Real Name: Dominik Smasal
Year Of Birth: N/A
Country Of Residence: Germany
Aliases: N/A
Time with the label: 1992 – Present Day
KF Family Labels: KFA

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Contact: N/A

Luna-C Says:
Ahh, a biography of the spoon man! tricky to do, but I will make the attempt. Dominik became spoon obsessed after the ridiculous “free spoon” offer that came with KF002, Luna-C Project 2. I can vaguely recall having a phone conversation with some mad German fella while unpacking KF 4 or 5 in the front room of my mothers house. i am fairly certain that it was Dominik i was talking to – either than or there is another spoon man out there – unlikely, really.
Anyhow, Dom and I have remained in contact over the years in a kind of sporadic way – at times a whole year might go past without any contact at all, other times we would be in almost constant contact, especially the last few years where we have been exchanging Kung Fu ideologies and information as well as talking philosophy etc.
In the past, we would see each other when he came to the UK, as we would hook up and I would sell him records, and sometimes invite him round if I wasn’t to busy.
Over the years we became friends, and he has been a constant supporter of the label, helping promote both KFA and Influential in in Germany’s Sub-Culture magazine. Which he sends me. Which I cant read – but I guess he is writing good things, he he…
As yet, we have only managed to hook up for studio once, on KFA8. And it was a relatively shaky start…although the final tune is wicked, it was perhaps a little too mellow and old skool for most. Like me, his favourite era for hardcore is 1991 – 1993, a time which seems to be ignored by most “old skool” ravers. At least at old skool events, anyway.
But I hope that at some point we will get in the studio again, and new tuneage will result!
2008 update – we still haven’t got in the studio again. Damn, we are useless lol!

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