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All You Need To Know About Remixes 13

Okay, the surprise free record has finally dropped, and caused all sorts of confusion. Which was unintended, but, eh, kinda should have expeced it too, it is Kniteforce after all. So here is some info followed by all you need to know about how to get it!

I had said 12 was the last of the series. I did not lie exactly, I thought it was (although I also thought…maybe…) but then I started to chat with Liquid, and then I asked for a remix, and then I thought it would make a wicked fun surprise as the freebie long promised since Kniteforce started releasing vinyl again, and as I had said 12 was the last that just made it even less likely anyone would guess it!

So I did it.

Liquids remix is of course perfect – taking a classic Jimmy J & Cru-l-t sound and slowing it down to make it even more classic. I love what Liquid did, and that Eamon (Liquid himself) was willing to remain silent about it for nearly 6 months lol. This whole EP had to be absolutely secret for the surprise to work! Big up Eamon, you fine fella you! Added bonus, Liquid have just finished a full EP for Kniteforce to release, coming in early 2018!

But who else to have on the vinyl eh? Well, I thought, why not have the people that made this possible? So obviously Jedi – a good friend, the man who helped me get KF relaunched, and aside from that, an awesome producer in his own right. So his remix is of course excellent.

Dj Deluxe was long overdue to feature on this series – not only did he help me get KFA running back in the day, but he has been a long time fan and supporter of Kniteforce since year one, and is also a good friend. Plus he managed to remix “Cloudy Surface” and make it awesome – and thats no easy task. That tune is tough to remix – I have tried and failed lol

And then Doughboy…well. He doesnt actually fit with the philosophy that I used for Jedi and Deluxe lol. But on the other hand, Doughy is a dear friend, a super skilled producer, and he happened to have done a brilliant remix of Sumaki. So BLAM! Awesome EP a-gogo.

And I did it with a black sleeve cos there had never been one.

Basically, it came out perfect. And i am supremely grateful to all involved for the remix work, and for staying silent, and for making it a very strong release.

Now, to answer questions:

How Can I Get A Copy? Well, you need to have 10 “idiot sheets”. I put an idiot sheet in with each of the new KF vinyls, and will continue to do so up to the next 2 EPs – KF76 & KF77 (out in January). This means there are 14 records that have idiot sheets in them. All you needed to do was email me a picture of you with 10 of them, or 10 of the new vinyls, and then I will add KF00 to your next order.

Can I just, like, give you money or show other records I bought from you? Well, not really. I appreciate every record sale I have ever made, I love every fan and everyone who has ever supported the label(s) – but the whole point of this was to reward the people that made the relaunch of Kniteforce possible. They bought all the records even if some of them were not their particular favourites. And thats a big commitment. So this is a “thank you”. It is basically a loyalty scheme, and loyalty is what it rewards. This does mean some people miss out, but there is no other way to do it, really. Still, there is time!

So thats it, never? Actually, I am sending Jedi some to sell. Not very many. Hardly any at all in fact. But its a way of paying him for his remix work – this was an expensive project to put together, so I could not afford remix fees. He will have some to sell in the next few weeks. I will leave it to him as to how he sells them and when they go up etc etc. And I am sure some will pop up on discogs – if I have one or two left I might even do so myself. But basically, yeah, its gonna be hard to get outside of collecting the 10 idiot sheets, cos thats what it was for!

How many were pressed? Less than 200. And its first come first serve, once they are gone, they are gone!

I got one! Can I get a digital version? Yes, just email me or Facebook me directly, and I will sort you out a link!

You have sheets with the Knitebreed releases too – will there be a 14? Maybe. I have not yet decided what will be the free gift for 10 Knitebreed sheets. I tend to do things for funzies, and it seems a little obvious to do a 14 now. But we will see…

Alright, I think thats all the questions answered! Once again a massive thank you to all involved! Wheeeee…..


Nice one,


Chris / Luna-C



Writing Titles Is Hard, Here’s A Bunch of KFA News!

This is an important message from KFA Label Manager and all around good egg Shane Saiyan!

It’s been almost five months since I was announced as KFA label manager, six since I took the job, and let me tell you, it’s been a long road getting from there to here. It’s been a long time, but the time is finally here…

…wait, no, it’ll be here in a second. First I need to laugh at everyone who now has the Star Trek: Enterprise theme stuck in their head. Sorry not sorry.

                                      “but why tho”

Now that that bit of fun is out of the way, let’s get serious. It’s time, at last, to announce the next KFA release, and the first that came about 100% under my control. Wait, wait, no. I forgot, this is the Internet. People only read things in lists on here, right? So I have to do a list. You can’t very well have a list with only one thing, so I need to announce a bunch of things. So here we go, a bunch of things!

1. A New KFA Logo!

You’ve probably noticed the shiny new logo at the top of this post. Isn’t it great? When I took over KFA Chris pitched the idea of getting a new logo done and retiring Mit (that’d be our ghost friend from much of the KFA art of the past several years). A new look for a new era, so to speak. Admittedly I was a little apprehensive to the idea, as Mit has appeared on every one of my own releases, and I feel no small amount of personal attachment to him, to the point I’m going to get him tattooed on me at some point (when I’m not broke, I am a hardcore DJ after all lol). But looking at the new logo, I feel like we made the right call, as the new logo is, to quote the Internet, heckin’ dope.

Let me point out that Mit isn’t really retired, he’ll still be around. I decided that I would leave it up to the (musical) artist which style of art they preferred (sometimes it’ll be Annika doing the art, as usual, sometimes it’ll be Sara, who designed the rabbit, some people may decide to do their own art, and so on). The art style will inform which one of our mascots gets used. So Mit will still pop up. Bob may show up again. The oldskool graffiti logo from the early KFAs could make a comeback. Sky’s the limit, really. But as of now our new rabbit is the “official” logo/mascot, which is great, because as I said it’s dope as heck. So dope in fact that its creation led directly to…

2. New KFA Merch!

                    “money money money money moneeeeeeyyyyyyyyy”

Look, I’m gonna be honest here, we REALLY like money. We also really like cool things with our logos and stuff on them. So of course we weren’t going to pass up an opportunity to sell you new things. New KFA shirts featuring the new logo have been ordered and should be appearing on the store in the next 2 weeks! Keep an eye on the mailing list and the KFA Facebook page, and we’ll let you know as soon as they’re up. Fair warning though, these are EXTREMELY limited supply, only a few per size, so keep an eye out and if you want one (and let’s be real here, if you’re reading this you probably want one), snap one up right away, as restocking takes time, and who likes waiting? Not I, says I. And hey speaking of selling you things…

3. A New Release Format!

                                 “what’s the deal with KFA CD singles?”

You may recall that shortly after I took over running KFA, one of the first things I did was institute Executive Editions being sold as wavs, because I know there are a lot of us who prefer that format. I also know there are a lot of you out there who prefer buying music in a physical format. Having a real, tangible product rather than a couple hundred MB of 1’s and 0’s is important to some of you. Well much like wavs, ask, and ye shall receive! We have decided to, beginning with the next release, start offering all KFA Executive Editions in CD format, in addition to the current digital options. This is just a test for now, as there’s always the chance that people just won’t buy them, so if you like the idea of getting all of our stuff on CD, pick them up, yeah? Oh and hey speaking of that next KFA release, whoooooooo could it be?

4. A New KFA Artist!

                                          “look at this smug motherfucker”

One of my first orders of business was to ask a longtime friend who had already been doing some work for the Kniteforce family to join up full-time, because he is very, very good, and I want to release very, very good music, and I know he can make very, very good music, so clearly this was a very, very good idea. So allow me to introduce you to the newest KFA artist, Audio X!

Joel has been around for a while, having tracks appear waaaaaay back on Hardcore Underground 2, Electromagnetic (Feel Free is a great tune), Crush on Hardcore, and a great many more. Including, yes, Spider Pig. Which is a very fun, amusing tune and I will fight anyone who says otherwise. He is an immensely talented, versatile producer, as capable of writing proper oldskool as he is writing bangin’ freeform, and everything in between. We actually really started talking regularly again after the first time I flew down to Luna-C’s to make what ultimately became Back 2 Tha Midskool, as he was living in North Carolina at the time. We went out for chicken and waffles. It was glorious. From there Chris started having him do things for Kniteforce (his Piano Progression The Third remix is great), and the rest is history. He was one of the first artists I spoke to about writing material for the label once I took over (there are more, but they are surprises for now), and after taking a look at his output, and the fact that he was already basically “one of us” anyway, decided to sign him up full-time. His debut EP is absolutely beastly, varied and interesting and unique in all the right ways. Which leads me to the big announcement, the moment you’ve all been waiting for…

5. The Next KFA Release!

                                            “not pictured: the actual release art”

The next release will be KFA078 – Audio X – Procrastination Makes Perfect, a four track EP with not one, but TWO Executive Edition exclusive bonus tracks. You’re probably wondering why I didn’t just post the album art, and the reason for that is…Chris and I talked about it and decided it’d be better as a surprise on day of release. The art is insanely good, inspired by Roger Dean’s work on Yes album covers, done in papercraft style by Sara, who also designed the new KFA logo. It sort of evokes the video for the Smashing Pumpkins’ Tonight, Tonight to me. You’ll get to see the art when the EP is released, which will be on…

…wait for it

…wait for iiiiiiiiiiiiit

DECEMBER 11TH, 2017! Two weeks from today! Or two weeks-ish, I don’t know if this blog post is going up on Sunday night or Monday sometime, but thereabouts. Now that said, I’m not going to tease you without at least working the shaft a little, so who wants clips? Do you want clips? I want clips. I have clips. I made the clips. Here are clips! Listen to the clips! And then come back and keep reading, we’re not quite done here yet.

KFA78 – Audio X – Procrastination Makes Perfect


ISN’T THAT AWESOME!? Seriously, Joel knocked it so far out of the park it landed in a completely different park four states over. I could not be more pleased with how his EP turned out. A bit of something for everyone. My personal favourite is The Hero We Deserve, which I’ve affectionately been referring to as “chiptune Blade Runner”, but the whole thing is very, very strong, and I look forward to hearing them all out at events after release.

6. The Future!

                  “it’s 2 AM, no more funny captions, wit has abandoned me”

So now that the next release has been announced, what’s next? The current plan (subject to change) is for releases to come about every six weeks for the next little bit, before ultimately moving to monthly, and perhaps even more frequently, as at present there are over a dozen releases pencilled in awaiting tracks. Yes, you read that right. Over a dozen. I’ve been VERY busy. 😉

The next two releases are from two guest artists making their solo KFA debuts, namely Eufeion, who I have been a big fan of for a long time, with an EP of tracks taking some rather popular vocals and samples from the happy hardcore era and giving them a modern twist, and Ponder, who is a certified G, and a bonafide stud, and you can’t…teach…that. There is a new True Skool EP waiting on two tracks. Scartat, Doughboy, Empyreal, and myself all have EPs on the go. Audio X has already started submitting tracks for a follow-up. I have a concept for a new, themed compilation EP series along the lines of the True Skool EPs, that you’ll get to see around this time next year. There has been talk of collaborative works with other labels, but it’s very early days on that, so who knows what form those will take, if they ever materialize.

Physical items will, funding permitting, be a big part of the label going forward. There are concepts floating around for even more new merch, including a few that were my own idea that I really, really want to see happen (so buy lots of shirts so we can pay for them lol). I have been talking to a friend of mine who ran a very successful Etsy store providing high-quality handcrafted items that you may see at some point. You may even see KFA material pop up on some of that sweet, sweet black crack in the new year. There are some other things that are 100% happening that I’m not quite ready to speak about in even the vaguest of senses yet, and a few more that are basically concepts in a Notepad file at this point, that if they come to fruition will be really, really cool.

Please note, everything I have just said is subject to change, based on a variety of factors. I decided to include this bit to give you all a peak into what’s going on behind the scenes, but until you see it announced with a release date NOTHING is set in stone.

7. One More Thing!

If you’re still reading this, first of all, congratulations. This post was far longer than I intended it to be, but I’m very wordy, and I had a lot to say. Second, you may recall waaaaaay back in point one that I mentioned that our new rabbit friend doesn’t yet have a name. We thought it would be fun to leave his name up to you guys, so we’ll be holding a “Name The Rabbit!” contest. Chris and I still need to iron out the logistics on how the contest should work, but the winner will receive one of the new KFA logo t-shirts, and a copy of Audio X’s new EP on CD single. We will announce the full details of the contest next  Monday (4th DECEMBER), with the winner being chosen December 11th. The contest will be announced EXCLUSIVELY on the KFA Facebook page, so go give that a like, hit follow, and set your follow settings to “first” so that you don’t miss the announcement.

The KFA page can be found here:

KFA Facebook Page

That’s all for today! Until next time, keep it hardcore!

– Shane Saiyan
KFA Label Manager, Sexiest Man Alive 2017

P.S. Shoutouts to Shannon from Crashedhope Designs for help with the images, and Oliver Spacekitt3n who took all the pics of me that found their way into this blog post. Y’all are good peeps.

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