The Hyper On Experience EVERYTHING Bundle is almost here…

So before I even start, and for those who are TL:DR (and I dont blame you, I do waffle on), here are the important details…

This project is easily the biggest thing Kniteforce has ever done, period. Epic is the word I would use. We wanted to make this project very special, and very special it is. On top of the physical goodies, which are extensive, this bundle has exclusive remixes from the likes of New Decade, NRG, Alk-e-d & Beeno, Luna-C & Lowercase, Stu Chapman, Innercore, Gothika Shade and too many to mention really…and the third vinyl, that is only available with the bundle, contains remasters of the classic remix of Disturbance by Tango, the afore mentioned New Decade remix of Timestretch, an incredible remix of Imajika by Shadowplay, and a jaw dropping 2020 remix of Lords Of The Null Lines by Danny Styles.

The USB key is 16 gig, which is lucky, because we have used roughly 15gig of that. It has taken over a week just to load each USB with all the goodies.

Both Alex and I were very keen to make this release not only the most epic and brilliant of the Hyper On releases so far, and not only the ultimate, complete works of Hyper On Experience (all remastered and in MP3 and 24bit Wav formats), but importantly, we wanted it to still be huge value for money even if you were lucky enough to pick up every previous Kniteforce Hyper On Experience bundle. Quite apart from EVERYTHING that has been out before on the vinyl and the bonus CDs, it also has 24 exclusive remixes / new tunes / remasters, and on top of that, the 12 tracks which also feature on the triple vinyl.

Which means, as well as the triple 12″ vinyl and the fully loaded Hyper On Experience 16gig USB drive, you also get the poster, which is double sided (one side showing the 9 main KF releases artwork, and one side with the new Hyper On logo) and a massive 24 x 24 inches on heavyweight paper!

And of course, the slipmat…which is a slipmat lol – and its a superb looking one!

Now, this is limited to 150 copies.Β The limited number available is due to the outlay and costs of a project of this size. We have already ordered the vinyl, the USB sticks, slipmats and posters. It is all high quality stuff and therefore its not a cheap thing to put together, but all should be ready by the time the pre-sale opens on February the 17th, to meet the official release date of the 2nd of March. We will, of course, start sending these out earlier if we can.

As for the price? What would you expect for a bundle of this size? I have seen various projects of this kind come out, and I have thought that the prices asked can sometimes be a little…steep…for what you are given. As always, Kniteforce flips that entire script, and we aim to give you MUCH more than you might expect for your money, so have settled on Β£79.99 / $99.99 which is, frankly, amazing, if I say so myself, which I do πŸ™‚

So yeah, we expect this will sell out super fast, and I for one cant WAIT to get it in your hands and ears!!! Below is the fianl rundown of ALL the details:


Triple 12″ Vinyl with full colour sleeve, Slipmat, 24″ Double Sided Poster, and a 16 gig metal USB key containing 88 tracks in both 320 MP3 and 24bit Wav formats, a huge sample pack, stems from a few of the new tunes, and 12 videos. It has previously unreleased music sourced from DAT, demo tracks, new remixes and new material, all lovingly remastered.

Number Of Copies Available: 150

Presale Opens: Monday 17th of February 2020

Release Date: Monday 2nd March 2020

Price: Β£79.99 / $99.99



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3 Responses to The Hyper On Experience EVERYTHING Bundle is almost here…

  1. Bradders February 9, 2020 at 4:21 pm #

    This IS going to sell out. I cannot wait, it might seem like a fair whack of money but look at what you get for it, it genuinely is unbelievably good value.

  2. Bogle February 12, 2020 at 4:17 am #

    So buying this. I am old school and have a massive collection of wax from the 90-00 period. I am from Orlando at that time and there was a good connection to UK hardcore, breaks. Underground records, etc. Wtf happened to underground culture anyway? Fuck social media. I am spinning again and was looking at digital controllers like “FUCK” I want to use wax, fuck that lil screen. Then I find Kniteforce with the 1000# digital files!!! LOLOL I love it guys. Way to create demand. Proper hustling right there. Peace

  3. Paul May 23, 2020 at 10:35 am #

    Any prospect of a second release ? I missed out 😭😭😭😭😞😞😞😞

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