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Luna-C Reviews 08 – MK2K Radio Show

So its 8am on Saturday morning, and I am listening to a wicked mix. Dj Saiyan arrived on Wednesday to the KFA studios, and is staying with me for a week. It did occur to me that I should maybe not do a Luna-C listens while I had a guest, but you know, since I started I have mostly been sent links to tracks and fairly short mixes, so I figured it would be fine.

This week, I got a three hour mix lol. Such is life, especially if you are me. On the plus side, this week it’s a mix by MK2K, which is a name I recognize from various interactions with me over the years. There are many people who have bought from my store, or who I have chatted with online on one of the various KF websites etc over the years, or Facebook or email or even in person sometimes, and it is always nice to see those names pop up, especially in the Luna-C Listens stuff.


Here is the link:



So lets see. Its true that this is a 3 hour mix, but so far it has been excellent. I am about 22 minutes in and I have just been rocking out to a track that sounded like it used the horn sample from the Horn track, and then morphed into something else. Because I will have to do some studio work at some point today, I don’t know how far I will get into the mix before I have to stop. My plan is to listen to this mix in stages, but I am not sure thats how it should be listened to. MK2K sent me a description of what this mix does, and it is one that just keeps building as it plays. The first few tunes were really quite mellow, but even at 30 minutes in there has been a nice progression in texture and weight within the tracks. There is also a wide range of music here, some is almost like garage, others sound like old skool, some are old skool sounding but I suspect they were made recently, there are classic piano licks and dubsteppy basslines (but not dubstep). So now I feel a little bad about having to break this mix up, because it seems to be really good and really well thought out. So far it has been around the 140-150bpm range I think. Its a very nice mix – I mean, I could see this first part of the set working as the start of the night, and it would bring people to the dance floor without throwing a ton of obvious classics or overly heavy music at the dance floor.


By the time I got to an hour in, there was a definite “old skool” vibe, and everything seemed to have sped up a little. Not that the tracks are old skool as such, but if they had been played at a rave when I was first going out, they would have fit in perfectly. The mix follows this vibe for most of the next hour, until it speeds up again to the 170 mark. The speed up is quite cleverly done, and I will copy that idea I am sure lol. Also as the last hour plays, there are a whole bunch of Kniteforce and KFA tracks. Which is something I cannot comment on, but obviously if I did comment, I would say that the Dj has excellent taste 🙂 In the final parts of the mix, a few kick drum tracks make an appearance. This mixes very colourful, lots of breakbeat hardcore and jungle tunes and just a touch of modern UK hardcore at the end. On the whole, its a great mix, certainly one I will keep handy on my iPod.

The mixing is subtle and tight for there most part, with careful blending between tracks. There are some mixes that go a little wonky, but as this is a live mix with multi genre and tempo changes, that can be easily forgiven. I don’t think I have ever done a flawless mix on a radio lol, so I hope it can be forgiven! And this is obviously a well thought out and planned mix. Very nice indeed. Most tracks are played long, rather than quick mixed, which makes sense for a radio show, especially one where the tracks are good enough to stay around that long without getting boring!

Check it out!

  1. B.O.B. – Raybands (Strange Rollers Sunshine Remix)
  2. Rave in Peace – Heart Strings
  3. Schoco – Open your Mind
  4. Ben Venom – Bulletproof (Original Mix)
  5. Ben Venom – Futures Past (Strange Rollers Remix)
  6. Toofer – Love Circles
  7. Rave in Peace – You’ve been High
  8. Rave in Peace – It’s in the Air (Feel the Melody)
  9. Avro – Dance to the Rhythm (Original Mix)
  10. Nefti – End of a Dream
  11. Bassraver – Be with me
  12. Stormski – Drop the Bass
  13. Rave in Peace – Do what ya want
  14. Mr. Niceguy – Stone Age
  15. Mr. Niceguy – Your World
  16. Stormski – You better move (Original Mix)
  17. The Brainstorm Crew – Reach Up (Flow Check it Mix)
  18. Red Alert and Mike Slammer – I don’t need your Love (RG’s 2015 Re-Mix)
  19. Retropolis – I want your Love (Original Mix)
  20. Flash Cats – Come on (Original Mix)
  21. Flash Cats – The Champion Sounds
  22. Sanxion – My Heart is hooked (Original Mix)
  23. Flash Cats – Love is the Message (Original Mix)
  24. Retropolis – Destiny (Original Mix)
  25. Flash Cats – Strings of Love (Original Mix)
  26. The Men with No Name – Dub Conspiracy (Original Mix)
  27. Skrillex and Damian Junior Gong Marley – Make it bun dem (RadioKillaZ Dubplate)
  28. Vinyl Junkie and Sanxion – Poison me (Instrumental) (Original Mix)
  29. Vauboy – The new Shit
  30. Kingsize and Vibena – Got to have it
  31. Kingsize and Vibena – Hot Temptation
  32. Cru-L-T – Yeah
  33. Luna-C – The Light
  34. Kingsize and Vibena – Now my Selecta
  35. Luna-C – Piano Progression (X20)
  36. Luna-C – The Shivers
  37. Luna-C – Remorse and Glory
  38. Genki and Luna-C – Mission Statement
  39. Luna-C – Take me Home
  40. Jimmy J and Cru-L-T – Runaway (Simamura Remix)
  41. Demcore – Always been much more than that (Hardcore Maniac)
  42. Empyreal – Blockbuster




Luna-C Reviews 07 – Ex Dee – Black

Welcome to the 7th review!

Sorry its late in the day, the studio has been eating my time! Anyway, today we have a very interesting track by Ex Dee called “Black” (working title)

I am not sure what this is exactly, but I like it. It starts off with the lush strings and electronic feel of a Future Sound Of London release, back when things were interesting. Kind of spooky but warm, which is a texture I like very much. At first I thought I was listening to ambient, with the rushing hollow string…until the huge drum roll started building up. This is a great intro, very portentous. What follows is a curious mixture of darkish techno, old skool vocals and stand and some cleverly edited beats. I have no idea how or where I could play this track, but I really like the sound of it. It somehow reminds me of old raves without actually sounding like old rave music. Very nice work, especially for a work in progress. Theres some nice breakbeat edits midway though that remind me of old third party tracks, and a nice 303ish section as well. None of these elements should work as well as they do, but the result is a very unique sounding track. If it has any faults, its that it is a little long, but if it was part of a mixed album, it would make sense.

Good job!

Chris / Luna-C





Luna-C Reviews 06 – Dj Delusion

Welcome to Luna-C Listens Number 6. This was delayed by a day because there was a sudden storm where I live and we lost internet, then power. It came back on, but I had to go cut trees down and stuff. It was a whole thing. Alright, alright, even though that story is true, I also just forgot. So a bit of both.


This weeks winner was Dj Delusion with his HTID Bootcamp mix, available here:

Onto the mix then! The first track is a full on vocal tune. I never know what to say about this stuff, because I am just not that into very vocal tracks. So on the one side, most people will love this, and its perfect for an HTID mix, but its not my sort of thing. Ha! Now I have to eat my words because I can hear the Shimamura remix of Jimmy J & Cru-l-t’s “Runaway” coming in. I am writing as I listen (obviously). The mixing is very tight so far, and it was nice to hear some cutting between decks. I love doing that stuff, and it seems to be out of fashion or whatever.

A quick blend and cut to the next track which is another big vocal anthem type thing. Oh, I like this. This is interesting. Its pretty cheesy but at least the vocal is sung differently. For all I know this is a rip of some pop star, but I almost hope its not.

Lovely mix between the next two. Its nice to hear a Dj confident with the tracks he’s playing. The shift in atmosphere was great, and it would have me rocking out if I wasn’t so old that my “rocking” is usually done in a chair lol. Okay, into “Stay Young” by Darren Styles, Gammer and Someone. I cant remember things. But I like this track.

Yeah, this is a nice mix. Overall its a little too much vocal for me, but still, it works because the vocal tracks aren’t too generic soundwise. The mix is colorful and interesting, especially as just when I had heard enough vocal stuff, a nice banging gabba track comes in! Good call!

Check it out!

Nice one,



Luna-C Reviews 05 – Alk-m-e

Okay lets get this right off the bat – its Alk-m-e, not Alk-e-d. When I first saw this, I thought, “cheeky bastard, the dude has ripped off Alk-e-d and wants me to review it” lol. Thats because I can’t read. Also, this is excellent. Very excellent. Unless you don’t like Portishead, in that case you will hate it. But who hates Portishead? Is that even a thing?

So yes, this is a rip off of “Numb”, but it is what I think of as “how it should be done” because it adds and builds to the original, rather than just being a derivative rip off. Lots of clever editing on the beats, and some nice reverb and delay effects making it feel both more jungly and also more Portisheady somehow.

I cannot speak for the eq because my laptop speakers broke, and I cannot internet on my studio computer anymore. Don’t ask. But if you are going to do a remix of Portishead, this is the way to do it! Props to Alk-m-e for an interesting take on a classic tune. Good stuff!

This will be available to own in a few months, and is coming out on Long Live The Animals, which might be the best name for a record label ever, other than Beardforce.






Luna-C Reviews 04 Msymiakos

Welcome to #lunaclistens 4.

For a pleasant change, I am listening to tracks instead of a mix! I was hoping this would happen because while its nice to review mixes, a little variety is always good.

The winning link this week was Msymiakos with his new E.P Liquid Gangsta. So lets get to it!

The first track, and the one the E.P is half named after, is Wannabe Gangsta. This one had me fooled at first, because the start is very reminiscent of old school moving shadow. Subtle string work and light drums rolling along. It turns out this intro is almost misdirection, because the track turns into a heavy amen workout with a rough jungle vocal. All in all, a very tasty track, nostalgic and well executed.

Next up, Liquid Metal, which is one of those perfect track titles because the track is both dreamy and hard. This one fulfils the promise of the first tune in that it is a perfect representation of that golden time old school d’n’b, just before everything got sort of 2 steppy. The drums are frantically edited, but in a rolling manner, and the whole track is coated with a floating hypnotic feel, distant horns and the occasional muffled vocal – one of them a little cheeky, but it works.

Danger Zone starts with an amusing vocal, which is great because the other two tracks are very very serious. I like variety, as you know. This is funny – I am writing as i listen to the tracks. I almost know where the vocal is from – its singing “Something, something danger zone”. And thats not me not knowing what is being said, thats what it says. This is great, it really shouldn’t work. The drums and the strings, and the sound effects are all perfectly executed serious d’n’b, and the vocal is both totally out of place and completely perfect. Once again, Msymiakos demonstrates a fantastic ear for drum editing. The main breakdown in this track is fantastic, the drums cutting and changing all over the place and barely repeating but remaining cohesive. So far, this is my favourite – it is less dance floor friendly, but it is very pleasing to the ear, full of subtle edits and rattling drums.

Rounding off the EP is Era 1994, and this definitely sounds the part. The classic U-Bet break and high pitched strings. The clever drum work is out in full force, and seems to be a defining part of each track, which I love but may not be to everyones taste. The amen drop in this is a little sloppier than in the others, and this is deliberate I think. It gives the track a rough and ready feel, which is great. Having said that, this is my least favourite on the EP – not because it is bad, but because the other tracks are stronger.

All in all, very good stuff. The E.P comes with 3 remixes, so in all its a seven tracker. I have not reviewed the remixes because I want to keep these reviews focused on the artist him (or her) self. Here is the link to what I listened to:

If you like what you hear, support this label! It is relatively new (about a year now), and it has been giving away a free track a week:


Nice one,

Chris / Luna-C


Luna-C Reviews 03 Viperstar & JAJ

Welcome to #lunaclistens 3. Due to my life being absolute chaos at the moment, I am listening to this mix at a Starbucks on headphones. This is fine, except every time there is a breakdown (like the wicked one at the beginning of this mix with its eastern wailing vocals) I get to hear that and some shit pop song layered over the top of it. I guess I should be happy its not “Honey Im Good”.

Anyway, writing as I listen is not always the best thing because I tend to ramble, but I am loving the first track. Wait, I am jumping the gun, I forgot to tell you the details!

This weeks review isof a mix by Viperstar & JAJ and is titled “A Mix Of Awesome TUNAge Vol 1”. The odd capitals in that title are deliberate. My guess is both Djs are really into fish, and tuna especially. The artwork confirms this lol.

Heres the link:

A Mix Of Awesome TUNAge

Alright, where were we? Oh yes. After that waffling, I am now onto track three. So far, the mix started with an almost ethereal feel, but has moved fairly swiftly into more traditional happy hardcore with nice vocals and cheerful stabs.

As usual, I am listening to tracks that most ravers probably know and that I don’t know lol. Part of the reason I am doing these reviews is because I am well aware that I am out of touch with some of what is going on, so its a great way for me to hear up and coming Djs and listen to current hardcore music. Plus its nice to support the up and comers, and also its fun 🙂

Anyway, this mix is very tight technically, with plenty of space in the mix and the mixes. The tracks so far have been allowed to play and breathe, and everything is clean and balanced. I have heard Viperstar mix before, as he entered the KFA competition, so this is as solid as I expected from a Dj I already know to be skilled on the ones and twos. Not sure which mixes were done by Viper and which were JAJ.

This mix is definitely for the more vocal lead happy heads, lots of uplifting tunes with female vocals at the forefront of the tracks. I have never been overly keen on the heavily vocalised tracks, but there are some choice selections here. Other than that, I am particularly digging Dave Castellano “Bitch” and “Disco Nights” because it is odd, and the In Complete Darkness remix is nice too!

Here is the track list:
Freezer – I am Geisha [FREE]
Technical Difficulties – Show Me [Technical Difficulties]
RedMoon ft Meron Ryan – Never Let Go (Fracus & Darwin Remix) [Hardcore Underground – HU DJ Tools Vol 2]
Anon – Fade Into the Darkness (Nobody Remix) [FREE]
Olly P – Start Again [TBA]
SxUxM – Mine [FREE]
One-Point – Incomplete Dubplates [FREE]
Dave Castellano – Bitch [f/c Rusty Records]
Alex Prospect & Spyro – On A Ragga Hype 2015 [FREE]
Ultravibes – Lift Me Up [Evolution Records]
Kronex – End Of Time [TBA]
Black & White – Zomboid [24/7 Hardcore]
Chris Unknown & Alex Prospect – Need You Everyday [Klubbed Up – Chris Unknown I’m Alive]
Outforce – Find Love [f/c GTYM The Album]
Lady Dubbz & ViperStar – Disco Nights [TBA]
Ganar & ViperStar – I Feel You [TBA]
Haze – Givin’ It All I Got [Executive Records]
Eufeion – Keep On Trying [f/c Hardcore Rapture Digital]
Marcus Kane – U WNA RCK! [BioHazard Digital]
Ganar ft. SAX – Something Like This [Nu Age Hardcore]
IYF & Tuckski – System Sucks [Universal Hardcore Digital]
AoS – I Wonder [f/c Lucky Breaks Digital]
Dave Castellano Feat. Lewis – Waiting [f/c Rusty Records]
Ultravibes – Let It Go [f/c Evolution Records]

And some links and info supplied by Viperstar:

(DJ Facebook pages)

(My own record label & DJ crew pages)

(All the listening links)

Okay further info:

(Regarding the mix)

Both JAJ and myself created this series to feature up and coming talent as well as the more known artists in the scene. As we call it, “A Mix Of Awesome TUNAge” which does exactly as it says

There is no timeframe as to when each new volume gets done, we just do it whenever we both have the time (and have enough tracks worth featuring). JAJ is from San Diego, California while I’m from Singapore (but currently in Brisbane for university and will be here for a year or so). This mix was recorded and sent back and forth between us till completion. Vol 2 will be recorded…soon (not sure when lol).

Artwork was done by myself. A bit of a simplistic look to it rather than the usual, 3D ones. I run Venom Drive and JAJ is also part of my label’s DJ team.

(myself – ViperStar)

– Record label owner of Venom Drive and founder of the Singapore Hardcore Crew (which is now managed by Rythe). Resident DJ on (Venom Drive podcast, Singapore Hardcore Crew Rev Up podcast)

– Both the Venom Drive podcast and Singapore Hardcore Crew Rev Up podcast will be merged into one show on, Supercharged Radio (coming soon). Currently on a little break while we work things out for the new show.

– Venom Drive physical album, Symphonic Bass in progress with chances of either one or both of my tracks featured in this mix getting released on it

– “Ganar & ViperStar – I Feel You” has been reworked with a bassline now (the one in the mix is the older version without bassline)

– Vol 1 of the Venom Drive digital album now open for submissions

– ViperStar Select, my own mix series where I feature tracks (may not be limited to hardcore) that people should check out also coming soon (can be found on my FB page and my personal account when it launches). Similar nature as AMOAT (A Mix Of Awesome TUNAge) but a solo series with varying mix length

– miXtreme Vol 1 with MC Leggett coming soon

(JAJ – info he gave me)

– Resident DJ on (Vibez 2 Da Core)

– Anyone interested in submitting guest mix for Vibez 2 Da Core can contact him via FB


Luna-C Reviews 02 Dj Greenheart Mix

Welcome to the second of my #lunaclistens reviews. This week i have a mix sent to me from Dj Greenheart. It is a back to back mix by Greenheart, 2B Happy, and Kitsch. I am not sure where each Dj stopped and the next came on because I downloaded the whole mix and listened to it all at once, but the Soundcloud file comments will let you know 🙂

So lets get right to it – this is a really fun mix. Very pounding, and really uplifting without veering into cheese too often or for too long. Its a good blend, because I love me some hard and acidy music, but many Djs who play that stuff ONLY play that stuff, and it can get a bit…tedious? Perhaps thats just me – I get bored mixing more than 4 records of the same style together lol. However, this mix has a really well balanced selection, with the harder stuff keeping the happier stuff balanced, and vice versa.

I deliberately live with my head in the sand for the most part – I try to keep involved with whats going on, but I don’t try too hard because I feel like it interferes with my aims as a Dj and producer. I get influenced if I am not too careful, you see? Maybe all the tracks in this mix are old or famous – I have no idea. There were a few I knew of course, but for the most part it was new music to me. I liked the mix very much and would rock the fuck out if this was playing at a party. Everything sounds fresh and interesting, and I will be transferring this mix to my iPod to listen to again. This is a high compliment, because my iPod is full, and to add something means losing something else (goodbye Supaset 2, you are the worst of them lol).

So if you are looking for a well mixed upfront hardcore mix, you won’t go wrong with this one. Here is a link. Please listen, and leave your comments 🙂




Luna-C Reviews 01 GL0WKiD Mix



For those that missed it, at a random time each Monday I make a #lunaclistens post on Facebook. I listen to and review the music from the first person to respond in the post with a link to their track / podcast / radio show / dj mix etc. And then I review it on the Friday. Today is Friday, so….

GLOWKiD Radio Show / Dj Mix

The first person to respond to this weeks #lunacreviews was Glowkid with his mix that featured on SolidSound, a radio station based in Dublin, Ireland. The show is hosted by Kushti, and he interview’s GL0WKiD over the music. Here is the link:-

GL0WKiD Interview & Guest Mix @ SolidSound show – Dublin South FM 93.9 (22.07.2015) by Gl0wkid on Mixcloud


Having heard GL0WKiD before (he gave me a set for the Kniteforce podcast, Podcast 44 – go check it out), and having been in contact with him a number of times, the show definitely lived up to expectations. The last time I listened to one of his mixes I was surprised and happy to hear a large variety of hardcore tracks that were both breakbeat and modern and seemed to exist in a world of their own. It was fantastic, and this mix is more of the same, so it couldn’t be better really. GL0WKiD is a great Dj and all the mixes are tight enough that I sometimes couldn’t detect them. This mix showcases a different style of hardcore, one we could do with more of in my humble opinion, plus it is a very good interview with GL0WKiD. In the modern day, we all tend to message each other and often get straight to the point. So even though I have messaged with GL0WKiD before, and he has of course reviewed / posted about my music, there was a lot for me to learn about this Athens based Dj.

I loved this mix, it was great music and the interview is solid without ruining the entire mix or being too much. I am glad I got a track list as I want to buy pretty much all of the tracks played! Good stuff all around! Here is some stuff from the man himself, plus links etc…

“I was invited from DJ Kushti to guest on his radioshow called ‘Solid Sound’ [] which is broadcasted every Wednseday 9-11pm (UK TIME) @ Dublin South FM 93.9. This mixcloud link is a recorded part of the showcase which was broadcasted on Wednesday 22nd July 2015 and features my part (with interview+guest mix)

My  mix is a selection of kind like ‘modern banging tracks with a rave attitude‘ or ‘Bangface stylish‘ as i can describe it. It features genres like mutant bass/ footwork & juke from some of beloved and friendly also producers and finishing with a gorgeous track like ‘Rituals‘ from a fresh project of Bong Rah & Deformer called Voodoom.
This is also one of the styles i use to play on my own radio show (, promoting every nuskool side of rave, oldskool influenced of course!
Some other related bangers  can be found on KF podcast 44 and my guest mix in there and if you want more you need to dig the show archives: to check out all shows with various guests on mixes + interviews. focusing on different aspects of nuskool hardcore, a combination of new talents and established heads in the scene and great labels aswell.
Tracklist featured:

01. The Renegades – The Acid Tune [DYNAMIX RECORDS, LLC]
02. Pengaton – Is All Is
03. Melt Unit – Get Melted (dupzgnit rmx)
04. Terrorrythmus – XTC Overdose
05. Simtek – Sumo [MUTANT BASS RECORDS]
06. Womble – Bu Te Ting (165 Amen Edit) [DIGGIN’ IT RECORDS]
07. Heapy – Listen
08. Bankai vs. Abortifacient – Four Litres of Hope (RRRitalin Remix) [ALL CAPS RECORDS]
09. Fat Frumos – Jesus Raving For Your Sins [OFF ME NUT RECORDS]
10. Voodoom – Rituals [PRSPCT RECORDINGS]

Since my radioshow  is coming to an end this week with the last showcase for this radio season, (as a 2month break & holidays is all needed) I’ve decided to post and share with KF and Luna-C this 30min’ mix of myself and my interview with Kushti.
If fancy for more, catch me up live again in about 2 months and make sure you join me on the fb page of the radioshow to stay updated with everything about related about it.

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