Kingsize & Eternity

Real Name: Paul Pryor / Paul Stent
Year Of Birth: 1975 / 1978
Country Of Residence: U.K
Aliases: N/A
Time with the label: 2002 – Present Day
KF Family Labels: KFA

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Luna-C Says:
Here’s a story about Kingsize and Eternity. Although I have known them on and off since the Labrynth days, I cant remember any of that, so I have to start from when they came to the studio first of all. They were starting a D’n’B label, and called me up after hearing that I hired out my studio. When they arrived, it was plain who Kingsize was, being about 36 feet tall. Which made Eternity, who is slightly shorter than average height, look really short…but then again, everyone looks short compared to Mr Kingsize.
I knew that one of them was called Paul, but couldn’t remember which one. So I spent the next few weeks trying to work it out, by saying things like “What do you think of that break, Paul?” and looking to see which one replied. But I still couldn’t seem to work out which one was Paul.

It took about 6 studio sessions before I realised they were both called Paul.

Yes, I’m an idiot. Ho hum…

Anyway, Paul Eternity is a great guy, with a quick humour and quiet(ish) style. Well known for his skills at the 5 finger discount, he has helped me “invest” in various electrical goods that have come his way as if by magic. Top bloke, basically, but working full time, hence there not being a new Kingsize and Eternity 12” on KFA. And since around KFA10, Eternity got into funky house, and I really haven’t seen him so much since then.

As told in full in the History pages, Paul and I started working together when he was running the online record store called I-tunes (not the apple store). He had called me up asking about me repressing some of the old Kniteforce releases. This was an excellent idea that I ignored for about 2 years, and then didn’t do by starting KFA instead, although I eventually did do some represses.

Paul is one of the most trustworthy people I have ever met, and over the years I have been running KFA, he has been more help than you can imagine. It takes me a long time before I trust someone, but Paul has put up with my erratic ways, and still managed to make it look like KFA is organised. In doing so, I have gained a deep respect for him, and am pleased to call him a friend. Even if he is so tall, which he is. Very very tall indeed.
An easy friendship and business partnership has resulted in a good studio atmosphere, and to thank him, I did the Random Hero tracks to start his Panic Project label.
As time passed, Paul closed his store and got a little less interested in music in general. We remain in sporadic contact, and I hope at some point he will come over to the USA and we can get some new music done!

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