Real Name: Julian Slatter
Year Of Birth: 1973
Country Of Residence: U.K
Aliases: Dj Poosie / Future Primitive
Time with the label: 1992 – Present Day
KF Family Labels: Remix Records / Kniteforce / KFA

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Luna-C Says:
In the interest of keeping these Profiles interesting, I am rewriting this one. Poosie is a long time friend, and I don’t wish to post the same info as I did on the Future Primitive profile, so I thought I might write something new!

But what can I tell you? Julian remains my closest friend after all these years. In many ways we are nothing alike – he is cautious where I am reckless, he is precise where i am erratic. I know I have often irritated him with the way I do things – and he has done the same for me lol. Friendship is a strange thing, it resists analysis as often as not. Could I tell you a single reason why Julian and I have always had each others back? No, because there are millions of them. We have both been best man for each other (he was best man for my first marriage – Panacea for my marriage to Bexxie).

Suffice to say that much of what Kniteforce has become today is because of his input – probably more than he realizes. For example, a track isn’t really finished until he has heard it and passed judgement. Often, I worry about his opinion of the music because he has never pretended to like something, and if he doesn’t like it, well, experience tells me that its not going to be a big tune lol. As I have said before, Poosie has a very accurate ear for music. In truth, he should work as an a&r person for some big label because I cant think of an occasion where he hasn’t been right about a track. And it doesn’t matter what style either – he knew Guns & Roses would be huge long before I even heard of them (this is back in the Welcome to the Jungle days) but is just as spot on with modern stuff – Kanye West or the latest house track. Remarkable really.

We disagree occasionally, as friends do, but there has rarely been a harsh word, and mostly we just hang out. Sometimes we hang out and skate, sometimes we make music, sometimes we just fuck about doing nothing really.

The picture I have used at the top of the page shows Ju talking to Mike McGill, who was one of the most influential skaters (he invented the 540 McTwist) and Julians favourite from back in the day. He met McGill recently and got a classic old McGill board signed. Most of you will know that Julian has always been a big Die Hard / Bruce Willis fan, but I have no pictures of Ju and Bruce, so this is what you get lol.

Other than family, he is the person I miss most since moving to the USA – but heres hoping he will come to live here soon! Then all we will need is Spencer and Alk-e-d and we will really have KF USA :o)

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