Real Name: Tony Chorley
Year Of Birth: 1973
Country Of Residence: U.K
Aliases: T.C, Top Cat, D.j.t.c
Time with the label: 2005 – Present Day
KF Family Labels: KFA / Pollute The Mainstream

Labels worked with / released on MadCow , Vinyl United , Whojamaflip , Executive , Nu Energy.

Links to more information:
Own Website:
Facebook: h
Podcasts & Radio Shows: monday night 10pm – 12pm Eruption 101.3fm London
Dj Residencies:Dance Explosion, UK

Contact: N/A

Luna-C Says:
Ahhh, me old pal Tony. I met Tony through the old website. He used to run an online store, and bought records from us when we were doing the vinyl distribution thing a few years back. Tony rapidly became a regular visitor to our house, and before long, I was discussing a great deal of what I wanted to do with KFA with him. This was a little strange in fact – usually, I am slow to trust people, but TC has never let me down, and more than once helped me out of a sticky situation or two. Like when I drilled a hole in a water pipe, for example lol…A man of many skills, Tony is certainly someone to know in a pinch.
Its a shame we haven’t managed to get more music done together…I hope in the future we do more, because I find Tony pushes me in a similar way to how Jimmy J used to. I want to make impressive music, but also stuff that will move the crowd. And he has the same sort of ambitions. I think our collaboration on Pollute the Mainstream is one of the best releases the label has put out. I wish it had have been a KFA release…its not like the usual KFA releases, if there is such a thing. Actually, I wish vinyl sales had continued, because that would have been an awesome label to continue with.

Other than that, much of the later years with KFA had Tony’s indirect input. We discussed how the scene was moving, and what could be done, and more importantly, what would be fun to do. He was the first person I spoke to about doing the Kniteforce Revolution site (other than Bexxie of course), and about giving the music away for free.

He has his fingers in many pies, from running events and parties, to making music – and thats aside from being a fantastic Dj in his own right. In between all these things, he even found time to drive me about the UK for various gigs, and I am very grateful for that. Bottom line is, I owe Tony a great deal of gratitude for the help he has given me. Then I buggered off to the USA. So the lesson here is, never help Luna-C. Nah, Tony knows that I will always be available to help him out with whatever he needs, not only out of gratitude, but because he is a great guy, and a trusted friend. I am not sure what more I can say – he will be embarrassed by the praise, but it is well deserved. When I told Bexxie I was doing this profile she said “You better say lots of nice things, Tony has sorted you out many, many times” lol. She is quite right of course. So there you are Mr TC, me old mate.

Dj TC says:
I also enjoy brussles mmmmmmm

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