Jimni Cricket

Real Name: Annika Anderson

Year Of Birth: Immortal

Country Of Residence: USA

Aliases: Hardcore Saves The World

Seattle native Jimni Cricket has been DJ’ing professionally since 1999 focusing on everything from cheesy Happy Hardcore, to live mash-ups and pretty much anything else under the sun. In  2005 she be came a resident deejay for happyhardcore.com one of the biggest happyhardcore websites in the world. In recent years she been extremely dedicated to making herself one of the most technical djs in the US. On her quest to leave no city untouched, she has headlined in almost every US state and ventured into Canada. With her unique style and adorable personality the bug makes friends and fans at every single show, a fact that an army of candy ravers across North America can attest to.


From Luna-C

I have been a great admirer of Jimni Cricket since playing before her at an event in Seattle. It had been many years since I saw a Dj of such skill playing live. Mixing with vinyl and CD, and using more than two turntables, while dropping acapellas and scratching over the top. It was amazing, carefully crafted total chaos. Also, she looked insane, but that might have been because she was gearing up for the Hardcore Saves The World show she was about to put on.

In the years since, as I have got to know Jimni, I realize I was right, she is insane. And one of the nicest lunatics I know.

After seeing her doodling amazing artwork before playing an event, I asked her to try her hand at a KFA cover, and it was so good that the arrangement became more solid, and now she looks after the majority of the release artwork for the label. She had also featured on the Kniteforce 20 Year Anniversary Box Set as both remixer and in a Dj capacity, mixing one of the CDs. Despite many attempts, we have yet to get in the studio and get a full release out of her, but who knows what the future holds?

She is a welcome addition to the Kniteforce Family.


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Other Labels Released On: Disko warp

Podcasts & Radio Shows: Happyhardcore.com hardcore hodgepodge 7:pm pst Wednesday night

Dj Residencies: Mayhem

Contact: jimnicrickethhc@gmail.com

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