Future Primitive

Real Names: Julian Slatter / Alex Crossley
Year Of Birth: 73 / 73
Country Of Residence: U.K
Aliases: N/A
Time with the label: 1992 – Present Day
KF Family Labels: Kniteforce / KFA

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Luna-C Says:
Poosie and Bertie both have their own profiles, so where information has differed I have added it there. Its hard for me to separate Poosie or Bertie from FP, so if I repeat myself, thats why!

Julian and Alex are my oldest friends. I know I can trust both of them with anything and everything. But both Julian and Alex are as different to me as is possible, despite being my closest friends even today.

Julian has an ear for music – Like me he has had no musical training, but you can play any record to him, in any style and he can tell you if it will be successful or not. And I have never known him to get it wrong. He should be an A&R man for a major label, really, as there are very few people who can do this. As an example, he told me that Guns n Roses, Outkast, Krome and Time’s “The Slammer”, amongst many others, would be huge tunes before they got big. Often I will dismiss a track, and he will say its good, and I will ignore it, and then 3 months later I will buy it and say to him “This is a tune”, at which point he will look at me with an “about time” expression. The only time this doesn’t happen is with the more commercial aspects of music, such as garage or the so called “hip hop” that gets radio play, most of which he loves and I hate. Until the last few years, I have always lived my life in what I would call an organised mess, although if I was honest, it was really just a mess. Julian taught me to be organised, and more careful in many ways, and eventually this “Julian Opinion” became something I would consider if making a piece of music to sell, instead of just for pleasure… The Jimmy-J / Poosie “is it a good tune?” question is one I often ask in my head, he he.
You are reading this because of him, in some ways.

Alex, on the other hand, has had to work much harder to find his way with music. Like Julian and I, he hasn’t ever been taught, but where Julian had an ear for music, and I had an ear for sampling, Alex had forced a knowledge from the desire to know, and from his love for the music. 3 such different personalities, each with different perspectives, can be quite hard to keep inline in any situation, although what’s really remarkable is that it is rarely a problem at all. Until we are in the studio.

Once enclosed in a small room of electronics and possibilities, it is sometimes like world war 3 to get anything done. Julian and Alex argue like a married couple, I get frustrated because Julian will tell me to do the opposite of what Alex wants. After 1/2 an hour of shouting at each other, I usually just do what I thought sounded best, because I was tired of listening to the argument. Later, we would change what ever we were arguing about to something totally different….as well as change whatever I put in as a placeholder.

I used to dread studio time with Future Primitive. But as time has gone by, I have come to accept thats the way it is. The end result is always so very good. And they alway push me to try and do things that I don’t know how to do. I would finish a bit, and Julian would say “try this” thinking I could press a button and do it, whereas in reality it would take me an hour, and then the argument….

Don’t misunderstand me, I love these times, and look back fondly on our studio nightmares, because we always laughed so much. I particularly remember making KF05 in an extremely hot studio, in an extremely hot summer, sweat pouring off us and temperatures rising. In the end we all just sat in our boxer shorts and had a smoke…or accidentally putting the KF032 pianos on top of each other, with the result that a totally hectic piano line was produced. Which we kept.

We have all relaxed since those days, and while there is still the occasional dispute, its normally settled quickly and never escalates into a war anymore. We are too old, and too silly, and friends for too long to get all pissed off about something as daft as music.

After KF closed, Julian & Ham, under the name “Powerhouse” made a house track called “Rhythm of the Night” which was released on 3 Beat records, and charted in the top 30 I think…It was a good tune, but they didn’t get paid properly, so they stopped with this label.

As well as new FP material, Alex working as Berie and Julian and I working as 2 Croozin’, both of my friends have been helping me behind the scenes with since the beginning with both Kniteforce & KFA and remain the 2 people I bounce idea’s off the most and so effect the labels decisions quite heavily.

Here’s a few useless bits of info. If you called the KF number between 95 and 97, you probably spoke to Ju, not me, as he ran the mail order and Promo service when I didn’t have time. If you ordered something, and you got it a week later, that was him. If you ordered and it took 2 months, that was me! Also Julian collects anything Die Hard (the film) related, so if you have anything you want to sell or donate, contact me! He also collects guns, so be nice (haha) Oh, and he broke his arm skating recently – whoops. We are all getting too old I guess!

A slight update (2008). Last year, due to problems that have been building up a very long time, Julian and I could no longer retain a friendship with Alex. Its a very sad situation for all involved. I had hoped things would get sorted out, and while they have reached a plateaux of sorts, I am sad to say the 3 of us no longer work together. Julian and I continue to make music and hang out, but Alex has set his feet on a separate path. KFA38, the last Future Primitive release, was made by Julian and I alone. I hope that the future will bring reconciliation, but I have acted and waited in vain for that to happen so far. Some things just cant be fixed by anything other than time, I guess. Alex, if you read this, good luck to you. I hope things work out well old friend. I regret how things turned out.

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