The Trip

Real Names: Spencer King / Sam Bullman / Chris Howell
Year Of Birth: Unknown
Country Of Residence: U.K
Aliases: N/A
Time with the label: 1992 – Present Day
KF Family Labels: Kniteforce / KFA

Other labels worked with: PN/A

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Luna-C Says:

The Trip consists of me, and two other people:-
Spencer King (Spennie Trip) and Sam Bullman (Bull-E)
I have always enjoyed a lot of different styles of music, as did many of the KF crew. Sometimes we wanted to make darker stuff, and the Trip was born from this. Originally it was going to be an artist name covering whoever wanted to make something in a different style, but it quickly settled into us three. I know that some were just Sam and I, some were Spence and I, and some were all 3 of us. But I cant remember which was which, sorry. It really didnt matter at the time, and I guess it still doesn’t, you know?

Anyway, I have known both Spence and Sam for a long time, they were both original KF crew, and both still good friends of mine. Spencer I still see regularly, Sam not so much, because of work commitments. Spencer was always very quiet when I first knew him, but when he did speak, he would normally say something sharper and funnier than the rest of us put together. And I have always valued his opinion on matters of music and life, because he is perceptive. In the studio, he was also quiet, but we had a good time, especially with the Ragga styled trips. I cant remember too much about the actual making of the tracks, because we all enjoyed a smoke, and lets be honest, we were making music which almost demanded a smoke or two! Spennie is also behind a great deal of the KFA artwork, and has been since Influential records started. the work is normally divided between him and Kingsize, depending on the project. And like Kingsize, he has done most of it for free, which I am very grateful for!

Sam I met around the same time as I met Alk-e-d, and we got on well from the start, enjoying the same ridiculous sense of humour. Although we dont see each other much, I know I can rely upon him if I get stuck. One of the few things I am really pleased about with KF is that the original crew has stayed friendly before, during, and after the label. For example, I got into a situation where I was almost homeless a while ago (due to being stupid enough to try and buy a house in the UK. That wont happen again lol) and although I hadnt spoken to Sam for a long time, he offered me a place to store all my stuff. And thats a lot of stuff – records and studio will fill a whole room, and thats not including furniture etc.
At the time of writing, the last project we did together was a remix of “The ‘Erb” for KFA (KFA07), and it was a right laugh! We have remixed The Erb a few times since then, but those remixes were without Spencer or Sams input. I hope that the future holds another Trip release, but we will just see, eh?

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