Real Name: Tagawa Tadatsugu
Year Of Birth: 1974
Country Of Residence: Japan
Aliases: N/A
Time with the label: 1998 – Present Day
KF Family Labels: KFA

Links to more information:
Own Website: http://white.sakura.ne.jp/~djevil/
MySpace: N/A
Facebook: N/A
Podcasts & Radio Shows: N/A
Dj Residencies: N/A

Contact: djevil@ps.sakura.ne.jp

Luna-C Says:
I am not entirely sure when I first got to know Dj Evil, but I think it was through a guy called Satoshi, who was involved with a company that bought D’n‘B records for distribution to Japan. I was selling my Influential tunes to him, and had discussed the possibility of touring. I could be wrong, but I think it was him that introduced me to Evil somehow – I have never actually met Satoshi, so hmmm…not that it matters, I guess…

However it happened, I met Evil around 1997 or 98. At this time I was married to a Japanese lady and was toying with the idea of living in Japan. Obviously I was nervous about it, and decided I would need to visit Japan a lot before deciding what to do. Unfortunately, Japan isn’t the cheapest place to fly to, so me being me, I looked for a way to get paid to go.

Dj Evil was organising parties in Japan at that time as well as being one of the more prominent hardcore Dj’s. He organised a tour for me, but it was playing hardcore, not D’n‘B. But that was fine – it was a means to an end, I thought. As it turned out, my friendship with Evil has so far lasted longer than my marriage, he he.
Dj Evil is possibly the least evil person you could meet. Apart from having a naturally smiley face, he is also a very amusing person to hang out with, and he has a sharp wit which shines through, even though his english is only marginally better than my Japanese. Actually, lets be honest here – my Japanese is abysmal, and his english is the only real form of communication we have.

As far as tune making goes, he was the one who encouraged me to do KFA1 – after a few tours, he came to the Uk and wanted to make a dub of a new mix of Take Me Away – and he had the original sample source with him. Not really bothered either way, I said fine. Jimmy gave me permission to do whatever I wanted to with the tracks anyway.

Little did I know that we would end up doing what I feel is the definitive version of the track. There have been mixes before and since, but I think KFA01 is the best version of both tracks.
After making that, we have been in the studio on numerous occasions – whenever he is in the UK in fact. And we have had varying results. His track on KFA8 isn’t the best, but his track “The Real” on ASOH vol.1 is superb, and remains a firm favourite to me!
My Japan tours have always been run by Evil, and any problem we have had – and there have been some – has been sorted out professionally and calmly – as sensible people should! Other than deep respect for his work (he works extremely hard to promote the scene in Japan, often hazarding personal money at a loss to get a dj on tour) he has earned me a lot of money over the years with remixes, tours and deals in Japan, and been constantly supportive of the label and the scene. Respect, my friend – I hope you can read all this okay (I cant translate this one, he he!). Ei desu ne?
Arigato Evilsan!

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