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Podcast 51

Podcast 51, new and revamped, featuring Luna-C mixing all new Kniteforce and KFA material and (regular) guest mix staring Dj Lowercase with a fantastic “My top 10 hardcore records” hardcore mix featuring not a single accordion! Oh well 🙁


Dj Luna-C Mix

01. Worldwide Epidemic – Contrast

02. Dj Luna-C – I Keep Coming Hardcore (Bucksta Remix)

03. Dj Jedi – Bring the Beat Back

04. Dj Luna-C – Free As The Sky – (Hyper On Experience Remix)

05. Dj Doughboy – Come On

06. Sanxion – Waiting On My Feelings

07. Dj Luna-C – back To Cause Mayhem

08. Ant To Be – untitled Riddim

09. Shadowplay – Born Again

10. Timme – Forbidden

11. Dj Poosie – Gotta Get Down (Dj Doughboy Remix)

12. Dj Sike – Bongo Bong (Dj Sc@r Remix)

13. Clayfighter – PK Rockin’

14. Jimmy J & Cru-l-t – Six Days (Scartats WTF Did You Do Remix)

Dj Lowercase Mix

1 – SL2 – On A Ragga Tip ’97 (Force & Styles Remix).

2 – N-Zo & Invincible – Take Me Away.

3 – Jimmy J & Cru-L-T – 6 Days (Brisk Remix).

4 – Luna-C & Reeve – A Million Miles.

5 – Dj Slam – Till We Meet Again (Unreleased Edit).

6 – Dj Ham, Dj Demo & Justin Time – Here I Am (Brisk’s Breakbeat Remix).

7 – Robbie Long & Devastate – Panic Attack (Ruff Mix).

8 – Robbie Long & Devastate – 24 Track.

9 – CLSM – Timebomb (Cube::Hard Remix).

10 – Dj Luna-C – Piano Obsession.

11 – Liquid – Sweet Harmony (Timewarped by Dj Luna-C).

Inappropriate song of the month

Leonard Cohen – You Want It Darker


Podcast 50

Podcast 5o, new and revamped, featuring Luna-C mixing all new Kniteforce material and (regular) guest mix staring Dj Lowercase with a fantastic hardcore mix!


Dj Luna-C Mix

01. Alex Jungle – Dance & Hover

02. Cru-l-t – I Cant Forget

03. TNO Project – The Orphange

04. Paul Bradley – Nobody Else

05. Dj Luna-C – Fly To Heaven (Dj Mannik Remix)

06. 2 Croozin – Code Red (Fat Controller Remix)

07. Ant To Be – Nobody Likes Me

08. Gothika Shade – The Grave Of Fireflies (Dj Luna-C Remix)

09. Idealz – Run The Tune

10. Cru-l-t – Snow In Summer (Alex Jungle Remix)

11. Shadowplay – Calling Me

12. Alk-e-d – Shining Bright (Dj Jeph Remix)

Dj Lowercase Mix

01.  Saiyan & Cru-L-T – Magic.

02. Dys7 – Neon.

03. Northern Lights – Love Of My Life (Brisk 2013 Remix).

04. DeckaJam feat. Jazmin Knight – Feeing Out Of My Mind.

05. Timme – Four.

06. Future Shock feat. Naomi Gibson – I’ll Be With You.

07. Anglerfish & Lucider – This Is How We Do It Hard.

08. Scartat – The Trustworthy Promoter (Demcore Remix).

09. Dj Ham – It Would Be (Dj Luna-C Remix).

Inappropriate song of the month

Grandmaster Flash – Adventures On The Wheels Of Steel



KF68 – Remixes Part 11 – Fat Controller, Justin Time, Dj Jeph, Saiyan & Cru-l-t


Look at that! Thats a proper line up of talent on one 12” right there. Yes indeed. Yes indeedly doodley. So I thought I would do a little blog about this one, because there are some things to say!

I have decided to announce the next two Kniteforce releases individually because I have words to blab about each one, and I am letting you know about them early because, in this case, two of the remixers have been silently and patiently waiting for a very long time, which was unfair of me really, very unfair, but circumstances meant that it couldn’t really be avoided.

So, previously On Game Of Kniteforce (cue music and flashbacks of scenes you already saw and want to fast forward through but you know if you do you will go too far and accidentally miss new material which will mean you have to rewind and thats just annoying so instead you will sit through the whole boring bit and maybe notice that some of it has been edited because that isnt quite how it happened but anyway.)

Dj Jeph won the remix competition I did in 2016. Way back then, I put up three tracks to remix, and a huge amount of people entered. My intention at the time was to release two brand new 12″ vinyl  “Remixes” in the ongoing classic Kniteforce series, and leave it at that. 10 was a good number to stop on. So I had expected to choose 2 of the 3 tracks I put up in the competition, and that would be the end of it.

And then the competiton entries came in, and there was no way I could leave it at just the 2 winners – Ant To Be and Nicky Allen, so Dj Jeph was the third winner, hand picked as such by Alk-e-d himself.

Only there was a problem – I could not afford to release three 12” vinyls at once – doing two was a struggle. So I told Jeph that his remix would be delayed until the next two vinyls. And I started looking for a big name remix for that EP.

In the mean time, Alex Jungle sent me some amazing tunes, and I got to work on a new Luna-C vinyl. And as most of you will know, those ended up being the next two releases. These are likely arriving this week – please buy them lots of times lol:

KF66 – Alex Jungle – Elevate EP

KF67 – Dj Luna-C / Scartat / Gothika Shade – Things I Made With Things I Played With EP

Why did these two vinyls jump the queue? Because I did not want to have just 11 remixes in the “Remixes” series. 10 is okay to stop on. So is 12. 15 would be okay too, but yeah, thats not gonna happen lol. But 11? Nooooope. But if I was going to do 11 and 12 then I felt they needed to be released at the same time. However, I was not ready to do that. I had Jeph’s remix, and plans to get Saiyan in the studio, and that was it. I had spoken to The Fat Controller, and he was on board and had started work on his remix, but that was it, that was all I had. And I needed more – I needed another old skool artist that was great, had not appeared on the series before now, and was still working AND wiling to make something in the old school style. Thats actually a pretty hard thing to find in 2017.

Dont worry – I have found another headliner. I will reveal that next week and you can all die of excitement and shock (if you have survived this release’s news, that is) lol.

Anyway, where were we? Oh yes. So a month or so passed while I was still searching for another big name, The Fat Controller gave me his remix, and suddenly we were starting to get these remixes ready! His remix is superb by the way – a subtle rolling remix of 2 Croozin’s “Code Red”. Its a really classy remix, and I have to admit, I was a little surprised. I mean, obviously In Complete Darkness remains a timeless classic, but I wasn’t sure what I would get, and sort of expected a typical old skool remix – which would have been fine of course. Instead, he has taken the original tune and given it a classy rebuild, giving it depth and thoughtfulness while retaining a wry sense of humour. Obviously, I am thrilled with it, and I think history will show it to be one of the best remixes in the series.

So. Fantastic remix from Fat Controller. Full on jungletastic remix from Dj Jeph. Annnnddd…..nothing. Nothing else at all. Nada. Zip.

Which meant I had to ask both of them to just sit on their remixes. Say nothing, do nothing, don’t talk about it, just wait. This was very unfair really, and they both had to wait over 4 months. But wait they did, and grateful am I (spoken in Yoda fashion for no reason) – and now I am very happy to be able to finally reveal them both as the remixers on KF68.

And some of you are now wondering “How come I have read all this way with no mention of Justin Time?” Well, hang on a sec, I will get to that. Jeez. No patience have you (Yoda again).

I finally found another big name to remix for me on part 12, nearly died of excitement myself, and then had to find a third remixer for part 11, while at the same time setting up another competition for part 12. Yeah. Its been confusing.

As it happened, enough time had passed and Shane Saiyan was on his way to the studio, and so we got straight to work with a remix for the EP at the same time as we did the remix of Pilgrim for Scott Brown. Shane and I have done an excellent job, if I say so myself, which I do. Shane wanted to go for a slightly later style on the remix – nearer to 1996/97 than the others on the vinyl, which was great because it gives the EP a nice balance. So I let him do his thing and functioned more as an engineer than as an artist, like usual for when we work together.

I then commissioned another remix from a Kniteforce artist for part 12 (revealed next week, pop fans!) And I was all ready to go. Yup. Got the three remixers for each vinyl. Nothing more to do here. We are good! Relax.

The End.

Except….out of nowhere I was given a link to a Dj Poosie “Its Gonna Be” Remix by Justin Time. It was on Youtube, and had had a few hundred views. It had only been up for a week or two. And I was like “wait, what?” I had a listen and expected it to be some shit knock-off or something. But what I heard was waayyy to good a remix to have been done without the samples. And it was very…Justin Timey. The problem was, I had no recollection of a Justin Time remix of Dj Poosie. Ever. I certainly did not have a DAT of it. Thats not the sort of thing i would have lost, missed, or forgotten I owned.

So I contacted the Youtuber who uploaded it, and that mystery person was…Matt Carlton aka the one and only Justin Time lol.

It turns out, it was an official remix that I must have asked him to do at some point? I just don’t remember that ever happening, although Dj Poosie does. Look, I don’t know what happened, ok? Its a brilliant remix, and I didn’t release it for no reason at all, and fuck knows. Moving on….Justin Time very kindly dug through his old DAT tapes, and found the original, unmastered, fucking excellent remix. And I added it to this EP – partly because it makes an already amazing EP even better, but mostly because its a FUCKING ORIGINAL UNRELEASED JUSTIN TIME REMIX FROM BACK IN THE DAY. What? Im not gonna release that? Of course I am. Its brilliant. Its a brilliant remix. So it kinda had to be on here, you know? And yes, it breaks the rules because he appears twice in the series. So does Luna-C actually. But rules schmools, whatever.

So yeah. Thats the story of KF68, Remixes Part 11. Next week, KF69, Remixes Part 12!

Now, let me anticipate and answer your questions:

“When can I order this EP – I don’t even need to hear the tracks because obviously its the best thing ever?”

Soon. KF68 has been sent to be cut. When the TPs arrive and I have checked they are all fine, the pre-sale will start. I sent this one to be cut before the new vinyls arrived because I want to speed up the vinyl releases 🙂 So. Soon!

“Wait, even though I don’t need to hear the tracks, what are they?”

A1.  2 Croozin – Code Red (Fat Controller Remix)

A2. Dj Poosie – Its Gonna Be (Justin Time Remix)

AA1. Alk-e-d – Shining Bright (Dj Jeph Remix)

AA2. Dj Force & The Evolution – High On Life (Saiyan & Cru-l-t Remix)

“Actually, I do want to hear the tracks after all – where is the link to the soundclips?”

Nope. Sorry, no sound clips until the pre-order is up. BUT you can hear the Fat Controller Remix on his radio show, Tuesday 21st February:

The DJ Fat Controller’s #OldSkool Show live each and every Tuesday
4-6pm G.M.T. 5-7pm C.E.T.
Join us for a 2 hour magical mystery tour through Old Skool… All aboard!!!!

**********Available LIVE **********
DREAM FM website:

**********Get Involved***********
Or use the hashtag #OldSkool
Event Page:

And you can hear some of the other remixes from KF68 and KF69, as well as a full mix and an interview from me on Glowkid’s radio show on February the 28th – details next week!

“Can I still listen to the Youtube of the Justin Time remix?”

Nope, I asked him to take it down. Ha ha! I suck!

“Are there going to be amazingly amazing good things with these EPs?”

Yes. Yes there are! There will be 2 KFA EPs like last time – one will be the Remix Competition Winners 2 EP, and the other will be Remixes from the Kniteforce family!

“Are these remixes a direct result of the support we have given you with the last releases?”

Yes, absolutely.

“Any chance of new material from these remixers, especially Justin Time and Fat Controller?”

Yes, on both counts. Jay (Fat Controller) had been doing his thing for a while and we have spoken about a full Fat Controller release, and Matt (JT) has said he is cautiously interested. Incidentally, so has the remixer on KF69. Like I said to you all originally when I first restarted KF as a vinyl label – if you support these things, big things can happen. You are supporting, I am trying to make them happen. I want to be able to go to these remixers and say “your vinyl sold out, lets do an EP, eh?” because they will be down for that. So really, its up to you guys 🙂

No more questions? Good. I’m sleepy! Until next week then? 🙂



Podcast 49

Podcast 49, featuring Luna-C mixing some new Kniteforce and KFA material and guest staring Kaytaro with a fantastic new school hardcore mix!




Luna-C Mix

1. Dj Luna-C – Tech Shmec

2. Alex Jungle – The Need In Me

3. Idealz – TunE

4. Cru-l-t – Don’t Be Afraid

5. Alk-e-d – Shining Bright (Dj JePh Remix)

6. Alex Jungle – 5th Season

7. Dj Force & The Evolution – Fall Down On Me (Billy Bunter & Sanxion Mix)

8. Dj Luna-C – Piano Progression (Scott Brown Remix)

9. Demcore – Summer

10. Disowned – The Needles

11. Future Primitive – Ban This  (M-Project & Music Servant Remix)

12. Scartat – The Trustworthy Promoter

Kaytaro Mix

1. Taylors Gift – Bad Blud (CLSM Remix – Dave Skywalker Intro Edit)

2. AoS – Chasing Dreams

3. Dj Luna-C – Wonderful Days Remade

4. Damaged – The Bootleg Mash-Up – S3RL – Bass Slut

5. Dave Skywalker – State of Mind

6. Doughboy – Hardcore Sirens

7. Fracus & Darwin – Ready to Rock

9. Getty – Pump It

10. Scott Brown – OhEmGee (Origina Mix)

11. Riko & M-Project – Finally

12. Saiyan & Cru-l-t – CL4P

13. Hixxy – No.1 (Al Storm Remix)

Inappropriate Song Of The Month:

Noah & The Whale – An Atom And A Molecule


Kniteforce Podcast 48

The amazing new podcast featuring Luna-C playing old skool and Jimni Cricket playing new stuff, and all of it is amazing! Yup! Get In!


Luna-C’s Mix:

01 – Wonter – Moonlight Sonate

02 – Automation – Yellow E.P

03 – Bizarre Inc – Plutonic

04 – Bleep Track

05 – Dance In Eden – Contagious

06 – Automation – Electricity

Jimni’s Mix:

01 – Sad Machine (Darren Styles & Gammer Remix

02 – The Beat Kicks (original mix Seduction Al Storm

03 – Never Gonna Give You Up (Rick Astley -KARUT BOOTLEG)

04 – Fools throttled – Entity & Darwin

05 – AirHead –  Brisk – S3RL remix (master)

06 – Time ToShineDJ DEPATH & M-Project feat MC Scotty G

07 – Distance (TANUKI’s Remix)

08 – chinchin

09 – i ‘m A ZombiE- Eufeion

10 – Big Sean – I don’t f-ck with you (#IDWFU

11 – Showtime– Advanced Dealer feat MC Axys

12 – M-Project feat Jonjo – Razor Tongue (Hellsystem & M-Project_Remix)

13 – smells like vip- danny byrd

14 – Know What It Takes (Feat. Jeston Langland)

15 – Fracus & Darwin – Free From Form

16 – Don’t Go Breaking My Heart Al Storm vs Hardforze

17 – Shot Me Down – Alex Prospect (Lethal Theory Christmas 2015 Giveaway)

18 – Get Down – Joey Riot & Chaos

19 – saiyan and crul-t – Shall I Go On

20 – go hard- cabin fever

21 – phenomena-aggey

22 – LOVE me tonight -ham

23 – Blazin feat Lady Leshurr -Dimension_Remix

24 – Snowman – Brookes Brothers

25 – super sunday – alk-e-d

Final inappropriate track of the month:

Eight Dayz – Leave Me Alone


Podcast 47

Pod 47 track list with guest set from Dj Saiyan! Whoop!


01. Karnage – Grave Of Fireflies (Luna-C Remix) Forthcoming on Kniteforce. I Hope.

02. Empyreal – ADM – Untitled EP (KFA73)

03. Wizbit & Ponder – New Zealand (Luna-C’s Abandoned Remix)

04. Cru-l-t – Normal Track (The Right Stuff) True Skool EP 11 (KFA75)

04. Idealz – Fall Out  – A Little Strange EP (KFA71)

06. Demcore – Breaks In The Speakers (Unassigned)

07. Luna-C – Emergency – never to be released

Dj Saiyan Mix

08. Luna-C – Dj Saiyan Intro

09. Obie and Technikore – Mr. Hoover

10. Doughboy – Gimme That Beat

11. Fracus and Darwin – Music’s Hypnotizing

12. Entity and Darwin – Fast Forward

13. Project Shadow featuring Marie Louise – Spending My Time (Darwin Remix)

14. Darren Styles, Dougal, and Gammer featuring Hannah Faulkner – Top of The World

15. AoS – Allure

16. Doughboy – Heartbreaker (Al Storm vs Eat Rave Edit)

17. Gareth Emery featuring Christina Novelli – Dynamite (DJ Kurt vs Gee, Atom, and Mikey P Remix)

18. Fracus and Darwin vs Reese – Cross The Line

IYF and Nobody – Ready 4 Da Bounce

19. Bustin and Skampy – Ascension (AoS Remix)

20. RedMoon and Meron Ryan – Heavyweight (Fracus and Darwin Remix)

21. Project Shadow featuring Marie Louise – Spirit of Yesterday (Darwin Remix)

22. Bass Selective vs Fracus and Darwin – Blow Out Part 4

23. Outforce and Starkiss – BBHMM

Inappropriate Song Of The Day

24. J-Zone – Catch 22


Podcast 46

My first podcast from my new studio, complete with terrible ducking and a guest mix from Dj Brady! Yeah!

1) Adam F & Pharoah Monch – Last Dayz

2) Usual Suspects – Spawn

3) Ed Rush & Optical – Watermelon

4) Red One – Strangled Duck

5) Aphrodite – You Dont Get Me

6) Ed Rush & Optical – Sick Note

7) Konsta – Free Your Body

8) Wizbit – Tales From The Flipside

9) Panacea – Found A Lover (Sarah’s Song)

10) Dj Doughboy – Heartbreaker

11) Dj Luna-C – Because Im Fucking Angry 2

Dj Brady Mix

12) Scott Brown – Now Is The Time (Remix)

13) Scott Brown Presents Q-Tex – Equazion Part 9 (Ultravibes Remix)

14) Awesome 3 – Don’t Go (Darwin Remix)

15) Tanker & Defy – Revolution

16) Jerv – Peters 9mm

17) Eufeion & Denile – Rewind In Time

18) Eufeion – Back 2 The DJ 2015

19) Moby – Everytime We Touch (Darwin Remix)


Podcast 45

This podcast is kinda thrown together due to my studio being in bits cos moving home. The mixes aren’t though! Both my mix and this months guest – The one and only Doughboy are fantastic. Its just I had throw the rest together without my normal tools,  so it is a little messier than usual 🙂

Podcast 45 Tracklist:

Intro – Squarepusher – Ceephax Remix

Doughboy mix:

Dougal & Gammer – Monster (Ayobi Remix)

Hardwell – Spaceman (Carnage Festival Trap Remix)

Mark Breeze – Gotta Get

Doughboy – Gimme That Beat

Luna-C – Fly To Heaven (Haze Remix)

Alex Prospect – Never Let Go

Kman Feat. Dani – Love (Defekt Remix)

Dan Edge & Uprise – Into The Blue

Eufeion – Sincerely Yours

Doughboy – Good Things

Fracus & Darwin – Don’t Tell Me (AOS Remix)

Alex Prospect & Obie – Viper

JDM & MJ – Love Me Like You Do

Euphony – Space Invader (Scott Brown 2015 Remix)

Luna-C Very Old Skool Mix:

Smart Systems – The Tingler

Euphoria – Believe It

Shut Up And Dance – Tablet Man

Wisdom – Trigger

Mind Of Kane – Stabbed In The Back

Split Second – Flesh

CJ Bolland – Mindwar

Destroyer – Senses

The Scientist – For Those Who Know

The Scientist – Spiral Symphony

Xray Xperiments – Into The Future

Space Trax – The Bells

Inappropriate song of the week – Jake Bugg – Theres A Beast & We All Feed It


KFA66 – Remorse & Glory – Risk! E.P Video Two

I wont lie. In the past, I have been different just for the sake of being different. I have always enjoyed the perverse thrill of doing exactly the unexpected thing, or heading in a totally different direction to what it looks like I am doing.

I don’t do that anymore. I just take what I feel is the correct step each time.

The result? Pretty much the same as it was, really lol. I am still doing things differently to what might be expected, but instead of it being a deliberate act, it is a natural one.

I mention this because here is my second video from the Risk! E.P. The track is called Remorse & Glory. Of the four video clips, this is the only one professionally filmed – the others were homemade. Have a look, and then, if you feel like it, have a read. I promise this blog will be a little more fun than the last one:

Luna-C & Reeve – Remorse & Glory


The first thing you will notice is that Remorse & Glory is very different to Take Me Home in both music and video content and style. The Risk! EP was made over a period of 8 months or so. Each completed track took a number of weeks, and between each completed track there were numerous starts and stops, attempts that went nowhere, tracks that started off strong but failed in one way or another. Some of them started with a guitar riff and lyrics, such as next weeks video “A Million Miles”. Others came together in parts, such as “Take Me Home”. My point is that there was no plan to be this way or that way, I just went at it with everything I had, and these four tracks are the result. And interestingly, if you could categorise them, they would be:

Take Me Home – D’n’B (ish)

Remorse & Glory – Gabber (ish)

A Million Miles – Old Skool (ish)

Can It Be Sweet – Modern Hardcore (ish)

My aim was just to make tracks from the heart, that were pure in intent and concept. But then, maybe it is only right that all four are different in concept and style. I like variety. And it is fitting, in its way. And somehow, each video became its own entity as well, entirely different from the one preceding it.

My original intent was to tell you about each track and video with each blog post. But last week I had to fill you in on the back story, and the blog was so long that I did not have time really to tell you about Take Me Home. So I will tell you a little about that one, and then a little about Remorse & Glory.

Take Me Home required an insane amount of prep. I had to record 6 full length videos, edit them, time them up. Some of them required me making numerous photoshop stills, and others were “live action”. I had to build a rig to hold the camera away from my face but still. I then built a large circular arena in my front room (after moving everything else out of it) and went to a few charity shops to buy monitors and dvd players. I then had to set up all the stuff in the arena. I placed a turntable in the centre to put the camera on. Then I triggered each video to start at the same time, while the camera was spinning. All of that was arduous and frustrating to complete.

I had to do numerous takes, because pressing play on a DVD player is not like pressing play on a CDJ. There is no defined time between when you press play, and when the DVD plays. Might be instant, might be half a second, might be two seconds. Likewise the ipad Quicktime and VLC on the laptop. This meant that it was impossible to get every video to be in time with the music. And because of the constant motion of the camera, it had to be done in one take. And there are things that change within the video while filming, such as the dominoes falling. So after each take went wrong – as they did because my vocals would be massively out of sync owing to delayed start times on one or more of the videos playing – I would have to rerecord the whole thing. In the end, it took about 6 days, 20 attempts and a lot of messing about to get the video I eventually went with, and it annoys me that the quick sample of “Are You Concerned About Me” by Jack Nicholson is out of time, but it was the best I could get. I am happy with it. Even if it made people dizzy lol.

Remorse & Glory was a whole different bunch of issues. I hired a friend who runs a film company to film and edit it. This was filmed in downtown Raleigh in the snow, and on a bridge above a freeway at night and also in a studio. It took a lot of planning. I pitched down the track so that when recording the footage, I was singing it at 75% slower than it should be but doing my hand movements etc at double the speed. Then, once the recording was finished, we sped the film up – this made it so that my hand movements were ludicrously fast but my lips were still in sync. I was very pleased with the result.

The concept and filming took maybe 3 days over a period of 6 or 7 weeks, as we waited for snow and I bought the things we would need.

Some things to note about this video – the duck walk was initially removed, but then I asked for it to be put back because it is funny. You will know what I am talking about when you see it, it is just a split second.

Take Me Home has a fairly obvious theme. This one, less so. But I do not wish to explain the lyrics on any of my songs especially. They will either speak to you, or not 🙂

Lastly, while filming the snow sections of this, someone shouted “Stop being a Ninja” which I wish I could have left in the video, but as the film was sped up, you would not have heard it clearly anyway. This video was immensely embarrassing to make. But…worth it, I think. And if nothing else, I have proven that I can dance even worse that I did in Smart Es. So thats a notable achievement right there 🙂

Okay, I am in the process of moving house this week. So I am going to post this and run. I hope you enjoy it, and I will be back next week for A Million Miles. I look forward to your comments, and am grateful for any shares via Facebook etc etc!

Also, the Best Of KFA, mixed by Dj Sayian is out today! Whoop! Sorry that has got such little promotion, time has been very tight. But please support it and post about it if you can!KFA66 Artwork Back500

KFA66 Artwork Front 500


Podcast 44

So I do some mixing, and then Glowkid does some mixing, and then there’s this whole yodeling thing. Here is a track list for those who want to know what I will play before they decide not to listen lol

01. Inspector Sands – What A Rush

02. Billy Bunter & Hattrixx featuring The Ragga Twins – Killer Sound

03. Dj Luna-C – Hear Me Now

04. Sc@r – One Night In Belgium

05. Fat Controller – In Complete Darkness (Stivs Remix)

06. The House Crew – We Are Hardcore (Luna-C’s Timewarp Remix)

07. Anglerfish & Lucider – Smashed (UFO Remix)

08. Cruze & Jump – The Music Makers

09. Jimmy J & Cru-l-t – Six Days (Luna-C’s Timewarp Remix)

Glowkids Mix

10. Shitmat – Global Hypercolour

11. Skunk Association – Quick & Raw

12. Mark Archer – Armaggedon (Ceephax Acid Crew Remix)

13. Abyss – Journey Of A Crackhead

14. Sidestalker – Cemeteries

15. Goreshit – Toys Were Real

16. Annoying Ringtone – Envy

17. Mischievous Mashups – Sily Games (Trancecore Remix)

18. Tankap – James Brown Is Dead (Gabber Kick & Amen Juke Edit)

Inappropriate Song Of The Month

19. Mc Serch – Hear It Comes

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