2 Croozin

Real Name: Chris Howell / Julian Slatter
Year Of Birth: 1973 / 1974
Country Of Residence: U.K
Aliases: Poosie & Cru-l-t
Time with the label: 1992 – Present Day
KF Family Labels: Kniteforce / Remix Records / KFA
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Own Website: N/A
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Podcasts & Radio Shows: N/A
Dj Residencies: N/A

Contact: luna-c@kniteforcerevolution.com

Luna-C Says:
With many of the acts on the Kniteforce labels, there is a mixture of already established artists working with each other, and it seems silly to repeat myself. So you will find more detailed information about Poosie in the Future Primitive profile.
However, Julian and I have been friends a very long time, and I wanted to just say a few things here. Mainly, I wish we had have made more stuff as 2 Croozin’ or as Poosie and Cru-l-t. When I look back over time, it seems shocking that there are so few releases made by us working together, seeing as Poosie was (and is) the main Kniteforce person, other than me. Plus, we always work well together, and the 2 Croozin’ tunes have a distinct style. Oh well, lets see if we can remedy that in the future, eh?

Poosie Says:
Awaiting information!

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