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Hyper On Experience – Lord Of The Null Lines Remixers Revealed!

Ah yeah, its FINALLY time to talk about this…

Yes, its the Lord Of The Null Lines double 10″ vinyl. And I am here to tell you we have an absolutely amazing set of remixes by an amazing set of remixers. And I want to tell you all about it, but first: here is the full track listing and details:

KF99 – Hyper On Experience – Lord Of The Null Lines Remixes (Double 10″ Vinyl)

A1. Shimon & Benny L Remix

B1. Acen Remix

C1. Fracus & Darwin Remix

D1. Shoreman Remix

Bonus: Empyreal Remix

Just look at that list. I still cant quite believe it to be honest. Here is how they all came about.

Once the deal with Moving Shadow was done, Alex Hyper On and I talked about how we wanted to do all the releases, and early on we knew that the Lord Of The Null Lines remixes had to be “out of this world” good. And the bar is so high. Both the original and the Foul Play remix are classics, and remixing classics is tricky. Not to mention, both are vastly different in style. Who can you get to do remixes that do justice?

On top of that, while I love the Foul Play remix, I felt like no one had ever done a really good remix of the original version of the track. The Foul Play remix is genius, but it is very far from the original version, and subsequent remixes of Lord Of The Null Lines have been remixes of the Foul Play remix. Nothing wrong with that at all, except the original is so stunningly good that it deserved a credible remix.

So. Slightly tricky – remixes of both versions that do those versions credit AND move them forward? Yeah. Thats tough.

Alex and I reasoned that The Foul Play remix update should be done by a big name in the current d’n’b scene. I know ONE person in that scene, my old label friend Hamilton. So I asked him and he immediately suggested Shimon & Benny L. This appealed to me immensely because 1. I know who Shimon is, being a fan of his early stuff on Ram, 2. Thats a perfect thing to me – an old skool name AND a modern artist and 3. I trust Hams judgement, and Ham assured me that Shimon was the top of the game in the wonderful world of D’nB, which is what this track deserved. Ham put us together, and I told Shimon what I needed – a new remix of Lord Of The Null Lines but sort of staying true to the Foul Play remixes. And Shimon and Benny L knocked it out of the park. The remix is absolutely mindbendingly brilliant, and exactly what both Alex and I wanted.

Even better, Shimon (who was my main contact of the duo) was an absolute star to work with, very helpful and courteous and if I ever get the chance to work with him again, I will do so immediately. Brilliant remix, brilliant people, all round brilliant.

While Shimon and Benny L got to work, Acen had his new EP and the deal with Acen and Kniteforce came about. Now Acen has historically not done many remixes outside of Production House. One maybe? And I didn’t know him very well, I am still just getting to know him actually. So the idea of him remixing Lord of the Null Lines was like…the most amazing thing that could happen, right? As soon as I thought of it I thought “PERFECT and BRILLIANT” and other words in capital letters. But honestly, I thought it would never. Still, if you don’t ask…So I asked. And Acen was like “sure, send me the parts and we will see what happens”.


And then, for the next few weeks, I didn’t want to hassle Acen, but I was like “OMG what if this happens?” and was probably unbearable to live with lol.

Meanwhile, I definitely wanted a modern hardcore remix – if we had the top of the D’n’B world remixing it, we ought to have the top of the hardcore world doing the same. So obviously Fracus & Darwin. We have been working together on various things and I was thrilled when they said they would do a remix. So once again, I sent the parts, and was now waiting for two remixes from two huge acts, as I had the first draft (and nearly finished version) of the massive Shimon & Benny L one already.

Three remixes is not ideal. Alex and I wanted to keep the 10″ format that the early remixes had, to keep the theme of the repress / reimagined / remixed thing going. And you cant put 2 tracks on a single side of a 10″. We either needed to lose one and do a single 10″ EP, or add one and have a double 10″ EP. We chose the double pack because again, the project deserved it…and this meant we needed one more remix. Two in fact because what if Acen found he couldn’t do it? All artists have that – sometimes you just cant remix a thing for a multitude of reasons. Also, I wanted a remix that stayed true to the original version. I had no idea what Acen would come back with in that respect.

So I contacted two Kniteforce artists who in my opinion are hugely talented. First I hit up Empyreal – I knew his remix would be absolutely unique because his style is absolutely unique. And I knew Alex would dig Empys style, because it is so unusual. So off the samples went…and then I hit up Shoreman and gave him a nearly impossible task. “Please remix Lord Of The Null Lines, but I want a remix of the orginal, not the Foul Play version, and it has to be breakbeat and hardcore, and its Hyper On Experience so it has to be brilliant.”. It was most unfair of me lol.

And wow, did they both deliver. Empys remix is in many repsects exactly like the original and Foul Play remixes in that it is not like anything else heard before. Uniquely strange, heavy hitting and full of unexpected elements and classical instruments, it is gorgeous. Shoreman also saw how high the bar was set then leaped over it with space to spare. His remix is the perfect “new” version of the original, and is breathtakingly good. I love it.

And then Acen hit me up all casual like “heres the first version of the remix”…I fell off my chair, which is something I have been doing a lot with this project, and I am actually getting a little sore lol. Acens remix is brilliant, and is both very Aceny and very Hyper On, and just amazing. It is a remix of the best elements of both of the original remixes, and is exactly right.

Look, even as I write this I know I am like one of those people that just hypes up their own shit and is all “yeah, its the best thing ever” etc etc but damn it, this really is. This is 5 remixes of a definite classic and all 5 are perfect. I mean it. They are perfect. I honestly cant think of how you could get better versions. Sure, we have some of the biggest names in Shimon & Benny L, Acen, and Fracus & Darwin. But big names doesnt always equal big remixes. In this case it totally does. And then, my two KF artists did remixes that sit perfectly right next to these huge artists, and I couldnt be prouder of them and more grateful to everyone involved in this whole release.

So yeah. Perhaps I am over hyping? Perhaps I am biased because I love the tune and everyone involved? That might be true, but I also think I am right and these are the best remixes ever.

At least…so far 🙂

PS oh wait, I forgot to mention that out of the blue Acen did an awesome promotion video for it just because he is a proper legend! Track it down and check it out if you can…


Get Hyper for the “Hyper On Experience” Experience!


For the impatient….here is a link to the Bundle! For the rest, read on

I sometimes think I must be one of the luckiest people alive. I mean, I have made a career in the music I love – thats an incredible thing in itself – but recently I have had the honour of releasing a brand new Acen EP. Who would have thought? And that came after releasing music from Liquid, and Sublove, and of course, Hyper On Experience. Thats 4 of the most influential hardcore artists to ever grace the rave scene, not to mention personal heroes of mine. I would never have dreamed that my little label, started all the way back in 1993, would get to host such hardcore luminaries, such makers and shapers of the music we all love.

And if that wasn’t enough, I now get to finally reveal to you a deal long in the making and almost  overwhelming in scope. As you might have guessed by the title, this blog post talks about one of my all time favourite artists: Hyper On Experience. And it is super exciting because it contains the details of:

1. Forthcoming represses from the back catalogue.

2. Brand new remixes from some truly huge names in the hardcore and d’n’b scenes.

3. Exclusive unreleased material from back in the day and alternate versions of tracks.

4. Brand new music.

5. Merchandise.

6. A remix competition of a classic tune with an unbeatable prize for the winner.

7. And me, being a fanboy.

Okay, so the last point is probably not a highlight, more just an unavoidable fact, but for the rest, hold tight cos I kid you not when I say that this is possibly the most exciting thing to happen in a long time, especially to me! But I think for a lot of people this is pretty amazing stuff…

I am not gonna bang on about how Hyper On Experience have been the single most influential act for me as a hardcore artist. To quote the Dothraki, “it is known”. And I am not going to bang on about how excited I was when I not only got a remix from Hyper On Experience, but managed to get a brand new EP from them too (we have a few left if you missed it: KF83 – Hyper On Experience – The Family Man EP). To quote Star Trek – “To Infinity, and Beyond” or something. I don’t watch Star Trek. Anyway. Those were huge events in my personal and record label life and I was content that there would be few other events like that. I am a lucky man to be able to work with, and dare I say become friends with, one of my heroes. To ask for more never even crossed my mind. Although I did ask for another new EP, because of course I did lol.

What I did not know is that Alex from Hyper On Experience had spoken on my behalf to Moving Shadow, and the end result was a deal which, when all was sorted caused me to lay a dragon egg. I didn’t actually, but, you know. I probably could have.

Basically, Moving Shadow and Kniteforce Records have sorted out an epic licensing deal, giving us permission to remix, repress and rerelease the first four Hyper On Experience EPs.

My excitement about this was so vast that for a while I couldn’t quite see all the ramifications. But before I could…Alex also told me that he had some unreleased Hyper On tunes from old DAT tapes (WHAT! MUST HAVE!!!), AND was working on new material as well.

At which point, I had to have a little sit down.

But the thing about artists such as Hyper On Experience, and really any good artist, is that retreading old ground, while fun and sometimes important, is also sort of “eh” because the interest is usually in progression and exploration of the music. So while of course we wanted to remaster the first 4 EPs, we didn’t just want to do standard represses. So while these vinyls are remasters of the originals, we decided on doing “reimagined” versions of the first 4 EPs.

If your brain has only now got to the “hold up, wait a minute, doesn’t that include Lord Of The Null Lines?” then YES IT DOES and just like me, you have suddenly realised one of the biggest and most classic anthems ever is going to be remixed and remastered and rereleased on Kniteforce Records.

Another sit down and some breathing into a paper bag.

But shut up. We will get to that in due course. Lord of the Null Lines is a total tune obviously, but the whole of Hyper On Experience’s back catalogue is loaded with amazing music – Monarch Of The Glen, Timestretch, Half Steppa, H.E Anthem…the list goes on…and look, now I am losing track. Rewind.

And thats the problem really, this deal is huge, and has led to some huge things going on, and theres no good way to really tell you all the things, and anyway some of the things are not quite ready to be revealed. So let me simply tell you what is 100% confirmed and when and how and etc:

In May, we will be releasing the first two of a number of Hyper On Experience releases individually, and as a special bundle. They are:

KF95 – Fun For All The Family EP (Remastered / Remixed / Reimagined)

KF96 – Keep It In The Famliy EP  (Remastered / Remixed / Reimagined)

I have the test presses here. They sound lovely. The artwork is at the top of this post!

While you will be able to buy each vinyl individually, we also have a  bundle version, which is loaded with superb extras. It will contain these 2 vinyls, and 2 exclusive CDs, featuring the digital remasters from these EPs, and unreleased versions of the tracks, and bonus remixes of the tracks. And digital downloads of the tracks in wav and mp3 format, of course. And an exclusive Hyper On Experience slipmat which is gorgeous. And the samples to the aforementioned Remix competition (dont worry, the remix competition will be open to everyone in the near future, no purchase needed. Its just the bundle people get them early is all).

Below is some artwork to get you excited, as if you arent enough already….

The more observant of you will notice a few things. Firstly, the artwork is amazing. We asked our resident KF artist Spudgunjuice to do reimagined versions of Flytronix’s outstanding artwork that featured on the original EPs. We wanted it to be the same but different, because the EPs are the same…but different. Then, your eyes might have wandered toward the track listing. Whats that on the Fun For All The Family EP? A Liquid remix of Watchusnow? Yes indeed. It is an already brilliant tune remixed by one of the old skools finest artists. You will love it, I am certain. And on the Keep It In The Family EP, I had the honour of remixing A Certain Emotion. It might not be the tune most people would instantly know, BUT it is the first Hyper On Experience tune I ever heard, and it is the reason I became such a fan. So when this deal happened, that is the one I wanted to remix the most.

These EPs aren’t simply straight represses. The original tunes have been lovingly remastered, and on each EP, one track has been remixed from the original line up. Anyone who buys the vinyl will get these 4 tracks from the vinyl, plus the original version of the track that has been remixed as part of the downloadable digital files.

And then the CDs contain never before released alternate versions of the tracks and brand new remixes as well. These CDs will only be in the bundle, never sold separately.

So thats the first thing we are rolling out. Hold onto your hats though, because after that comes:

KF97 – The Family We Never Had EP  (Remastered / Remixed / Reimagined)


KF98 – Deaf In The Family EP  (Remastered / Remixed / Reimagined)

and of course…

KF99 – Lord Of The Null Lines Remixes (10” Double Pack)

KF99R – Disturbance Remixes

The artwork isnt quite ready for that one…I have already revealed some of the remixers for the first two EPs, but trust me, they are the tip of the iceberg, and it gets REALLY insane as it progresses. There are remixes of Monarch Of The Glen from two of the best in the business. AND an alternate original version of that tune. I keep writing and deleting things because on the one hand this is so amazing, and on the other hand, some things need to just be kept quiet for a little longer. But I will tell you, the Lord Of The Null Lines remixes will blow you away – we have spared no expense on getting the best in the business onto this. Not to mention the Disturbance remixes…

Oh, but thats not all. Not by a long shot.

We have a bunch of unreleased Hyper On Experience tracks made back in the day, along with some new material he has been working on….these are planned to feature on their own vinyl double pack and CD triple pack combination, which is, incidentally, where the winner of the aforementioned Remix competition will be featured…I have heard the unreleased tracks and they are brilliant and are of course authentic to the era they were made in. Then there are the new tunes, which are just stunning. Seriously, they are so good, I wish I could include one or two in the teaser clip below….and maybe I did? haha…

Details of the remix competition is being finalised. But the track in question will be “Timestretch” – one of my all time favourite Hyper On Experience tracks, and one that is undisputably brilliant. The prize will be the winning remix getting a full CD and digital release, and perhaps a vinyl release too. The competition will be open to everyone EXCEPT those who have already had a remix commissioned for this enormous project.

Details will be announced for that very shortly, so keep ya eyes open!

Honestly it has taken me about 6 attempts to write this blog, because there is so much going on and so much to tell, and so much to not tell just yet…I havent even got to the Best Of project or plenty of other exciting elements….But for now, I hope this makes you as excited as I am…oops, another dragon egg.

Now listen to this teaser and get hyper!

Tracks in the clip are a mystery, but…:

01. A Remix

02. A Remix

03. A Remaster

04. A Remix

05. Original early 90’s Unreleased

06. A Remix

07. A Remaster

08. Brand New Material

09. An Unreleased Alternate Version

10. A Remix (!!!)


Nice one,



OMG ACEN VINYL…But…Wait, what? How? and other questions….

Okay, so for the impatient, here are the links to buy this very limited vinyl…

For UK and Europe and the rest of the world (depending on exchange rate and postage costs) :

For USA and rest of the world (depending on exchange rate and postage costs):

Alright, lets get down to business. I know a large percentage of you were expecting the next Kniteforce Pre-Sale to be the brand new Hyper On Experience EPs. And that was what I was expecting too, ha ha. We have a wicked bundle ready to go on that, with 12″ vinyl remastered represses of the Fun For All The Family EP and the Keep It In The Family EP (Plus Liquid and Luna-C Remixes, 2 CDs of bonus content and a superb Hyper On Experience slipmat). And that is due to go up for pre-sale at the end of the month as planned.

But the Acen vinyl came about in a bit of a strange way. I have been emailing with Acen for a while now, doing my very best to tempt him onto Kniteforce as I felt like 1. He would find the perfect home here and 2. He is one of my all time heros and 3. WHAT ELSE WOULD I DO??? ITS ACEN!!! ha ha.

Other labels were also wooing (theres a word we don’t use anymore) Acen, and it ended up with him putting the digital releases for the two versions of “Play 2092” with the lovely chaps at Hardcore Energy. However, Hardcore Energy were unable to get a vinyl sorted out, and perhaps it was underestimated how much people would want the vinyl? So a few days ago, Acen asked me if I could help out in that department, and I of course said “nah”.

Haha, as if. I jumped at the opportunity.

But it had to be done fast because otherwise the momentum gets lost. And I would need to be able to offer the digitals with the vinyl (24 bit wav and 320MP3) and I wanted them remastered by Jon Doe cos he does a stunning job, and also, I also wanted to have the bonus content of Return To 2092 added to both the vinyl and the digital. Hardcore Energy were very gracious and Acen wanted to move on it, so we got the whole thing organised in under 24 hours.

So here we are. The new vinyl is up for presale now, it has been sent to be cut, and I have pulled in every favour possible so that the vinyl will be turned around and in your hands really quickly!

I am hoping this will be the first of many new Acen releases, and I have been told he is working with Dyce as well (The House Crew) so who knows what the future could hold?

All I know is, this week I have been working with Acen for this release, Hyper On Experience for the next release and as part of a run of represses and new material, with Sublove and Liquid also lining up releases in the near future. How amazing is that? I am working with my heros, and it is god damn brilliant! You can check out the artwork for forthcoming KFs below…

In the meantime, if you are not interested in the vinyl and only want to get the digital files of Play 2092 Part 1 and Part 2, you can do so HERE

So stay tuned…there is a whole lot more to come….









New Liquid EP Plus…Legends are awesome…


Today I want to tell you about the new Liquid double pack, because of course I do. The pre sale opens Monday 25th Feb for both the bonus bundle and single versions.

And then I wanted to say that I am a raver and a musician, and I am also a record label, so obviously I want to be able to sell the music I put out. But one of the true joys of my job is that while it is a job, its also not like, miserable work. Often I find myself as excited as you are about a new release. And as well as those 3 things, I am a fan, but we will get on to that in a bit.

Anyway, this release totally deserves the excitement. All the excitement.

I warned you all that 2019 was going to be an exceptional year, and it is already, what with the huge success of the last few bundles. But now we are moving into the next level with forthcoming EPs from Hyper On Experience, Sublove, Whizzkid, Al Storm and too many others to mention, and we kick it off with this absolute winner of a release, KF92 – The Spacemonkey EP, by Liquid.

This is an 8 track double pack EP (Or LP? We could never quite decide!) of some of the finest old skool hardcore out there. Beautifully produced, and perfectly executed, this is old skool as it should be done. I love Monofuntion particularly, because it takes me back to the early years when I first got into raving – R&S records and Frank De Wulf and all those wicked Euro releases. But then you have Good Love, a piano anthem if ever there was one, and Clerkenwell Sound, which is like the early UK sound of jungle before there was such a thing.

All in all, this is a brilliant EP and I am proud to be releasing it…which brings me to…being a fan.

I do not often fanboy, and not in public. I have a reputation to maintain after all (ha!) but I did want to mention something that does not get talked about very often, because in one way, it doesn’t matter at all, but in another way, it is totally significant.

I have recently been speaking to Njoi and to Acen, hoping to tempt them into releasing music on Kniteforce. And of course there is this Liquid EP, and Hyper On Experience and Sublove releases already and more to come…Thats 5 artists that I have always admired greatly, and whose records I bought and loved before there was even the consideration of the possibility or perhaps meeting them one day. I contacted Sublove for the first Kniteforce EP back in 1992, after being turned down for a remix by NRGs manager (which was fair enough, I don’t think I came across as knowing what I was doing, because I didn’t. I also hadn’t actually made any music at that point, and did not mention Smart Es lol). Anyway, I remember being in absolute awe that Sublove would do a remix for me. It never even occurred to me at that time to ask Liquid – that would be like me asking, I dont know, who is super famous nowadays? Kanye? He seems like a wally, but will do for this example. Back in 1992, asking Liquid to do a remix for me would be like me asking Kanye to do a remix for me now. Except, you know, I wouldn’t want a remix from Kanye, he always looks like he is sulking. Look, analogies don’t bear close examination, okay? The point it, I thought of Liquid, and Hyper On and Njoi, and Acen, and the majority of the rave artists from back then as so stratospherically far above me that the mere idea of trying to contact them never even entered my head. Getting the courage to speak to Sublove was hard enough – and at least his phone number was on the record label, and I suspect I was stoned out of my head at the time to get the nerve up. And besides, back in those days, getting the contact was a mission and a half. If it wasn’t on the label, then…well….nothing. That was that.

Anyway, my point is, I find myself here in 2019 actually working with these people, and heres the thing: They are nice. They are really nice people. And importantly, they have a deep and genuine love for this music. You might wonder…How can I know that? After all, I met Sublove back in the early 90’s but I have still yet to meet any of the rest, although we talk online and by email, obviously. And yet I can say with absolute confidence that these people just love this music and want to make it.

I can say this because, what they do now is one hell of a lot smaller than what they did then. It never gets talked about, but all the artists I have listed have sold a HUGE number of records, multiple times.

And yet, here they are, making this music for a tiny fraction of the audience it used to have. It never gets talked about. And thats because….they don’t care. I mean, of course they (we – can I include myself a little bit?) would all like to be selling 10,000 instead of 300 units…but…the thing they really want, is to be able to make and release music at all. Getting paid is icing on the cake, and sometimes the small amount of money it makes is essential simply because you have to actually survive in the world and it takes time to make music – time that could be spent on things that really earn money instead. And yet, they still do it.

This is true of everyone making the music of course, but I think its interesting, and admirable, when you see artists who have such a great legacy and history still absolutely wanting to just make the music they fell in love with right at the start of long industrious careers, regardless of how the world and the audience has changed. And I have always thought that this purity in desire is echoed in the music that gets made.

I also think that this purity and honest desire to make this music is what will make it get huge. Always, new music and new scenes grow from the dedicated who love it. So I have faith that this scene will grow and grow. And in a few years time, EPs like this will be much sought after as rarities with their limited pressing. But thats for another day.

For now, I just wanted to do a little bit about this great new Liquid EP, and a little bit about how wonderful it is for me to be working with some of the scenes greatest. They say you should never meet your heroes. Well bollocks. I have met most of mine and they are fucking awesome.


Oh, and if my review is a little biased, here is another one that I only paid $14,0000000000000000.03 dollars for:

Liquid-Space Monkey EP


Nice one,


Chris / Luna-C





Lets talk about the new bundle and 2019…


I rarely do blogs, but I feel like sometimes I should. And this is one of those times. There is quite a lot to say, and quite a lot happening, but my biggest concern is that we have a new bundle about to drop on the 28th of January, and I worry some of you will miss it. Seriously. Not because it sells out, although it should, and it may well do so as things have been selling more, and faster recently. No, I worry because even in this day and age, the power to sell a thing often comes down to the name selling it, and this bundle does not have a “big” name act.

Yet this bundle is simply superb. Much of it was put together while I was between houses, meaning I had to listen to the tracks on crappy laptop speakers and also had to just kinda trust the artists in question got it right. It was only in December when I got the test presses that I was able to listen to them as they are supposed to sound – with good speakers, and loud.

And I have to say, all three of these vinyls are fucking fantastic. Its hard to convey quite how proud I am of all three – not that I had much to do with the content on any of them bar one track – but I really feel what we have here is the very essence of what Kniteforce is about. In a general sense, all 3 records are very well produced – I mean, that comes as standard, but still, credit where its due because we have a debuting artist in Abyss and in Disrupta – neither of which have had vinyl releases before although both have been producing for a while. But when I say well produced I mean the textures, the feel, the emotions they convey, are spot on. And all three vinyls are very different, yet quintessentially Kniteforce in their diversity. Lastly, all three look exactly as they should – which seems like an obvious thing, but it really isn’t. I am gonna break it down one by one…lets start with Abyss…

KF89 – Abyss – From the Depths EP

This EP is just brilliant. I had always felt Kniteforce lacked an artist that specialised in the darker, more jungle edge, and it felt like we needed one. Its a style I personally love, but…its very difficult to do it well. Many people either go so dark it becomes a parody, or its just clever amens. I love a clever amen, but without context, its a producers way to show off rather than an essential part of a tune. Abyss gets it exactly right. His debut EP continues on from his first showing on Death To Digital, once again showcasing a real talent for the dark style with Wicker Man and Satan, two tunes which retain the excitement and feel of the original era without sounding like they are trying too hard. In a nutshell, these two sound like they came from then, rather than that they wish they did. And those are the B sides! Should have done a double A on this…didn’t think of it. Oh well.

Meanwhile the A side shows that Abyss is far from a one trick pony – the lead track, Bad Boy is proper jungle. Its so good that its impossible to time. This could have come out in pretty much any year since the birth of Jungle and would smash the dancefloor to bits. This tune is large. Fucking large as hell.

Finally, there is Losing My Mind, which once again shows that Abyss can turn his hand to a piano track and do it extremely well. Some people can do dark amen styled things well. Some can do Jungle too. I cant think off hand of anyone who can also do proper old skool piano and get all three styles spot on.

Next up…

Breed23 – Wislov – From Another World EP

This is Wislovs second EP, and as time passes I find myself more and more impressed with his work. His first EP was great, no doubt. But…and hear me out…I have been making hardcore a long while. Making a good piano and breaks tune is my bread and butter, and like bread and butter, its kind of…easy. Its very hard to make an amazing piano tune, but its relatively easy to make a good one. So what I love to see in my artists is the ability to transcend that style. To either take the piano and do something new and exciting with how it sits in a track – Alex Jungle is a master at this, and Shoreman is racing up to that level as well – or to be able to make it so classic it hurts – hello Liquid, Pete Cannon and Ant To Be. And Wislov does here what fellow label cohort Ant To Be did. both were signed on the strength of their “Kniteforcey” sound, but I also felt both could do so much more. And here we are, with both of them doing exactly that.

Wislov has honed his sound and produced something sublime. This new EP is darker than the previous one, and more serious. It is more underground. And it is much better for it. Subtle yet in your face, this is the music of my early rave days, it is an EP full of tunes that make the night special. I literally had chills listening to it. It made me feel like  I did in my first raving years at Labrynth. All the tunes are amazing, and the drumwork is brilliant. This EP remains uplifiting without ever resorting to obvious tricks or easy options. It is superb.

Lastly we have:

KF91 – Death To Digital Volume 4

Sorry for the format change – I dont mind writing a long blog but I will be damned if I will waste any more time with my fecking Kniteforce Soundcloud account and its issues lol

So, Paul Bradley. While we all know he can do a very good old skool hardcore tune, this is his second appearance on this series, and once again, he switches styles. Who knew he could do such a perfect jungle tune? Not I. When he sent me this, I felt like saying “wait, are you fucking with me?” because he obviously has a real talent for it and he had never sent me anything like this before. And this is after showing he could smash a ’97 4×4 styled bouncy tune out of the park on D2D2. Versatility is a great thing, and to do it so well…amazing.

Meanwhile, the ever reclusive Alex Jungle sent me this track via email and was all like “I made this, whatever”. It is easily one of his best. its slightly simpler than his usual work, but the clarity of the vision is amazing, and it is the perfect piano anthem. I absolutely love it, and I know you will too. It couldn’t be more Kniteforcey if it was a song about a little man wearing a kangol hat and a peace medallion.

Its hard to talk about my own work, but Mr Arthur and I really pulled this one off. Sorry.  But we did. Its a classic sounding Timespan tune, yet the elements Mr Arthur bought to the table are WHY it is that – supplying the perfect samples and arrangement to  what is basically an original Remix Records release that never was.

Lastly, Disrupta. The dude is new to the label, but I think you will be hearing a lot more from him. His sound is both dense and simple, heavy and strong, and a perfect fit for Kniteforce in every respect. With his debut track on Vinyl is Better 6 he showed he had skill, and with this first vinyl release, he underlines that he is here and is a bold new artist on the roster. I cant wait for his forthcoming EP.


So this is why I dfont want people to miss this bundle. We have a ton of amazing stuff in 2019 – new music from Liquid, Pete Cannon, Dj Force & The Evolution (yup) reissues and remixes and new versions of the older Hyper On Experience tunes (yup) as well as unreleased and new tracks. We have an Idealz EP and Legacy EP, more from Sublove, a Luna-C legacy EP. Remix Records is back, with Al Storm and Whizzkid on forthcoming EPs. Ant To Be and TNO have EPs coming on Knitebreed. Malice is back. Influential is back. Saiyan has a line up of KFA releases that will blow you away.

There is a tsunami of amazing content coming, and these first 3 EPs are just the first taste. But dont miss the first taste. You will regret it…

PS Wislovs album is god damn excellent too….




The Triple Threat Is (Just About) Here…

The Triple Threat Pre Sale Opens Monday 1st October

And is released on Monday 22nd of October!


KF100 – The Triple Threat Vinyl LP

Disk 1 – Kniteforce:
A1. Hyper On Experience – Lift Me Up (Luna-C Remix)
A2. Pete Cannon – The Box (Sunny & Deck Hussy Remix)
B1. Alex Jungle – The Need In Me (M-Project Remix)
B2. Shadowplay – Calling Me (Clayfighter Remix)

Disk 2 – Knitebreed:
C1. Wislov – You Make Me Happy (Audio X Remix)
C2. Paul Bradley – Magic (Empyreal Remix)
D1. Sunny & Deck Hussy – Only You (Mannik Remix)
d2. Ant To Be – Nobody Likes Me (Scartat Remix)

Disk 3 – KFA
E1. Demcore – Believe (Ant To be Remix)
E2. Doughboy – Rock Deh Riddum (Dj Ham Remix)
F1. Anglerfish & Lucider – Rumba! (Shoreman Remix)
F2. Audio X – Set Your Feelings Free (Liquid Remix)

Plus links to the digital Downloads in 320MP3 and 24bit wav versions!

KFCD100 – The Triple Threat CD

01. Hyper On Experience – Lift Me Up (Luna-C Remix)
02. Pete Cannon – The Box (Sunny & Deck Hussy Remix)
03. Alex Jungle – The Need In Me (M-Project Remix)
04. Shadowplay – Calling Me (Clayfighter Remix)
05. Wislov – You Make Me Happy (Audio X Remix)
06. Paul Bradley – Magic (Empyreal Remix)
07. Sunny & Deck Hussy – Only You (Mannik Remix)
08. Ant To be – Nobody Likes Me (Scartat Remix)
09. Demcore – Believe (Ant To be Remix)
10. Doughboy – Rock Deh Riddim (Dj Ham Remix)
11. Anglerfish & Lucider – Rumba! (Shoreman Remix)
12. Audio X – Set Your Feelings Free (Liquid Remix)

01. Alk-e-d – Home (Darwin Remix)
02. TNO Project – Start Lovin (Shadowplay Remix)
03. Sanxion – Gettin It (Demcore Remix)
04. Saiyan & Cru-l-t – Only Whats Real (Alex Jungle Remix)
05. Gothika Shade – Enter The Dancehall (Dj Jedi Remix)
06. Future Primitive – Right Here (Doughboy Remix)
07. Timme – Bad Choice (Paul Bradley Remix)
08. Clayfighter – Into My Eyes (TNO Remix)
09. Mannik – Computers Are Taking Over (The Timespan Remix)
10. Luna-C – Alice (Idealz Remix)
11. The Timespan – Sensation (Gothika Shade Remix)
12. Shoreman – Deep Waters (Saiyan Remix)

CD3 – Dj Brisks Triple Threat Mix
01. Dj Brisk Intro
02. Hyper On Experience – Lift Me Up (Dj Luna-C Remix)
03. Dj Brisk – Airhead (Sanxion Remix)
04. Audio X – Set Your Feelings Free (Liquid Remix)
05. Demcore – Believe (Ant To Be Remix)
06. Anglerfish & Lucider – Rumba! (Shoreman Remix)
07. Timme – Bad Choice (Paul Bradley Remix)
08. Clayfighter – Into My Eyes (TNO Project Remix)
09. Mannik – Computers Are Taking Over (The Timespan Remix)
10. The Timespan – Sensation (Gothika Shade Remix)
11. Gothika Shade – Enter The Dancehall (Dj Jedi Remix)
12. TNO Project – Start Lovin’ (Shadowplay Remix)
13. Saiyan & Cru-l-t – Only Whats Real (Alex Jungle Remix)
14. Dj Ham – Most Uplifting (Doughboy & Jimni Cricket Remix)
15. Sanxion – Gettin’ It (Demcore Remix)
16. Pete Cannon – The Box (Sunny & Deck Hussy Remix)
17. Doughboy – Rock Deh Riddum (Dj Ham Remix)
18. Alk-e-d – Home (Darwin Remix)
19. Wislov – You Make Me Happy (Audio X Remix)
20. Shoreman – Deep Waters (Saiyan Remix)
21. Alex Jungle – The Need In Me (M-Project Remix)
22. Paul Bradley – Magic (Empyreal Remix)
23. Triple Threat Outro

Plus links to the digital Downloads in 320MP3 and 24bit wav versions!


Exclusive Digital Downloads:

We have a bunch of things that are not quite ready for the bonus content…will add a full list as each thing becomes certain, but we have a few ore tunes including the amazing Sanxion remix of Dj Brisk “Airhead” as featured on the Brisk Mix CD…


The Triple Threat is a celebration of 100 releases on Kniteforce, and close to 100 on KFA and…some…on Knitebreed as well! That was the excuse that triggered the whole thing you know. And for the pedantic: We just cut and have test presses of KF88 – so thats 88 Kniteforce releases. Plus there was also KF18R and KF15R and KF21R – so thats 91. Then there is KFSE 1-4, bringing the total to 95. And then there are the 4 KFLPs that were on vinyl bringing it to 99. And then…err….oh, yes, then this! KF100. Phew, that was close lol.

Ands yes, I did those sums for the first time just now ha ha!

But really, it is the culmination of many many long months of hard work and planning. It took a long time to organise because the idea is simple in principle and complex in execution. Basically, each of the 12″ in the triple vinyl pack represents one of the 3 main KF labels – Kniteforce, KFA and Knitebreed. Each vinyl contains four tracks from one of the labels, and the tracks are remixed by the other two labels. So the Kniteforce vinyl has 2 tracks remixed by Knitebreed artists, and 2 remixed by KFA artists, and so on and so forth.

It was tricky because JUST the vinyl means we are talking about 24 artists. And of course, like all of my ideas, it quickly spiralled out of control and we had the CD idea and so on until the whole project became massively complex with over 48 artists involved. I think. I am not counting them. But its a lot. Anyway, the point is, it became so complex that it is actually…lets see…6 months late? Maybe more. Haha, brilliant.

It was worth the wait.

Because I think we have compiled one of the most interesting and era covering hardcore LPs ever. And not only that, it is fucking brilliant. You can tell I mean it, because I did a swear, which I never normally do.

The Triple Threat has artists from 1991 – 2018, of every era and style. It has the very famous, such as Liquid, and Hyper On Experience (who I got to remix!!!…Yeah, I bent the rules a bit, but Luna-C has appeard on KFA so it was that Luna-C that remixed H.O.E, not Kniteforce Luna-C, and if any of you think I was going to pass up the opportunity to remix my greatest influence and hero, then I dont know what to say to you lol…but I digress)…where were we? Oh yes, so big names from the old skool, Liquid, Hyper On, as well as KF old skoolers like Dj Ham and Future Primitive…and Me, I guess? Then there are KFA artists such as Idealz and The Panacea and Empyreal and Saiyan of course. And then the newer artist to the label such as Paul Bradley and Pete Cannon and Clayfighter and Mannik…and…theres a lot of us, it turns out. But what is really great is how unique we all are – Shoreman is not Audio X is not The Timespan and Shadowplay is not Doughboy is not Alex Jungle.

So I think this album very well represents the “alternate” sound of hardcore, but I do not think this sound it is going to remain “alternate” for much longer, if it still is, which it isnt or might not be. Errr. Moving on…The excitement for The Triple Threat is off the charts, we have had to barcode it because it is maybe going to go into Amazon and HMV etc, and once you put a big name like Brisk as the featured Dj on the mix? Well, you are planting a flag in the ground and saying “listen up mofo’s, we are here, and this is what hardcore is.” Sure, some people wont agree, but they arent reading this.


And when they do, all I have to say is “Welcome!” ha ha. I honestly belive that the future of hardcore is here, now, and it is inclusive in sound. It is old skool. It is new skool. It is True Skool. It might even be Ghoul Skool ha ha. All I know for sure is, it is what we have always been about. Good music, genre defining and defying, fun and serious, complex and simple.

It is Kniteforce. We are 100. This is the perfect album for it!

While I am here, I want to thank everyone who has worked so hard the last few months to make this happen. A big thank you to Sara for the artwork cos god damn it is beautiful. To Shane Saiyan for all the help in compiling and getting the remixes in and generally being a soundboard on how we should do things. Idealz for the hard work he is about to do packing and shipping everything ha ha! Glyn Lowercase for all the promotion on his show, and all the KF radio crew for the support come to that.

A massive thank you to very artist on this release – too mamy to name, and that is humbling in itself, but a special shout out to a few who are friends of the label more than on the label – Edd Jedi, top fella! Sanxion – Your Airhead remix is superb and is a special bonus for those who buy the bundle! M-Project, you know we love you! Darwin of course, big up sir! Your remix of Alk-e-d is so good, it appears here as well as on the Alk-e-d Legacy!

A massive thank you to my old mucker Dj Brisk – I am very grateful you mixed this album, because not only are you one of the most skilled Djs in our scene who could handle such a wide array of styles and speeds, you are also one of the original KF crew.

I am sure I have missed people. Liquid and Hyper On and Pete Cannon for being so very generous with thier music and there time…Paul Bradley for wearing a cowboy hat. Shadowplay for yacht rental. Everyone at Curved and SRD. That bloke with the limp. I dont know, I am very tired.

But it was worth it. I couldn’t be more grateful or more proud. And I hope you all enjoy this release as much as I did making it!

Nice one,

Chris / Luna-C


The Ghoul Skool: Volume One

Good evening boils and ghouls, it’s your master of scare-emonies, Saiyan here!

Okay that’s enough of that, I can only talk like the Cryptkeeper for so long, that’s harder than it looks.

It is with the greatest pleasure that I announce a project I’ve been working on basically since I became manager of KFA, GHOUL SKOOL!

See Halloween is my favourite holiday. Always has been, always will be. I love horror movies, I love decorations, I LOVE CANDY, Halloween is the best. I also love how around this time of year, there tends to be a lot of spooky themed music released. So I thought to myself…well why don’t we do that? Fuck it, we’re doing that.

So I set to work.

The original plan called for an EP, nothing too flashy. It started life (unlife?) as The Ghoul Skool EP, a play on the True Skool EP series, because I am brilliant. I put the call out to all of the artists on the Kniteforce, KFA, and Knitebreed rosters for material, expecting to hopefully fill our four tracks on the EP, and add a remix from a friend of mine who hasn’t done anything in a while and would have been a cool surprise (which didn’t work out, but one day…)

That is not what happened. The entire Kniteforce Family loved the idea, and a big chunk of the roster immediately committed to submitting material. The Ghoul Skool EP quickly became something more akin to a Vinyl Is Better-sized album release, the first such project to be released since I took on running KFA (but not the last, stay tuned). It wasn’t without its bumps in the road, my own track wasn’t finished in time (which led to Demogorgon becoming one of the only Kniteforce vinyl tracks to be released on another format, which actually works out super well because it fits the theme perfectly), people had computer failures, all sorts of shenanigans. But ultimately it was completed, the art was done, it was sent off to manufacture, and here we are!


10 exclusive tracks, plus one previously only available on vinyl, served up hot and fresh (or cold and dead) just in time for all your Halloween-themed set needs!

But that’s not all! See I wanted this release to be special, and I thought to myself…self, what’s a more interesting way to promote it? Clips are all well and good but we always do clips, we should do something else. And I said self, you’re right! Also I’m talking to myself and this is probably a bad sign. So rather than clips, I decided to do a full-blown promo mix, containing all of the tracks on the album, as well as a carefully cultivated selection of material from across the three labels that fit the theme. Here’s the tracklist.

Intro – Audio X – Spider Pig (KFA Mix) – KFA78
Strange Brotherhood – My Ghost (Saiyan and Cru-l-t Remix) – KFA88
Ben Venom – Needle Sharp Teeth (Audio X Remix)
Dave Skywalker – Dark Inside Me – KFA90
Ant To Be – Nobody Likes Me (Timme Remix) – KFCD18
Dave Skywalker – Pandora (Shadowplay and Dave Skywalker Remix) – KFCD16
Scartat – Mighty Spoop
Abyss – Lord of Darkness – KFCD15
Gothika Shade – 50 Shades of Black – KFCD14
Sunny and Deck Hussy – Don’t You Dare
Gothika Shade – Knite of the Demons
Ponder – Dark Waters
Pete Cannon – The Box (Sunny and Deck Hussy Remix) – KF/KFA/KB100
Luna-C and Saiyan – Demogorgon – Also available on KF79
DJ Deluxe – See You In Hell
Empyreal – IDKFA
Paul Bradley – Scary, Innit
Saiyan and Cru-l-t – Shall We Go On? – KFA69
Mannik – Monster Chiller Horror Theatre
Doughboy x Jimni Cricket featuring Z.P. Gowdy – Kandyman

Wanna have a listen? You can do that here:

Ghoul Skool Mix

A downloadable copy of the mix is included as a special free bonus with every purchase of Ghoul Skool, via a link printed directly on a Nothing Sheet that comes with the CD!

Downloadable copies of the mix are meant to be exclusive to people who buy the album, so do me a solid and don’t be the kind of wally who rips the super low bitrate streaming version from Soundcloud. Don’t be that guy. Nobody likes that guy.

So all told, Ghoul Skool comprises an unmixed CD album (in shiny new packaging, if you’ve seen the Alk-e-d Legacy CD, it’s a variation on that), a bonus DJ mix, and of course, access to the tracks in digital format via the Nothing Sheet!

So when can you get it?

KFALP01 – Ghoul Skool releases October 1st, 2018 on this site right here for US customers, and Kniteforce Bandcamp for the rest of the world. It will be available for the so-low-it’s-six-feet-under price of £9.99, or $13 USD.

One thing to note, is Ghoul Skool will be releasing the same day that the long-awaited Triple Threat album FINALLY goes up for preorder. If you want Ghoul Skool to ship ahead of the Triple Threat’s expected ship date, you will have to make a separate order. If you order together, Ghoul Skool will not ship until The Triple Threat does. If you order both albums and NEED the tracks before then because you have a Halloween-themed event to play at, hit me up at with proof of purchase and a link to the event and I’ll sort you out. ONLY if you NEED them. I don’t have time to manually send files to everyone. I hope to be able to add automatic dual ownership for releases like this at some point in the future, but for now this is how it’s gotta go.

Well that’s all for me, tune in next week for Luna-C to finally blow the lid off The Triple Threat 😉

Keep it hardcore!

– Shane Saiyan




Why Not Join The Kniteforce Mailing List?


Firstly, thank you for clicking on the link! In doing so, and in a weirdly ironic way, you have demonstrated one of the reasons for this blog. I wonder, did you click it from a post on Facebook? Or from a link in the Kniteforce the mailing list?

If you came here via Facebook and you are not on the mailing list, you can join using the form on the top right of this page! And please do – its great – and its gonna get a whole lot greater 🙂

If you are already on the mailing list, I thank you! Seriously, you are one of the reasons we are here doing what we do.

Because heres the thing. One of the toughest challenges for any record label or musician is actually getting word of your new music to the people who want it. It is very difficult to do. There is no central place everyone looks anymore – web based forums are mostly dead, magazines are non existent, record shops are very individual and specialist, and TV advertising is obviously way out of our reach, and even that is failing as people do not watch it anymore. All we have really is things like Twitter, Instagram, Reddit and Facebook. The first three are are fairly weak at advertising new music as it gets lost swiftly, and Facebook is not very good although until recently it has been the best option out of the four. And sadly, Facebook is getting worse for anyone who wants to spread the word about anything they are doing.

The reason is that Facebook keep changing their algorithms in favour of paid advertising. And the trouble with Facebook paid advertising is its not very effective in my experience. This makes it very hard to get the information out there about new releases. And the result is a direct hit to every record labels efforts to sell music and survive. Its not that people don’t want the music, they just don’t even hear about it, and worse, they don’t KNOW they are not hearing about it. What would previously come up on their feed no longer does.

So Facebook is not our friend, unfortunately.

But the mailing list is. The mailing list is my way to be able to talk to you directly. And here I have to apologise a bit. I had always planned to make the mailing list a bit more than just a place to advertise our new releases, but the label raced ahead and I…errr…forgot lol. There has been so much going on I had barely time to breathe, let alone turn my attention to managing the mailing list a bit better. My bad.

However, since I am now between homes and have had time to think about it, and as Facebook is rapidly becoming useless, it seems to me I need to make the mailing list more attractive both to thank you regulars who are always supporting the label, and to encourage new people to join. Since Facebook is actively limiting our reach (and there is no reason to think its going to change for the better) I want to make sure everyone on the mailing list feels valued and gets good stuff out of it! And so, I have made some changes!

Here is whats going on with the Kniteforce mailing list from here on out:


From now on, each vinyl release will have 5 tracks. Four of them will be on the vinyl, and one will be exclusive to the mailing list leading up to that EPs release. The first link is right here:

Paul Bradley – Feels Good – ‘Kin Cosmic EP

Usually, the link will not be public. It will be given exclusively in the mailing list and active for a week, and then gone…but for this first one, you can get the exclusive 5th track on Paul Bradleys newly released EP “Kin Cosmic”. The track is called Feels Good, and was always intended for the vinyl, but we decided on the other 4 because they fit together better as a cohesive EP. You can get his EP as part of the bundle right here:

Kniteforce Bundle 11

Or on its own, right here:

Breed22 – Paul Bradley – ‘Kin Cosmic EP

In the folder, you will find the bonus track and also find a mini mix from resident Kniteforce Radio Dj, Dj Beeno. His show is on Friday nights at 6pm, should you want to catch that! We will often add extras, as and when we have them…maybe sample packs or whatever. It will be a surprise!!!

2. Remix Competitions:

We will be running a remix competition very soon. It will be one of my tracks, and like before, the winner will get their remix cut on a Kniteforce vinyl. Again, only the mailing list will be given the samples / competition details.

3. Exclusive Mixes:

There is one in the folder right now, but we will also be doing things like “preview” mixes of upcoming KF / KFA / KFD and Knitebreed releases. One of those mixes is being done as we speak, and will be available in the next 2 or 3 weeks.

4. Discount coupons and codes:

As many of you will know, we have The Triple Threat triple vinyl and triple CD dropping in October. There will be a discount code for that for those on the mailing list.

5. Exclusive mailing list only releases!

I already have a few planned…

6. Anything else fun I can think of really.

If you are a cynic, you could say “Isn’t this just a way for Kniteforce to “buy” loyalty so that they can sell us more stuff?” And I would candidly answer “Yes” lol. But is that a bad thing? Yes, we want sales – we need sales to keep the label going. Every single one matters. Our survival depends on it. But on the other hand, if you know the label at all, you know we are in it for the funny more than the money. Its just…we do need the money too. Otherwise we cant do the funny. And I feel like this will make the mailing list a lot more fun for everyone, plus you don’t HAVE to buy anything. Perhaps you will just enjoy all the free goodies, and thats fine too. Again, if you know the label and me, you know I am always interested in trying new things. And this is me doing that. My hope is that it will be fun for you, and if it generates a few extra sales as well, brilliant.

I really cant emphasise enough how important your support is. We started releasing vinyl again a mere 18 months ago. In that time, we have gone from one or two releases every 2 months, to 3 releases a month, and have featured a huge array of new and old talent. Many were tempted because Kniteforce can offer a proper vinyl release with a full sleeve, and offer an advance as well. i am in talks with two other HUGE old skool legends, and a potential return of one of the biggest acts ever to feature on Kniteforce Records. We can only do those things because of your support. And your support can only happen if you know what we are doing. And I intend for the label to keep growing, I have ambitions beyond my own label. I want to see this scene expand and grow, and there is such huge potential….but it cant be done alone. And it cant be done if people don’t know what we are doing.

So to sum up, heres the deal: Please join our mailing list and buy stuff. In return, I will give you lots of good things for free. And we can all have fun! Yay!

Nice one,

Chris / Luna-C


The Luna-C & Lowercase EP and How to Get On Kniteforce Records or Radio!


I wanted to write a post about my new record with Glyn Lowercase. And I also wanted to talk a little about how people become part of the label or radio station, and I thought it would be good to combine those two things, seeing as Glyn is a main part of Kniteforce now even though I had never even spoken to him before about two years ago. How did that happen? Did he pay me on the sly? Was it blackmail? Wizardry? Charm? Talent even?

Nope. Well, a little of the last of course, ha ha, but mostly nope. Talent is important, but…honestly? Many people seem to think it is the only thing that matters, when in truth, and for me at least, it is one of the MANY things that matter, and it isn’t even the priority. That might sound weird or counter intuitive, I know, but it will make sense. Probably.

But let me explain in my usual, roundabout sort of way, using Glyn as an example so that hopefully, in the future, I will get many less actual music submissions that don’t stand a chance, and many more appropriate submissions that do ha ha! If I have linked you to this blog after you sent me some music, all the things you need to know are here!

It is important to understand that I get quite a lot of music submissions, and a fair number of people send me music each week. I also have very little time to listen to anything, what with two children that I look after much of the week and running three labels (Kniteforce, Knitebreed and KFD) plus overseeing the production / physical side of those AND KFA. Shane Saiyan does the important music and artist bit on that label, and without him KFA would cease in a second at this point, but I still oversee production etc lol. My days are so full, I sometimes have a tiny bit of time with nothing to do and it freaks me out.

Thats not to mention my own music and studio, plus the day to day stuff, dealing with customers on the stores (While again, Lee Idealz does the bulk of the actual sending out of orders in the UK while I handle the US ones, but I tend to handle all customer inquiries) and so on and so forth.

All in all, on an average week, I will probably get: 10 random submissions, plus at least 5-10 tracks from one or more of the nearly 50 artists on our labels roster. Not to mention the remixes and outside artists involved and planning future projects and paying bills and etc etc.

Basically, a lot of things are always happening. I absolutely love it, but if you have new music for me to hear, and want to be on the label or on the radio or involved somehow, you will need to be patient, and to have the things I am looking for.

Because here is the thing: I am Kniteforce. I run the label, and all the major decisions on it are made by me. i do take advice and ask other people on the label their thoughts, but the buck stops here lol. And I DO NOT do it for profit, although I do like to earn money. And I DO NOT run it for fame or ego – I had that with Smart Es and I hated it. I also DO NOT run it as a favour to anyone, or out of obligation, although I do people favours and I have obligations. No. I run the label for one reason alone:

Because I like doing it.

And the result of that is…I only do things I like doing with people I like doing it with.

Now, any good businessman will tell you, this is not the ideal way to run a business. And I will totally agree. Its not. And in some ways, Kniteforce isn’t a business. It is a hobby that became a business. I do all the things that a business does, and from the legal side of things, sure, it is a business. BUT it is run as a hobby.

Now don’t get me wrong – I do accounts, pay bills, I am organised and careful. But the core of what I do is, as stated before, a hobby and not a business.

This is very important to understand, because it very much effects what I will and wont do with music that comes my way. I will not put out music just for money, for example. I will not release music from someone rude or full of themseleves, no matter how good the music is. I do not work with people who are nasty or underhand even if it would be profitable. I don’t base those decisions on talent, in other words, although of course it plays a part.

It is also important to remember my background – I am a person who failed at music at school, and ended up with a chart tune and bought a studio and made a successful record label with my friends who also were not musicians in any sense of the word.

We made it work because we REALLY wanted to make it work. We had neither knowledge or skill. Like a huge number of our contemporaries at the time, we were lucky enough to have the two things you really needed to make hardcore: We had access to a studio, and the stubborn will and desire to make music. And that was it, and it was enough. The rest, we learned along the way. You can look back now and say I am talented at what I do, or that Future Primitive were skilled with the piano lines, or, or, or, but that came through relentless dedication, not inborn skill or talent. There are exceptions – Styles from Dj Force and The Evolution was always gifted musically, and Ham took to the studio like he was born into it, but the rest of us? Not so much. We just smacked our heads against the wall until we broke through it lol.

And this is why Talent isn’t the priority. Experience has taught me it doesn’t need to be. Circling back to Glyn Lowercase, he is a superb Dj and a good friend, but it wasn’t his talents that secured him his place within the label. And it wasn’t talent that made me take on Paul Bradley, Wislov, Shadowplay, Ant To Be, Alex Jungle, Sanxion, or even Pete Cannon, Hyper On Experience and Liquid, although it goes without saying all of them ARE talented.


It was their love for the music, their dedication and enthusiasm.

And also, just being nice people without huge ego.

As the years have passed, I have come to believe more and more that dedication is probably the single most important key to success. And dedication only remains strong if there is enthusiasm. And ego ruins both. Ego and arrogance ruin all, actually.

Glyn Lowercase has dedication and enthusiasm in spades, and is both determined and humble. Its a good combination, and perfect for Kniteforce.

I first became aware of Glyn because he posted pics of his leg tattoos, which happen to be Kniteforce logos. So…thats dedication. More that I would ever ask for, and verging on the insane, sure, but still, you cant just scroll past someone who has put your record labels artwork into his skin. That person is dedicated and loves the label, so the least I could do was say  “oi oi, nice one” and have a little chat. It turned out that he was only slightly mad, and he wasn’t full of himself, and he had a weekly radio show (this was before Kniteforce Radio). So I tuned in once, then again, until it became fairly regular, and I was pleasantly surprised to hear well mixed tunes, and an enthusiastic host who was obviously very into the music, and Kniteforce played its part in that as well.

This is a key point.

I want to work with people that are into what we are doing. Almost everyone I have ever taken on to the label was already into the label, knew what we do, what we are about, and wanted to be part of it. Likewise, I almost always become aware of that person because they have already done something Kniteforce related off their own backs. It doesn’t have to be as bonkers as tattoos. It might be I see their name pop up int he store, buying each release. Or they do a Soundcloud mix of KF tunes, or sport a KF shirt at an event they are playing at. All of these things and many others show that the person KNOWS the label BEFORE they ask or are invited to be part of the label. Invitations are actually the most common way people end up as part of the label. It would not be far wrong to say I ask those people to be involved who are already involved lol. Its good synergy. It works well for me if those that I work with are as dedicated as I am to the good of the label, and NOT to their own good first.

When I get a music submission from someone who has no idea what the label is about, it is very obvious. People send me their “latest EDM Banger” and I am like “But why tho?”. Or I get messages like “I did this thing and I have done these things and I am gonna do these things and these people think I am great and I want to do this so why dont you put out my record?” and what I hear is “me me me me me me” and I think “errrr…no” lol. Its not that what you are doing doesn’t matter, its great if you are doing well, go you! – But I find myself asking “whats in it for me / Kniteforce?”. We work as a family or team in a real sense. We commit to the good of the label before the good of ourselves. And in doing so, we all make out well, with opportunities given and offered rather than fought for. Kniteforce is not a stepping stone for your career, although I would never dream of holding someone back if they out grow us. But if you are submitting music purely to add Kniteforce as one of the many labels you have released on, I am not going to be into that, and will probably pass.

When I get such messages, it is clear the people who send them neither understand the label or its ethics, so no matter how good the music, thats not going to work out for us.

Back to Glyn. At no point did he say “Can I do this? Lets make a radio station! Can i come to the studio?”. Rather, when I decided to do a radio station, I had already gotten to know him a bit, and I gambled that he would rise to the challenge of running the station, based on the fact that he had enthusiasm and dedication, was a solid DJ and knew a little bit about how a station should be run. I certainly had no idea how to do it, ha ha. But I didn’t know how to run a record label either. If you have the desire and the dedication, you will learn that shit, thats how it rolls and I trust in it. He had left his other station anyway, and so it was all easy. Here is an idea, here is an opportunity, here is a person who wants to do it. I bankroll it, help organise where I can, use what connections I have, then give it to that person and say “run with it” and then we see how it turns out.

It has almost always turned out well.

Things like this show a persons true colours. Glyn was respectful of what we were about, and didn’t run around bragging or making a fool of himself. He worked hard to get the radio running smoothly, took the back seat that is needed when you are running a thing – you cant be all “me me look at me” cos if you are, the whole thing falls apart. Instead, you have to be here, there and everywhere, helping and coaching where needed. In doing all of that, he fit in with the rest of the label perfectly, and why not? His attitude is shared by the rest of us. And right there is another key point – attitude. It really matters. It may be the prime thing, because if you come to me with a shitty attitude, nothing else is going to happen. So in order:

01. Attitude

02. Dedication

03. Enthusiasm

04. Talent / Skill

05. Loyalty

06. Patience

07. individuality

To touch on the last three on the list. Loyalty is important. I am perfectly willing to invest in artists that cover the first four, and I will also invest in artists that make it clear they have other loyalties as well. I prefer exclusivity because it means we are all working together for the same purpose, but as long as people are upfront, I can work non exclusive. But if you want to be fully part of the label, loyalty is expected. Some might think this is unfair, but why would I trust Glyn to run my station, come to my house and work in the studio, if he is just going to go and take those things I have worked to help him with and go somewhere else? Again, I have to ask, whats in it for me? Kniteforce is not a stepping stone, as I said before. I give my all to the label and its artists, and if I am going to do that, I expect the same in return. Its a two way street, always, with loyalty and everything else. i back my artists, i expect to be backed in return. Having said that, loyalty is usually not an issue as it tends to be shown before it gets very far. I also firmly believe, in this era of “everyone running about everywhere doing everything” that loyalty to a single label is refreshing, and allows for a career and to build a solid base rather than taking a scattershot approach. Plus, this is my hobby, I work with my friends, if you are on the label, you are my friend, and in friendships, loyalty is an important thing.

Next on the list… 06 is patience. Things take time, and I take pride in the fact that I try to make sure EVERYONE who is a loyal part of the label or station gets given every opportunity to do ALL the things. But it takes time, with this many people and within a hardcore scene which, at this time, is still sadly limited as it is not a huge scene. Glyn was invited to come and make music with me after the radio station was rolling and I had gotten to know him pretty well and was confident we could work on music together and come up with something unique. It took 2 years for him to go from person I knew to person I work with on a daily basis and trust with the inside workings of the label and now recording artist. But it was worth the wait, for me, and I am pretty sure he would say the same.

Others have done the same thing or are in the process, although that makes it sound like a job interview or something – its not, its natural, never forced, just a progression. I took on Kaytaro and Thibor as Djs to the radio station because as well as being good Djs, the first was a regular customer and the second a huge supporter of the station from the get go. Both have gone above and beyond in filling slots when needed and generally helping Glyn with the radio. Kay will be coming to the studio soon, and Thibor will get to mix an album etc etc And this is how it rolls with us.

Shane Saiyan, who runs KFA for me, I met via an argument online ha ha. And that brings me to the final thing: 07 Individuality.

I am not interested in a bunch of music that sounds like I made it, or like Alex Jungle or any of the artists we already have because…we already have them. So its important to think about what you are sending me. Is it a traditional piano breakbeat anthem? Thats great…but…Ant To Be and myself can knock those out too. As can Liquid and Future Primitive and and…that doesnt mean it will get a “No” but it does mean the competition to make something outstanding is particularly high. I love the variety on the labels, and it is not an accident. When I say i want another Empyreal or Alex Jungle, I mean I want another artist who’s sound is so unique, as soon as you hear it you know who it is.

It is a high standard.

And it comes from people who are individual. No one arts like Jimni Cricket or Spudgunjuice. No one D’n’Bs like Idealz. My own work is (I flatter myself) unique in sound. We don’t have any artists you can easily mistake for any others. Gothika Shade does not sound like Ben Venom. We are not interchangeable, and if you want to be part of the label, you need to consider that. Dj Deluxe is a superb host on the radio, eloquent, funny, great at coming up with ideas and entertaining to listen to on the mic as well as having an eclectic and great taste in music. He is not Lowercase, who’s style is more manic and based on upfront promos etc. And neither of them are Idealz, who is silent, no mic, and jungle / d’n’b orientated. Or Dj Patience who is so Drum’n’Bass its weird to find out he likes House as well ha ha. Or, or or, you get the point. When sending something to me or Saiyan or Lowercase, you need to consider what you bring to the table? Is it a new and exciting dish? Then we are very interested. Is it another hamburger? We have those. So its gonna have to be a stunningly good hamburger, you know?

Thats where individuality comes in.

I am not interested in Luna-C clones, or sycophants – as I said, Saiyan and I became friends from a disagreement, and now he runs one of my labels. I can trust him to speak his mind. An that is ESSENTIAL for what he does. Glyn had to learn to be a little more…bold…sometimes. I am not a person that gets upset by disagreements, I am interested in other opinions and value the input from all of my artists. A bunch of like-me’s are no use at all, cos i already have me. And I am not all knowing, I am fallible and need help.  And I need enthusiastic, dedicated people involved because I am dedicated myself, but old, and have been around a long time. So enthusiasm is a commodity that is absolutely needed ha ha!

All of this is why KF85 – Luna-C & Lowercase “Heavy Beats” EP is a thing that happened. i am thrilled that I get to bring Glyn into this side of the business, and will enjoy watching him go from learning from me, to doing his own thing, as so many of my friends have done before. I hope there will soon be a Lowercase EP which he does on his own. But…after a few more with me, cos god damn it was fun making this one!

Mostly, I hope this blog has given you some insight into the label and makes you want to be involved. Whether as someone who buys the music, or plays the music or is directly involved – we see you. We see who supports, and we see who wants more, and theres nothing we like more than being able to make that happen!

Anyway, enough from me. Nice one,



The Creation Process…

So I got into a discussion with Paul Bradley the other night about the how and why I do the things I do, both creatively and with the label, how I make decisions on what goes out and why, that sort of thing. And when I tried to explain it, I realised  I had never tried to put it into words. I thought I would share this, what I said to him but expanded a little, to see what people think and what their methods are? Its really long. What can I say? Phoenix wont sleep in the day anymore which means all I can do is sit and watch him flop about and squeak lol.

Basically, when it comes to my music and career, I never have a real plan. Or if I do, I don’t know about it. Don’t worry – that will kind of make sense. But I never sit down and go “I will make this EP, then have so and so do that one, then put this out, and because of that, this will happen, and then I can do…”

I simply don’t work like that. In a way, I don’t really plan at all. I think maybe I subconsciously plan, or more like,  I am always planning and…for me, its like every part of the business, from musical concept to final release, is a rubiks cube in my head, and I am constantly moving blocks around until I get a whole side in one color, and then I am like “Ok, yes, lets do that”. The aim isn’t to complete the cube and get all the sides right – that will happen anyway if I get each individual side sorted out. And the cube is never complete anyway, there are hundreds of cubes with thousands of sides and infinite colors.

The point is, I don’t really know what color it is I am looking for, and its not done with a purpose. I just move it all about until it becomes clear, and once everything is in place, I can see what color I was always going to be making, and see that it is now complete.

I do that with everything from tracks on an EP, to overall strategy. If I am making a tune, I will only have the vaguest of targets – I will be inspired by a beat or a sound or a tune from back in the day. I will wonder about what would happen if I did this with a vocal, or can I make a beat out of 14 other beats? Or how would this synth effect that sample? Basically, everything I do starts with the question “what would happen if?”

If I am making an EP, mine or one of my artists, I just wait until the right 4 tracks arrive. Sometimes, thats the first 4 I get from the artist, other times it can take ages because the tracks dont quite match in my head. And with overall business, will this EP be on KF? KFA? Knitebreed? KFD? Will it be a download? On a CD? A mixture of formats? Part of an album? All of these questions will just be there, not being answered, until the answers presents themselves in their own time.

Sometimes, someone else on the label will suggest a thing and it is the final piece of the puzzle. Other times, their suggestion is the first piece and it all goes from there. It all spins around, always changing until it works itself out.

But here is where it gets weird. Very often, once the color is complete, it will turn out there was a plan after all, I just didn’t know about it. Let me give you a concrete example. Currently, we release a KFA CD and a KFD CD together every 4-6 weeks. KFAs are Shane Saiyans department, and I leave that with him. KFDs are mine to organise. I use the KFD label for a few things: 1. Many of my artists write music WAY quicker than vinyl releases can cope with so its a nice way to release the music and 2. It allows vinyl artists a little more freedom as the vinyl market is maybe not yet ready for some of the things they make. But ages ago, I thought “It would be good to get a Luna-C release on KFD” so it is not only new artists or whatever, and also I like to do all the formats, all the music. Its the way I am built. But I did not plan on one, I barely have time for anything atm, it was just a thought, one square of the 9 on the face of one of the cubes, not yet connected to anything. One thought or idea amongst 100s of others.

Some of you may have noticed a post I made recently where I was making some slower, old skool hardcore. I am really pleased with how it has turned out, its really good and…its…not really right for KF vinyl. Its quite different to my usual style. It was the genesis of an EP that is unsuitable for Kniteforce or Knitebreed, but is some of my better work. Perfect for KFD. You know what my last release on KFD was? Wonko The Sane – 4 slower hardcore tunes. That was KFD12. The The new KFD is number 24 –  KFD24 – and is slower hardcore. It was just released, and is Luna-C – “Wonko The Sane Vol.2!

Could I have planned the 12 and the 24? No. Is it just a coincidence? Maybe. But it seems to happen an awful lot with me, on both a small scale and a larger one, with individual elements in tracks and my career overall. Something that was in no way planned ends up being exactly the thing I need.

Which is why I said at the start – without planning, I seem to plan. I cant say how I know something is right, or ready, but I always know. Its like a little light goes off and I am like “there, its done, that is perfect!”

Like…I wanted to make some slower hardcore. There was no plan to do a Wonko the Sane 2, but here we are – perfect music for that EP at the perfect time for that EP.

I tend not to analyse it too hard…I feel like its something that functions well and needs to maintain its way of functioning without me prodding at it. If I mess with it, I might lose it. Or interfere with the process.

But I do manipulate it by doing things like…if I cant work out how something should be done, I do something else and I deliberately “not think” about it, to allow the subconscious to work it out for me. I constantly add little squares of color to the cubes, and then they just sit there…waiting…I know that sooner or later, another matching color will show up, and then another, and then suddenly, without warning, it is done and off we go.

lol I feel like a crazy person writing that. But still, its what I do and how I do it. Its not the best metaphor either, but there we are.

Right now, on various cubes, are two excellent jungle tunes that have been submitted to me. Both deserve a vinyl. But…how? I keep moving them around, not finding the right matching colors, and then deliberately not thinking about it while I wait. Will they be on the Jungly Pea 3? a brand new label? A relaunch of Influential? A Jungle EP on Kniteforce? Will they get split up? Will other tunes get added? When? How? I dont know. But I will. For now, they are just floating around, waiting for whatever it is they need to become a project. But when that project arrives, it will seem inevitable, like that was always what was going to happen lol.

Anyway, thats a long and boring post, but its a Sunday and theres not a lot else going on…and thats how I work, I thought you might be interested. If not, sorry to be boring you all lol!

Nice one,


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