Real Name: Piotr Kubiak
Year Of Birth: N/A
Country Of Residence: Poland
Aliases: N/A
Time with the label: 2002 – Present Day
KF Family Labels: KFA

Other labels worked with: Overdose Temptation, Tornado Records, many others…

Links to more information:
Own Website: www.overdose.pl www.djwonter.com
MySpace: N/A
Facebook: N/A
Dj Residencies: N/A

Contact: N/A

Luna-C Says:

Once again, my shitty memeory lets me down when it comes to Wonter. I feel like I have always known him. I thought I met him around the time I met Bexxie – but as she pointed out, I was already setting up for the Knitefever party at that time, and Wonter and Jabba D were playing at that party. So I have no idea, it must have been early 2000. Thats my best guess.

Wonter reminds me of Dj Ham in a lot of ways. For a start, he learns so quickly. Each track he makes is a leap forward in production and ability. In a very short time he has flown past many of the more established producers in skill, and yet he retains the ideas and thoughts of someone new to the scene. We all get jaded after a while, but Wonter is still as enthusiastic as when I first met him.

As well as being a top draw producer, he is a great Dj, and and accomplished musician. He has helped me countless times with the running of KFA, and I have Djed for him in Poland many times too, along with others in the crew who he kindly invited to play at one of his amazing parties. He runs a club in Poland, but had been putting on parties for a long time before that – and I have yet to see a bad one. It always rocks, and I would say Poland is a fantastic place to play. Wonter is very trustworthy, and the Polish rave scene couldn’t ask for a better representative. Nowadays, Wonter is getting a lot of work in the UK, playing at Ministry of Sound as well as many other events. What more can I say? He’s a top bloke, a good friend, and one of the most original producers in the scene. I will be putting out more music from him in the future and look forward to seeing him in a few weeks when I get to play in Poland again!

Wonter Says (taken from Discogs.com):

Wonter – DJ, producer and promoter. His life has been always dedicated to music as he started music education when he was just a kid. He made his first track with electronic music in 1997. Not long after that, he had his debut in a local radio station called Kiks, in Red Zone show. It was just before he created “Jungle Decadence” with Grass and Treasur and got his own radio show in which he was able to present their concerted work. It was 1999 when Wonter recorded totally new track and started promoting it across the country with Mc Vasques and “United Junglist”. Although, the most fruitful period in his career began in 2001 when he developed his djs skills and started to be recognizing as a dj. He was involved in “Genetix” project with Engram that time. After one year Wonter created “Overdose temptation” with R.I.P. Danger to organize and promote big hardcore and drum and bass events. Wonter is the author of the anthem for “Freedom Parade 2001”, one of the best events in Poland. Since 2003 he has played on many raves, always supported by mc Jabba D. He played on two big events in UK with the most celebrated djs in September 2004. While in 2005 “Overdose temptation became a new label, Wonter, with the help of Cube club, released his first vinyl record “Vital Harmony EP”. Track from this record and “Dangerous Remix pt.1”, also made by Wonter, were used in the production of S.Fabicki film “Z odzysku” that was nominated for the Film Academy Award. At the same time that his next track “Return of the Real” was released on the EP of KFA, he was awarded with “Transmitter 2005” for the best in Radio Lodz competition. The newest vinyl record “Wonter- Everything“was released in 2006 by “Overdose Temptation”.

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