of the luckiest people alive. I mean, I have made a career in the music I love – thats an incredible thing in itself – but recently I have had the honour of releasing a brand new Acen EP. Who would have thought? And that came after releasing music from Liquid, and Sublove, and of course, Hyper On Experience. Thats 4 of the most influential hardcore artists to ever grace the rave scene, not to mention personal heroes of mine. I would never have dreamed that my little label, started all the way back in 1993, would get to host such hardcore luminaries, such makers and shapers of the music we all love.

And if that wasn’t enough, I now get to finally reveal to you a deal long in the making and almost  overwhelming in scope. As you might have guessed by the title, this blog post talks about one of my all time favourite artists: Hyper On Experience. And it is super exciting because it contains the details of:

1. Forthcoming represses from the back catalogue.

2. Brand new remixes from some truly huge names in the hardcore and d’n’b scenes.

3. Exclusive unreleased material from back in the day and alternate versions of tracks.

4. Brand new music.

5. Merchandise.

6. A remix competition of a classic tune with an unbeatable prize for the winner.

7. And me, being a fanboy.

Okay, so the last point is probably not a highlight, more just an unavoidable fact, but for the rest, hold tight cos I kid you not when I say that this is possibly the most exciting thing to happen in a long time, especially to me! But I think for a lot of people this is pretty amazing stuff…

I am not gonna bang on about how Hyper On Experience have been the single most influential act for me as a hardcore artist. To quote the Dothraki, “it is known”. And I am not going to bang on about how excited I was when I not only got a remix from Hyper On Experience, but managed to get a brand new EP from them too (we have a few left if you missed it: KF83 – Hyper On Experience – The Family Man EP). To quote Star Trek – “To Infinity, and Beyond” or something. I don’t watch Star Trek. Anyway. Those were huge events in my personal and record label life and I was content that there would be few other events like that. I am a lucky man to be able to work with, and dare I say become friends with, one of my heroes. To ask for more never even crossed my mind. Although I did ask for another new EP, because of course I did lol.

What I did not know is that Alex from Hyper On Experience had spoken on my behalf to Moving Shadow, and the end result was a deal which, when all was sorted caused me to lay a dragon egg. I didn’t actually, but, you know. I probably could have.

Basically, Moving Shadow and Kniteforce Records have sorted out an epic licensing deal, giving us permission to remix, repress and rerelease the first four Hyper On Experience EPs.

My excitement about this was so vast that for a while I couldn’t quite see all the ramifications. But before I could…Alex also told me that he had some unreleased Hyper On tunes from old DAT tapes (WHAT! MUST HAVE!!!), AND was working on new material as well.

At which point, I had to have a little sit down.

But the thing about artists such as Hyper On Experience, and really any good artist, is that retreading old ground, while fun and sometimes important, is also sort of “eh” because the interest is usually in progression and exploration of the music. So while of course we wanted to remaster the first 4 EPs, we didn’t just want to do standard represses. So while these vinyls are remasters of the originals, we decided on doing “reimagined” versions of the first 4 EPs.

If your brain has only now got to the “hold up, wait a minute, doesn’t that include Lord Of The Null Lines?” then YES IT DOES and just like me, you have suddenly realised one of the biggest and most classic anthems ever is going to be remixed and remastered and rereleased on Kniteforce Records.

Another sit down and some breathing into a paper bag.

But shut up. We will get to that in due course. Lord of the Null Lines is a total tune obviously, but the whole of Hyper On Experience’s back catalogue is loaded with amazing music – Monarch Of The Glen, Timestretch, Half Steppa, H.E Anthem…the list goes on…and look, now I am losing track. Rewind.

And thats the problem really, this deal is huge, and has led to some huge things going on, and theres no good way to really tell you all the things, and anyway some of the things are not quite ready to be revealed. So let me simply tell you what is 100% confirmed and when and how and etc:

In May, we will be releasing the first two of a number of Hyper On Experience releases individually, and as a special bundle. They are:

KF95 – Fun For All The Family EP (Remastered / Remixed / Reimagined)

KF96 – Keep It In The Famliy EP  (Remastered / Remixed / Reimagined)

I have the test presses here. They sound lovely. The artwork is at the top of this post!

While you will be able to buy each vinyl individually, we also have a  bundle version, which is loaded with superb extras. It will contain these 2 vinyls, and 2 exclusive CDs, featuring the digital remasters from these EPs, and unreleased versions of the tracks, and bonus remixes of the tracks. And digital downloads of the tracks in wav and mp3 format, of course. And an exclusive Hyper On Experience slipmat which is gorgeous. And the samples to the aforementioned Remix competition (dont worry, the remix competition will be open to everyone in the near future, no purchase needed. Its just the bundle people get them early is all).

Below is some artwork to get you excited, as if you arent enough already….

The more observant of you will notice a few things. Firstly, the artwork is amazing. We asked our resident KF artist Spudgunjuice to do reimagined versions of Flytronix’s outstanding artwork that featured on the original EPs. We wanted it to be the same but different, because the EPs are the same…but different. Then, your eyes might have wandered toward the track listing. Whats that on the Fun For All The Family EP? A Liquid remix of Watchusnow? Yes indeed. It is an already brilliant tune remixed by one of the old skools finest artists. You will love it, I am certain. And on the Keep It In The Family EP, I had the honour of remixing A Certain Emotion. It might not be the tune most people would instantly know, BUT it is the first Hyper On Experience tune I ever heard, and it is the reason I became such a fan. So when this deal happened, that is the one I wanted to remix the most.

These EPs aren’t simply straight represses. The original tunes have been lovingly remastered, and on each EP, one track has been remixed from the original line up. Anyone who buys the vinyl will get these 4 tracks from the vinyl, plus the original version of the track that has been remixed as part of the downloadable digital files.

And then the CDs contain never before released alternate versions of the tracks and brand new remixes as well. These CDs will only be in the bundle, never sold separately.

So thats the first thing we are rolling out. Hold onto your hats though, because after that comes:

KF97 – The Family We Never Had EP  (Remastered / Remixed / Reimagined)


KF98 – Deaf In The Family EP  (Remastered / Remixed / Reimagined)

and of course…

KF99 – Lord Of The Null Lines Remixes (10” Double Pack)

KF99R – Disturbance Remixes

The artwork isnt quite ready for that one…I have already revealed some of the remixers for the first two EPs, but trust me, they are the tip of the iceberg, and it gets REALLY insane as it progresses. There are remixes of Monarch Of The Glen from two of the best in the business. AND an alternate original version of that tune. I keep writing and deleting things because on the one hand this is so amazing, and on the other hand, some things need to just be kept quiet for a little longer. But I will tell you, the Lord Of The Null Lines remixes will blow you away – we have spared no expense on getting the best in the business onto this. Not to mention the Disturbance remixes…

Oh, but thats not all. Not by a long shot.

We have a bunch of unreleased Hyper On Experience tracks made back in the day, along with some new material he has been working on….these are planned to feature on their own vinyl double pack and CD triple pack combination, which is, incidentally, where the winner of the aforementioned Remix competition will be featured…I have heard the unreleased tracks and they are brilliant and are of course authentic to the era they were made in. Then there are the new tunes, which are just stunning. Seriously, they are so good, I wish I could include one or two in the teaser clip below….and maybe I did? haha…

Details of the remix competition is being finalised. But the track in question will be “Timestretch” – one of my all time favourite Hyper On Experience tracks, and one that is undisputably brilliant. The prize will be the winning remix getting a full CD and digital release, and perhaps a vinyl release too. The competition will be open to everyone EXCEPT those who have already had a remix commissioned for this enormous project.

Details will be announced for that very shortly, so keep ya eyes open!

Honestly it has taken me about 6 attempts to write this blog, because there is so much going on and so much to tell, and so much to not tell just yet…I havent even got to the Best Of project or plenty of other exciting elements….But for now, I hope this makes you as excited as I am…oops, another dragon egg.

Now listen to this teaser and get hyper!

Tracks in the clip are a mystery, but…:

01. A Remix

02. A Remix

03. A Remaster

04. A Remix

05. Original early 90’s Unreleased

06. A Remix

07. A Remaster

08. Brand New Material

09. An Unreleased Alternate Version

10. A Remix (!!!)


Nice one,


4 Responses to Get Hyper for the “Hyper On Experience” Experience!

  1. djsaiyan May 26, 2019 at 11:32 pm #

    I am beyond pumped that we got to do this 😀

    And also pumped that we don’t have to listen to Chris’ fanboy squeeing in the group chat anymore. It’s quite shrill, I think I’ve damaged my ears.

  2. Erik Carlson May 27, 2019 at 6:25 am #

    This is such an event. I cannot wait. Setting the bar very high.

  3. Dom May 27, 2019 at 2:33 pm #

    Isn’t it time to trick the ear and startle the audience?

  4. HEAVY SYSTEMS, Inc. June 20, 2019 at 1:37 pm #

    I’ve tried to explain this to friends who are American like me and don’t understand the UK breaks history…the best way I could put it was like…”Imagine the Cars, who’s lead man produced Weezer decided to work with weezer to release some unreleased Cars tracks. That’s the level of importance here.” Pretty sure that doesn’t convey it, but they at least got an inkling of what this release is. Americans…ugh…I’m sorry we are mostly lame here. I apologize for my fellow citizens. It’s not their fault they don’t get it. It is their fault for Trumpy Dumpy, but that’s another story…

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