The Panacea

Real Name: Mathis Mootz
Year Of Birth: Unknown
Country Of Residence: Germany
Aliases: Unknown
Time with the label: 2003 – Present Day
KF Family Labels: KFA

Other labels worked with: Position Chrome, and so many more…

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Luna-C Says:

One day, while going through the post from my PO box in Loughton, I came across a cassette tape. Not a rare occurance, but my heart sank, because more often than not the tapes I got sent were, err, well…not that great. I was about to listen to something that I would have a hard time finding good points in. So I popped it in the tape player and my jaw dropped when I heard one of the best breakbeat / d’n‘b tracks I have ever heard. All that was on the tape was the words Mathis Mootz and a phone number. The track was King Of The Jungle. It was forthcoming on Position Chrome. I found this out once I called Mathis (Panacea) and he told me “Yeah, I love Kniteforce and I just wondered if you were into the stuff”. I tried to sign the track, but as it was already going on another label…I have to admit, I was a bit gutted. But we talked, and Mathis promised me some new material for my label. And thats how I first heard of and had contact with The Panacea.

I first met Mathis in a club in Germany. I was a bit taken aback with his appearance, as he had painted nails and , to be honest, looked a bit crazy. He was with his demure girlfriend, and we chatted for a while. Mathis has a clever wit, and I found that not only did I admire his music, he was also a very interesting person. Since then, Mathis and I have become firm friends – he was Best Man at my wedding to Bexxie – and while our music tastes go in different directions, we often meet in the middle. He is one of the artists I most admire in the scene, and he dares to step into the future when others wait to see what’s coming. If you go listen to what he is doing now, you will hear what everyone else will be doing in 12 months time. Seriously. That sort of hyperbole is thrown around so much these days, but in The Panaceas case, its true. Even if you only know the tracks he has released on KFA, its clear that his is a talent rarely seen. I look forward to working with him in the future!

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