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As you know, I usually don’t talk too much about upcoming releases, because like to play my cards fairly close to the chest. I like the element of surprise when releasing new material. But recent events have sort of forced my hand and so I am going to do something a little unusual and tell you all about what is coming and when…ish. I add the “ish” because the thing that has forced my hand is Clashmouth and when things will arrive is a bit unsure.

Clashmouth, for those of you who do not know, is a big d’n’b and old skool vinyl market, that takes place a few times each year for a day in London. There is one on the 18th of April, and Kniteforce is going to have a stall there. It is a great place for buying and selling vinyl, and its specifically for our scene, so its a big deal and very exciting. Various labels do special editions and extra goodies for Clashmouth, and we will be doing that too. But in our case, it means speeding up a lot of what we have coming so that we have exclusives for that day. Some of those releases will be available before Clashmouth, and some after.

In other words, what we were going to stretch over March, April and May has now all been ordered to arrive by April 18th. And for the most part, that doesn’t really effect anything, except for one exceptionally exciting forthcoming bundle:


This was originally due for a late April early May release, allowing for a presale in late March. But now we have to speed that up just a little, because in order to have the vinyl for Clashmouth, I HAVE to get the order in at the record press by early March.

I know this is very bad timing. The Hyper On Experience Everything bundle is a big ticket item, and it stretches finances to follow that so swiftly, but it is what it is. And what it is is, ordering the right number of records is tricky. Often I can make an educated guess. But releases like Acen and Chromatic? I HAVE to have a rough idea of how popular its going to be otherwise there is the real danger of under-ordering (bad because people miss out and represses are tricky dur to needing to meet certain levels) or over-ordering (bad because space is an issue for us and its both a loss of space and money if we have 200 too many records hanging about the place).

So this bundle (and the records individually) will go up for presale fairly soon (along with a small repress of the original KF113 – Acen – Play 2092 EP). Either March 2nd or March 9th – I am waiting to find out how fast my press can turn them around, in order to meet the 18th of April Clashmouth date. I always over order a little on these bigger releases, so even if you are a bit skint, you should be able to nab one for yourself, I just have to have a rough idea of how popular they are going to be before I put the order in with the record press.

Other than that, we have so many amazing new releases and EPs coming…so here is a list of everything we currently have processing – that is to say, all of the below have been sent to be cut and are at various stages. Hopefully all of these will be available on the day for Clashmouth. I have added notes about each one under the pics but I have no soundclips yet, sorry. And I have done them in a sort of “expected arrival” order…so lets go…

KF106 – Luna-C – Remixes: This one should be with us soon and features some stunning remixes for you all to enjoy. Edge Of Madness and Success’n’Mistreat remixes were both featured in Supaset 20, and both Dj Beenos and Shoreman drop huge remixes!

KF108 – Legends Vs Legends Vol. 1: This is a very limited 10″ – I am only pressing 300 and it is likely exclusive to the KF stores. It is the first in a series (we have 3 confirmed so far) and each one pitches 2 old skool artists against each other in a battle for remix supremacy! The second part is further down this list…

REC25 – Al Storm & Diakronik – Timeless 2 / REC26 – Stu Chapman & Rob Fender – Nice Shootin EP: These two brand spanking new Remix Records releases are tearing slices of old skool goodness. Al Storm and Diakronik follow up their first EP on RR with an even bigger and bolder set of tunes, and Stu Chapman and Rob Fender kill it dead with an amazing EP. Limited to 200 a piece, these should arrive in March and be gone real fast…and with them will be…

KOOR03 – Optical Haze – Wonderful Experiences EP Yes yes and TRIPLE YES. one of my favourite EPs from Out Of Romford gets the repress treatment. Chance To Dance was a track I played so much it pretty much wore out my original copy of this, but funnily enough, back in the day I barely listened to the other tunes. And I missed out because damn they are fire! And I am thrilled to be releasing this EP, again expected on the AllTheRave store in March…

KF112 – Abyss – Amen Formulation: This wicked EP builds on the epic first release from Abyss, with heavier basslines if you can believe it. 4 tracks of fury and darkness and, of course, AMENS!!!

KF119 – Legends Vs Legends Vol. 2: Part two of the series steps it up another notch, and I am telling you now, this Legends series is going to be legendary. We already have part 3 almost ready (Sublove Vs Hyper On Experience) and have part 4 in process (Liquid Vs Dj Force & The Evolution). BOOM!!!

KFW05 – Alk-e-d – Live From The Isle EP / KFW06 – Sub Fundation – Instruments, Fun & Sugar EP: I am not sure when these will drop – likely not much before Clashmouth. But when they do, they will be gone within a few days if the first 4 releases are anything to go by. And yes, these are as good as, if not better, than the first 4. Alk-e-d is one of the original old skool artists from Kniteforce, and one of my oldest friends besides, plus this EP is produced by Dj Beeno, so nuff said. Sub Fundation is new to the label, but his EP is incredible. Winners all around…

KBN06 – Tight Control – Stormtrooper / Ruffin it Up

KBOOM02 – Citadel Of Kaos – Ronnies Revenge / Alpha 1

KST01 – J.D.S – Higher Love / Stomp it Up

All three of these are classics getting the remaster treatment…all three are due in April 🙂

ATR04 – All The Rave 1994 Vinyl & Double CD Combo: Following 1991 with 1994 is a typical KF move, and likewise this vinyl and double CD is typically good ha ha! Specially selected remasters and original tunes all in a wonderful 1994 style, 4 brand new tunes on vinyl, an unmixed CD of 13, and a mixed CD of 21 by our very own Dj The Lowercase, its not one to be missed. May release, but hopefully will make it to Clashmouth…

KOOR04 – New Decade – Beyond The Message Double Pack EP: This is mindbendingly good – how could it not be? Get The Message is a stone cold classic, Hyper Ons Remix is bananas, and the whole EP is one brilliant track after another! Hopefully in time for Clashmouth, but official release date will likely be May…

KF118 – Industries of The Blend EP : This is a new EP in an old, early 90s style. I hope you will dig it because it is some of my best work 🙂 and it may or may not be here in time for Clashmouth, we will see….but a May release date is likely…

KF120 – Sublove – Sublove Legacy Vol. 3 Double Pack EP: This one hardly needs an introduction, and again, a May release but hoping to have it for Clashmouth…

KF121 – Sublove – Vexation EP: Sublove sent me the track “Vexation” as something he found on a DAT that had never been released. Frankly, it is a stunning piece of work, one of the tunes of the year already in my opinion. A bonkers heavy amen and vocal workout ala Dropping Science Vol. 1 or that era of early jungle / d’n’b madness. I dont know why it wasnt released back in the day, it absolutely should have been. But I count Kniteforce as supremely lucky to be able to have it now. Expected and hoped for in time for Clashmouth, 100 limited red vinyl…May will be the main release date though I think!

So all in all….quite a lot going on and its a very exciting time. But I do want to emphasize that while this is a HUGE list of releases, these are going to spread over the next 4 months. I am simply giving you a heads up as to what is coming, and as to what should be available for Clashmouth!!!

Hope to see you there!


Nice one,


Chris / Luna-C


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      for reals… looks like i’ll be working some overtime this year to pay for it all.

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