Real Name: Hendrik Blockus

Year Of Birth: 1983

Country Of Residence: Germany

Time With The Label: 2012 – Present Day

Empyreal got into hardcore in 1993 being fascinated by two different worlds: the hard kick based gabber of Continental Europe and the uplifting breakbeat tracks made in the UK (and everything between). Despite the decline of its popularity he started producing hardcore in the late 90’s.

Empyreal’s first officially released track was a remix of the classic “Fall Down On Me” , which was done to honor the 20th anniversary of Kniteforce Records. It was followed by several E.P.s on KFA. Most of his tracks combine 4/4 modern hardcore spiced up with orchestral instruments, oldschool elements and weird stuff. Every now and then he feels the urge to do pure orchestral tracks without any EDM elements.


Luna-C Says:


Coming soon…

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