Real Name: Hamilton Dean
Year Of Birth: N/A
Country Of Residence: U.K
Aliases: Dj Brian
Time with the label: 1992 – 1997
KF Family Labels: Kniteforce / Remix Records

Links to more information:
Own Website: www.nextgenerationrecords.co.uk
MySpace: N/A
Facebook: N/A
Podcasts & Radio Shows: N/A
Dj Residencies: N/A


Luna-C Says:
I met Ham through Sam (Trip) and liked him immediately. Ham is a difficult person to get to know, as he is quite shy, and, as often happens, people mistake shyness for moodiness. I think anyone who truly loves & lives music finds it difficult to express themselves properly to people, because they live in a world of musical language, which hinders spoken language. I think Ham is a good example of this, because once we got past that initial stage, I found him to be a man of sharp wit and intellect.

And I know about this because I also had the same trouble meeting new people, but I was lucky (?) enough to have the Smart E’s track, which forced me at an early age to learn to deal with people who I didn’t know and was uncomfortable talking to…But I still have this problem sometimes, and it still makes me silent and uncommunicative.

When I first met Ham, I guess I understood this on a subconscious level, so it never bothered me. One of my favourite memories of Ham is that when I first met him, he had long hair. The next time I met him was at a local garage at about 3am, and he had cut his hair. On his own, and at a guess, without a mirror. I distinctly remember his grin at the ridiculousness of it – and what I liked was that he seemed not to care at all about it – like his hair was not part of him at all, and really only there to provide a little private amusement…

Anyway, he had turntables, a guitar, and a few pieces of basic studio equipment, and was already starting to mess about with samples etc. And at some point we arranged to make a track together. So, we made Green Eggs And… and Most Uplifting. He quickly progressed musically and was engineering his own tracks within a few releases. I have never met anyone who could learn and adapt as quickly as Ham…his engineering skill surpassed my four years in about a year, and as soon as he got paid, he started to build his own studio. He took to engineering and producing as if that was his sole purpose in life.

Even now, nothing slows him down, and if you look at my top 10 KF tunes, you will see that more than a few are his. His music always inspired me, partly because I never engineered it, but mostly because he has a skill which I have only seen in a few people (Austin from Sub-Base, Jody Sublove). Witness how Next Generation stand head and shoulders above any other current Hardcore labels. I, for one, was not surprised at his and Brisks success. I don’t know how big he will make it, but he has musical integrity, which few artists seem to possess nowadays, so I don’t think it really matters. Ever heard a blatant rip-off from Ham? Didn’t think so….The only real fault I have found with Hams music is that there is not enough of it :o)

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