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All The Rave & Remix Records Relaunched…

Hello Everyone!

Its a blog post, which can only mean something big enough is happening that it requires a blog post ha ha. And its true, this is one of those “big things are happening so let me tell you about it” times. But where to start? I need to talk about Remix Records AND All The Rave….So lets start with All The Rave as Remix Records is pretty much well known anyway, even if the relaunch has a slightly different approach to what the old RR used to have!

All The Rave is two things. It is our brand new compilation album series, and our brand new bandcamp website. They serve different needs but with the same aim: To work more with other labels and to increase the opportunities within our scene.
I have wanted to be able to sell other peoples records for a while now. Kniteforce has a good system and superb customers (looking at you!) and I want other labels to be able to reap the beniefits of that, plus its just good business to be able to sell other labels. And anyway, I…want to. Which is my main reason for doing the things I do anyway ha ha.
However, the Kniteforce Bandcamp page isnt ideal for that, what with it being, you know, the KNITEFORCE bandcamp page. So a new site was needed. And so, All The Rave…You can visit it here:

This is a separate site from the kniteforce bandcamp site, and right now, has only 5 releases on it, but they are all significant. There are the three Remix Records EPs, the first in the series of the All The Rave 12” and Double CD compilations, and an EP from our dear friends Try Unity. We will be adding to the site on a regular basis with new labels and releases from our friends and more, with the hope of it becoming a one stop shop for all the good stuff 🙂

So thats the website. Meanwhile, the All The Rave compilation series is a new venture we are trying out. The idea is to make an album based on a certain year in the rave world, and we have started with 1991 which is a significant year for me as it was when i first started to really produce rave music. However, I wanted to avoid making the anthem bashing / obvious compilation albums we have all heard before. I was more interested in making something that might have occurred in an alternate universe. So the album contains some original music from that year, but remastered. And some tunes that came out later, but have been remixed into the style of that year. And some brand new music that sounds like it was made back then. And everything in between, as long as it fits the overall ethic – a set you might have heard in 1991. The result is something quite unique I think.
The compilation album idea came first, and it is the first time we have ventured into using material from our friends outside of the KF stable, such as Dj Jedi and Try Unity. But of course there are tunes from some of our original old skool KF artists like Liquid, Sublove and Hyper On Experience. And then from our new artists as well, such as Wislov and Ant To Be and Shadowplay. Not to mention Idealz and Alex Jungle and Saiyan and Lowercase…basically its an series where we can all work together to make something a bit special.

Still, when we needed a new website, it made sense to use the same name, because now we have an album with Try Unity on it, and are also selling their EP on the store, and we already work with Dj Jedi and it opens up a lot of possibilities. Plus, it has a nice synergy, you see?

I have hopes that this compilation series will eventually serve as a calling card for our new “retro” rave scene, but if not, it will instead be an amazing series of albums featuring a huge selection of excellent artists and will breathe new life into the idea of compilation albums as they have, in my opinion, become a bit stagnant.

Also, its at a bargain price – at least for the first month.£19.91 is the year, £19.91 is the price for a double CD and a vinyl 12”? It seemed…fitting.

I really hope you will support the series AND the website.
And to encourage people…we decided Remix Records should be exclusive to All The Rave. And that makes sense too – Remix Records was always more user friendly than some of the Kniteforce releases lol. Yet the new Remix Records is serving a slightly different purpose to the old one, a purpose which fits the entire ethos of the All The Rave site.
Yes, the new RR is, like All The Rave, a way to work with our friends. The label will serve a s a place for guests to release music. Kniteforce has always been focussed on having a somewhat exclusive roster, but that means it has made it harder to work with long term friends such as Al Storm, or to find a suitable place to put an EP by one of the few MCs I have enjoyed working with on a professional level AND also like very much on a personal level, MC Whizzkid.
So we have the first two new releases on Remix Records from those two hardcore luminaries, and they are both AMAZING EPs. True old skool with a huge feel good factor, hands in the air full on rave – just like the original Remix Records was.

The other purpose of Remix Records is to allow some of the original RR artists a place to release music. So you can look forward to new EPs from Dj Brisk, The Timespan, and others. Its gonna be epic, basically. It already is.

Oh, and to sweeten the deal? the last few “Six Days” Remix EPs, which were an exclusive freebie for the regular KF buyers, are on there at a normal price. Once gone, they are gone! AND if you meander on to you will find a discount code for the two pre sale Remix Records EPs!

So here is where I would say “please support this” but you know what, if all this goodness doesnt excite you, let the music speak for itself. We already have 3 other Remix Records EPs on the go, and two more All The Rave compilation albums in the works, and are talking to 4 other labels who want to go through the new site. These first few will let us know if we are swimming in the right direction, or heading towards the titanic lol.

Either way, these are very exciting times!

Nice one, Luna-C


New Blog Post 2013

Okay, heres a blog post.


Long overdue, and I am sorry for that. However, its been strange for me recently. Those who know me personally, or who follow me closely, will probably know that for the last few years, probably from Supaset 8 onward, I have been struggling with hardcore. I go through periods where I simply don’t feel like making it, and that is natural for all artists I think. I almost posted that I was going to quit a few times, but never have because I know myself well enough to know that as soon as I do that, I will want to make some hardcore. And I don’t want to be that “Im leaving, after these 3 tours” person, and I especially don’t want to be the “You know I said I was leaving? Well, I changed my mind and I am back!” person.


So to set your minds at ease, this is not an “Im not making hardcore anymore” blog.


Having said that, I haven’t made any hardcore since the last remix I did on the box set, which was October? September? I don’t know. Usually, I swing from wanting to do it to not wanting to do it over a few months, but this time there has been no swing. I have simply not had any desire to make hardcore. At all. Or D’n’B. Or Gabber. Or any of the music that I feel I have mastered.


There are a number of reasons for this. The main one for me is that I like a challenge, and I don’t feel there is one for me in this music anymore. I haven’t felt like there was a challenge since…umm….probably F.M.E.S, where the sheer enormous amount of editing was a pleasure in itself because of how ludicrous and difficult it was to do. My personality has always been one that looks for the most difficult thing to do, and then does it. Hence me choosing Hung Gar as a martial art – one which has no grading system except to say that if you train it for 25 years, you will be “competent” ha ha (I have been doing it for nearly 15 years, and am still rubbish at it lol). Or trying to make hardcore that touches extreme places. Or anything really. Kniteforce itself was a label created because I wanted to be one of the big hardcore labels that I loved. It was an enormous challenge, but I did that – for a while it was the biggest hardcore label.

Most people in the music industry strive to be successful, and many measure success in sales or fame. Smart Es gave me that at the beginning of my career, so that stopped being something I wanted long ago. That aspect of the music – breaking out, making a name for myself, being famous? It doesn’t interest me. I almost wish it did, because it would really be difficult to do in this day and age.


Current hardcore does not challenge me. I don’t mean this arrogantly. There are certainly things I haven’t done – like write a big vocally modern 4×4 anthem for example. But I have written anthems such as Six Days, and while the modern scene is very different, in essence it is the same thing.

I also don’t mean to imply that I have mastered all the studio techniques as a producer. I certainly haven’t. I cant make my tracks sound as gammery as Gammer, for example. There are a million types of studio cleverness that I can’t do.

Still, that has never been the bit that interested me. The best producers and engineers out there are fascinated by, and love to work with, all the new production techniques. Me? I don’t give a shit about that side of things. I know I should, but I don’t. My interest is in the musical aspect, the sound, the melody, and of course the idea. I don’t really care enough about what you can do with the sound, how you can compress it, or what filters produce a louder track etc etc. unless it directly effects the music in a tangible way.


Much of modern hardcore is focused on making music that sounds good in the club. It has always been that way I suppose, but from where I stand, it seems nowadays the scene is filled with a great number of brilliant produced, beautifully made tracks. And majority of them are musically boring. Occasionally I will hear one that I admire, but its like one or two a year.


Now, I am not slating the music at all. I think maybe I have just outgrown it, or I am just too old, or I have just been in the scene too long so have seen it repeat itself again and again. For example, “breakbeat” hardcore is in vogue. Again. For the..hmm…8th time since old skool? And I would love to make something truly different and release it…its just…how? Everything, and I mean EVERYTHING I make, I have done before. Whether I make something 140bpm or 220bpm, kick drum or breakbeat, dark or light, vocal or underground, rip off or original….I have already done it. There is no challenge.


On top of that, I don’t want to put out music I don’t love, or music on autopilot, or music for the sake of it. I don’t want to make another rip off Supaset. Its a point of pride with me that I always push forward with each Supaset…but you cant push forward when all you see ahead is the same well trodden path.


On the other hand, I have recently been having the most pleasurable time in the studio since the early years of Kniteforce making other music. Music using live instruments, and writing songs and lyrics, and (be afraid) singing. That sort of thing. It is the most difficult thing I have ever tried to do. It is terrifying, it is writing my soul into music and then putting out there for everyone to throw stones at. With hardcore, I know exactly what to do and how to do it. With this, I have no idea what I am doing or how to achieve any of it. It is thrilling, challenging, and scary, and I am very happy with the 5 or 6 tracks I have written so far.


Most of you may not want to hear about that, because the reason you come to this site is for hardcore or old skool. I understand – I really do. I hate it when an artist I like says something like “My new album is really different” because the reason I like that artist is for what he does, not something else. But what can I do? This is where I am at personally, musically, and everythingally lol.


So its a bit of a problem. One I have no immediate answer for. Still, I couldn’t just say nothing and leave the site with no information or anything. All of you have supported me for years sometimes decades, and its just disrespectful to those of you who have been so fantastic and loyal, apart from anything else.


And I am certainly not ruling out making more hardcore in the future. That might be soon, it might not. All I know is I have to feel it before I can do it, and right now, I am not feeling it.


So here is what is happening, 100% definitely. Everything else is up in the air…


I have a new KFA release coming out at the end of March by Empyreal. It is an unusual release, very musical, very impressive. I will put up clips as soon as I have finalized the release.

And I intend to release more stuff on KFA, if I get something that impresses me as much as Empyreal’s stuff.


I am working on this other music until I no longer want to do that. That might be a few months, or it might be from now until I die, with me never coming back to hardcore. I don’t know. I will be releasing the new music under a never before used moniker, and I probably wont tell anyone hardcore related about it. I wont be posting clips on Souncloud, or links on Facebook. I feel like what I am doing is so different to what I used to do that it needs to come from a new place. I don’t want my history and what I am known for to be confused, or to help it or to hinder it. And I want to make this music work without using the hardcore fan base I have. Maybe thats selfish? I don’t know. But there it is.


I have a gig in Toronto at the end of March. This will be the last hardcore set I will be doing for a while. I will still play old skool sets if I am booked for them, but I don’t have a new Supaset, I haven’t started work on one, and I don’t want to play the old ones anymore. I feel like if I continue to take gigs for modern hardcore and continue to play older Supaset tracks, then thats just sad. Sad for me, not exciting for those that love what I do with hardcore, and also, not helpful to a scene which already has a fair number of lazy bastards coasting on old glories lol.


I have a few mixes I will put up as podcasts in the near future, but those will also wait until if and when I feel like doing them again.



I know that this is not the blog post many of you would want to read. Believe me, after how well the Box Set did, I would love to be cashing in on it and putting out loads of new exciting hardcore and making a new Supaset etc etc – that would be wonderful. But I’m not feeling it, and cant do that at the moment. Until I feel I have something new and exciting to put on the table, I am just going to have to wait and see.


Nice one,


Chris / Luna-C


PS 24 hour half price sale, to take the sting out of this blog 😉


Well, the Box Set is sold. What next?

Well, this is long overdue. And so it will probably also be a long blog post, but there is quite a lot to say, so I might as well fill you all in.

Firstly, I wanted to talk about the Box Set. At this point, all the orders have gone out except to a few of the artists, and it is officially sold out.
This release has taken up a great deal of time, and I enjoyed very bit of it. It was made possible by so many people other than me. For a start, everyone who did a remix excelled themselves. I had had people remix tracks for the label, obviously. And sometimes, I have to admit, I don’t always like what they do. That doesn’t stop me putting them out, because what I like and what everyone else likes is not always the same.
But with this project, all the remixes are stunning in their own right. For me, there are remixes which are amazing, and remixes which are even more amazing, and nothing else lol.
People came out of nowhere to offer remixes, and those that I specifically asked to do remixes came through spectacularly, except for one or two who simply couldn’t get it done in time. But we ended up with 29 remixes in all, if you include the 3 secret ones I added, and thats pretty impressive right there.
Then there is Jimni:-

Jimni Cricket worked wonders. I dropped her into a whole bunch of professional situations that she had not experienced before, and she rose to every challenge. The poster is remarkable, quite apart form the artistic skill, it was also done under pressure and with me critiquing as she worked.
Then she had to do the mix. Mixing an hour of music isn’t really that difficult. Mixing specific tracks for an album is much harder because you cant do any of your “go to” tricks (every Dj has them). And its even harder when you have such a bonkers collection of music, a time limit, and its your first time releasing a mix on CD. Its a different skill to mixing live to a crowd, or mixing at home, and a lot of pressure as well.
But those of you with the box set should have a go at doing a mix and including all the tracks. It is very difficult. When I make a Supaset, I plan and build tracks that change speed etc etc, but doing it without the help of a studio? Thats a whole other thing. Even without the speed changes, so many different styles and personalities are on display in this collection that it is a challenge. So big up, and huge thankyou to Ms Cricket *bows*
Then there was Stefan. He designed all the box set artwork, except for the bits that Jimni, Oz, or I provided.
I met Stefan because he send me this out of the blue, and for no reason at all:-

I loved it. I immediately wanted to have business cards made, just so I could have it in physical form….even though I would never remember to give them to anyone lol. Then I thought maybe it would be nice to do a mix of the old skool sounding KFA tunes, and use this artwork for the MP3, if Stefan was up for it. So “Just Like It Used To Be” came about….but Stefan provided artwork that was far to excellent to be a poxy MP3 logo lol. So I thought I would do a CD, just for fun. I didn’t think anyone would buy it particularly, but sometimes you just have to have the physical object regardless of the cost. And I thought, well, if I like this enough to want a physical product, others will too. Which led to me thinking it would be nice to do the other side of the coin…a mix of the future sounding KFAs, with future styled artwork. And once again, Stefan made something brilliant.

When the box set came about, I asked him if he was willing. My pitch was pretty simple “I am thinking of doing a box set. It will be loads of work for no money, under lots of pressure”. Most people would probably have told me to piss off, lol, but once again Stefan just did it. And I think it is easily one of the finest looking releases on the label. It sits next to KF032 (Future Primitive DAT machine sleeve) and Luna-C project 7 (Gatefold Turntables), maybe even above them. And you can tell I didn’t have much of a hand in the artwork, because there are no mistakes lol. If you are interested, here are a few of the mock up designs he put together in a few days, none of which I could put together in about a million years lol:-

The success of the Box Set caught me by surprise, I have to say. I mean, I hoped it would be popular, but I knew it was going to be expensive. I started to pay for the content back in July…much of it you had to buy a minimum of 300 units. Well, you could buy 200 in some cases, but it would be like $10 in difference. This was the case with stickers and posters. So there is some excess stock. Other parts were ordered to specific numbers, such as the actual boxes and the unmixed CDs.

I am almost sad about it, because I think I could have sold another 50-100 without too much difficulty, and a number of people have emailed me upset that they missed out. I hate not being able to make sure everyone gets what they want – but on the other hand, it was always going to be limited anyway…and an extra 50 copies might have killed me lol.
As it is, I had expected to sell 50-70 but had to order 150 boxes as a minimum. So the fact that I sold more than 100, and the rest went to artists was fantastic. I had been expecting to maybe cover costs on the box set, and then use the excess stock to make a small profit. Instead, the box sets have paid for themselves and given me a little extra to invest in the next things for the label.

Speaking of which…

I am going to be sending everyone on the mailing list a survey. I really hope you will fill it in as accurately as possible. The reason is that I am not sure what to do next with KFA and Kniteforce, so I thought I would try a little experiment…I am going to ask you what you want, and then I am going to try and do it. I will be asking questions such as “What style of music should KFA concentrate on” and “Should Kniteforce be rebooted and release Kniteforce type tracks – breakbeat hardocre, old skool?”. I will also be asking about format – “Would you like the releases on CD? Vinyl? Flac? MP3? Wav? Enhanced CD with all the samples for each track as part of it?”

I find that at this point in time, I am comfortable and enjoying making all sorts of music, and it might be fun to get a little more interactive with you guys and see if the label can get a little bit more direction. If it needs it. It might not. It may be that you all like it exactly as it is, and thats fine too lol. But yeah, I am going to be working on that over the next few weeks.

In the meantime, I am putting up some of the excess bits from the box sets. There are no copies of KFACD26 or KFACD27 left here, so they will not going online – those unmixed CDs (plus most of the music on them) are exclusive. I will be doing an EP of 4-6 of the remixes as an MP3 download late December.

Other than that, watch this space…well, not this space, the mailing list. Feel free to reply below – I always like to hear what you guys think!

Nice one,



Dont Die Wondering – The Kniteforce Box Set

Hello Everyone,

Okay, just a quick update today regarding the 20/20 project! This is a Box set Kniteforce Release coming on the 1st of November. You will need to join the Kniteforce Mailing List to receive further updates!

The first 15 sound clips can be heard here:-

I have not chosen the “best” parts of the remixes. I have chosen parts that will give a bit of a challenge to work out what they are for the forthcoming competition lol.

At this point in time, I have 19 final, mastered, and excellent remixes in. I am expecting the rest this week – in fact the end of the week is the cut off date. If everyone who has said they will do a remix gets them done in time, There will be a total of 29 remixes, although I am expecting it to be nearer the 25 mark.

I will add the next sound clips as soon as I have them in, and will email you about it. There will be at least 2 more sets of clips to go up!

I will be emailing you information about the competition next week. The competition will run from the 17th of September until the 24th of September. There will be an online form to fill in – your name, your email address, and your answers to the questions. I will have the clips and the pie chart artwork for you to look at on the form, and the winner will receive the Dont Die Wondering – 20th Anniversary of Kniteforce box set for free, along with an exclusive Tshirt with the 20/20 logo on the back and small on the front.

I will start the Pre-sale on the 24th of September as well. So you will receive and email telling you who won, and a link to pay for the presale on the same day.

I have almost completed the list of things that will be in the box set. It is…extensive lol. At this point, it looks like 5 CDs worth of music, and then loads of other goodies. When the Pre-sale goes up, I will have a list of what will be in the box set. But I probably wont have pictures, as I will be waiting for finished items to arrive.

I know many of you are wondering how much the box set will be. I am too lol. I will be working that out this week. As ever, I will keep the price as low as I can, but this is going to be a pretty major, limited edition item. The cost of putting it together was pretty high, but I will try to make it as affordable as possible.

The actual release date is planned for the 1st of November. If I get the completed sets earlier, they will go out earlier!

Thats all I have for today!

Nice one,

Chris / Luna-C



KFA54, forthcoming products and I stabbed my eye.

Hey Everyone,

As I said in the last post, I have written another article about music production – but it is long. Very long. Nearly 4000 words. I think it needs to be trimmed a little bit before it goes up, as that many words is about a chapter of my book, lol. Plus its kinda “stream of consciousness” which is interesting, but a little bit of trimming would serve it well. So I am doing that, and I hope it will go up in a week or so. Bear in mind that each chapter of my book was rewritten about 10 times. While my blog posts dont need to be up to that standard, it would be best if they were fairly polished, eh?

Meanwhile, this week has been a little slow because I was visiting relatives in New Jersey (about 8 hours drive away) for a long weekend. Then I stabbed myself in the eye with a toy flag – not intentionally, in case you were wondering. And it didn’t do any serious damage, but it hurt like a bastard and put me in a foul mood. Then on Wednesday, I had a crap load of dental work done, and was put under for 4 hours or so. So Wednesday was a blur, Thursday was like “where am I? Whats going on?” and its only today that I am functioning as normal. Whatever normal is.

What else? Oh yes. I have new clips for KFA54. This is the last in the series of three True Skool E.Ps featuring tracks from the Breaking Free album. It also comes with a rather special Executive Edition. As you know, those things can be random, but I think you will like this one. The E.P is due out on Monday 24th. Here are the soundclips…

Lets bombard you with information…The KFA53 Executive Edition is no longer available. Likewise, the skateboards have sold out. Thats the ban news. Here is the good news.
I have two new CDs coming out soon, KFACD23 and KFACD24, exclusive to the store. They should be available in the next month. I have also signed / started to get music from a few new artists. There is a new T-Shirt design coming – or rather, a remake of an old classic. There are new Keyrings on their way, as we have sold out of the old ones – they were surprisingly popular. If you make an order in the shop, you get free stuff. Stickers and a mini poster. There is an enormous amount of work going on behind the scenes for the 20th anniversary of Kniteforce Records. Music is being made that sounds brand new.
I think that covers it…
Oh! Podcasts! Yes, podcast 38 is ready. And even though Becky has fixed the RSS feed for the blog, its still being a dick about the podcasts. As soon as its fixed, Podcast will be ready to go up, and up it will go!
Okay, thats all for now! Whoop!
Chris / Luna-C


Just a quick one…

I thought I better make a post as I am busy working on things, even if it seems like not much is happening right now lol. I just finished a track with Genki, and one for myself as well. Both are attempting to do something different to usual. I have also finished Podcast 38, and I will be uploading that in the next week or so. The thing is, I also have to upload the previous 37 podcasts to the site and do all the blah to link them to iTunes etc. So bear with me on that.

Its a fkin marvellous podcast though, loads of good new tunes from CLSM, The Panacea, Jakazid…so I think you will enjoy it.

Also, I am working on a few new bits for the Merchandise section of the store. And the more observant of you might have noticed I am in the process of uploading the Influential back catalogue to the store.

Lastly, I have written another article about producing. I will polish that off over the weekend.

Bottom line? I wanted to update my website every Monday, and I am a day late, and the interesting updates may actually be a week late, which would make them on time, but for next week, ha ha!


Hello Again – The 2nd Blog Post Arrives!

Hi Everyone,

It has been an exhausting few weeks for Bexxie and I. She had been working for months to get the website up and running, and I think we can all agree she has done an amazing job. At the same time, I had been uploading and getting the content together, so by the time the site went online last week, we were both completely knackered.

We are now recovering, and starting to sort out issues and add more to the site. I have designated each Monday as my “internet” day, just for writing and adding content.

So lets deal with things one at a time. It seems to me that the international postage for Tshirts etc is very expensive. We are using the USPS postage calculator and are trying to make sure the options are correct. We have added an option for international mail that is cheaper – we didn’t know this was available until recently – and we have removed the more expensive option, so now the only choice is the cheapest – First Class International Parcel.

That fixes that when you order a single shirt or item. But I am guessing that the site is combining orders and simply doubling the postage price for 2 shirts or whatever. Obviously this is no good, so I am going to look into that and see what can be done. In the meantime, if you have attempted to order more than one shirt, or a combination of items, and found the postage price has been too high to actually make the order, please email me. I will get your order together, check the exact postage price, and we can do it that way.

Either way, I will get it sorted out – and thanks in advance for your patience!

I also want to thank everyone who has found discrepancies and mistakes and let me know so I could fix them – thats been very helpful!

Next up – we will be adding the podcast to the site in the next few weeks or so – as soon as I have a new podcast mix done, basically. And we will be getting the RSS feed fixed too.

I am going to be uploading the D’n’B labels in the next few weeks. Once that is done, the shop will sort of function as the labels discography as well as a shop. I know some of you are sad that the “music” section on the old site is gone. It was a useful tool for the back catalogue, but it would involve a mad amount of reuploading to add that to this site, and it would be sort of pointless too lol. So for now, its going to stay as it is.

What next? Well…the next release for KFA is KFA53 – True Skool E.P part 8. This will come out on May 28th as the Executive Edition. Here are the soundclips…

Twin Time – The Beats Shook

Neglect Of Probability – Brand New Genius

Shive – A Black Sky

Ax-Is – Into The Dark

I have many big plans for the label, and an incredible amount of stuff is going on behind the scenes. I really want to tell you all about it, but for right now, I have to wait because not everything is finalized. But it has been pointed out to me that September 2012 marks the 20 year anniversary of Kniteforce Records, and if you think i am going to let that pass without doing something amazing, then you have lost your mind lol. So big plans for September!

I am working on the first “Hall Of Fame” thing, so that should go soon. And as said before, I am going to be doing more writing for the site. I intended to do some of that today, but its 2:30pm already, I have been working flat out all day just replying to emails and organizing cunning plans for the future, and doubt I will get a great deal of writing done. But what should happen in the future is that I will write a piece on a Monday, and a blog post like I am doing now, and then update the site on the Tuesday.

Okay, so thats where we are for now!

Nice one,

Chris / Luna-C


Welcome to my new website…

Okay, here we are. This is the new Kniteforce website, and the first thing you will notice is the picture of the Death Star. I chose this image for a number of reasons.

1. Kniteforce has always had a certain attachment to Star Wars type stuff.

2. A new website can be intimidating, so I asked myself, what could be more reassuring than a gigantic evil planet destroying space station?

3. This site is a bit like the Death Star. It is fully functioning, but incomplete. And it has a grumpy old guy running it (me).

So yeah. What we have so far is a new MP3 store, with every release from KFA, KFX, KF Digital, Kniteforce, Malice, Remix Records, and Knitebreed. There are also a number of the rare and obscure releases, but that section is not complete. And none of the drum’n’bass labels are up yet.

All the MP3s have been checked by me, which means there will no doubt be a few mistakes, ha ha! But for the most part, each one has been boosted to maximum volume and had the dead air trimmed from the beginning and end to make it better for cueing up. Each has been correctly named, had high quality artwork and even had bpm’s added. No other online store has the KF owned MP3s like this. Additionally, certain MP3s have been bought back to their original glory – most notably, the original version of Piano Progression (KF025) has had its intro restored – that got lost years ago and it is very glad to be back. And Dj Hams “Higher / And Higher” is now two different tracks, instead of both tracks being the same.

Another thing – KFA52 Executive Edition is now for sale in the Executive Edition section. And KFX 7 is on its way in the next few weeks…along with KFA53 and 54. Executive Editions will only be online for a week to ten days from now on. After that, the “main” tracks will go onto the KFA section, and the bonus tracks will not be available again.

Other than that, check out the Merchandise section. There are 3 new T-shirt designs, my book “How To Squander Your Potential” in both paperback and ebook formats, and a few other little goodies. I will be adding to the merchandise section as time goes by, including a couple of new mix CDs and other (as yet unconfirmed) awesomeness.

Still to be added to the website:-

Artist profiles


Mixes to download

Samples / arrangements / rex files to download



Hall Of Fame

People seem to like my writing, so I decided I would start writing a little more often for the site in the Essays section. Might have to come up with a more exciting name though – essays sound like hard work. Sometimes they will be about the hardcore scene and my experiences in it, and other times it will just be general observations on life itself. I might also take a huge and ridiculously stupid risk and try to do a monthly review of hardcore tunes that are not from my label. With any luck, I wont upset too many people lol. I also want to add tutorials, but that will take a little time to organize, so bear with me on that.

The Hall Of Fame section is going to be about tunes from the past that really ought to have been given more praise – tracks that literally changed the face of Hardcore. Have a think of ones you think should go in there and email me your suggestions. I can think of three offhand – SMD1, Toytown and Shooting Star, but of course there are many more. And bear in mind that this is not a “tunes that I like” thing, its a “tunes that have made a huge difference in the hardcore scene” thing. I think it would be nice to have a hardcore Hall Of Fame, and I also think hardcore needs one. And I will try to make it non biased, and collect interviews from those involved in the making of the tracks etc etc. If nothing else, it should be a laugh.

Okay, that’s way to much information for the first blog post, but there will be more coming…

Can I ask you all to have a nose around the site, email me if there are any obvious mistakes or problems, add reviews to tracks, and (obviously) spend loads and loads of money, ha ha!

Nice one,


Chris / Luna-C



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