DJ Force and the Evolution

Real Name: Paul Hobbs (Dj Force) Darren Mew (Dj Styles) Paul Hughes (The Evolution) James Broomfield (The Evolution)
Year Of Birth: N/A
Country Of Residence: U.K
Aliases: N/A
Time with the label: 1992 – 1997
KF Family Labels: Kniteforce

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Luna-C Says:
Its a bit tricky to write this profile, as I met these four guys at a rave in Clacton, after hearing a tape that an ex girlfriend (who lived in Clacton) gave me. The tape contained demo versions of what was to become KF003. The reason it is difficult to write the profile is that we all remained pretty much on a first name basis, and as we only saw each other occasionally, we were never that close. So I have no idea of ages etc, and although I have spoken to Styles and Force recently, I still only have phone numbers. However, this will profile will be updated as that information comes to me…So I will tell you what I remember.

On first hearing the demo tape, I was impressed by the piano work, and wondered where they sampled the piano’s from. It turns out they were all played. I remember being absolutely amazed when I first saw them play keyboards. To this day I have never seen 2 people play the same keyboard simultaneously at 160bpm, and do so accurately like they did. Dj Force generally supplied arrangements and beats, while the others were responsible for the musical content. They worked on an Atari using Notator, which I had never seen before, and hope never to see again, as it looked to me (at that time) like the worlds most complicated program! For the first release, they brought pretty much their whole studio to my house, and we spent a good 4 or 5 hours just combining the 2 studios so that we could add beats etc to “Fall Down On Me” A couple of sound effects and a break was my only input in that release, and after that, they got themselves a sampler and no longer needed me!

I always thought they were very talented and would go a long way. When they PA-ed, they did it properly, dancers, outfits, the whole works. And that professionalism went throughout their whole work, with the result that their work was already excellent by the time they released KF016, “Perfect Dreams”. This release was by far my favourite of theirs, and to this day, I reckon the stabby piano on the breakdown halfway through the track is one of the best this scene has ever seen.

Just for the record, KF003 had about 200 pressed in translucent red vinyl, and KF016 had about 300 pressed in clear vinyl, and both were only pressed this way because I had reordered on them and the Pressing Plant had no black vinyl left. People always ask me about that, so now you know…oh, and despite the label saying that KF016 was limited to 500, I think we eventually sold quite a few more than that! Its hard to believe, but at the time, I thought that KF016 would’nt sell, so I limited it. However, that first 500 was sold in a week, and everyone wanted more, so….

As their music progressed, I think they felt restricted by the label, as they had to wait there turn to release a track, and they eventually started working with Slipmatt on Universal. (Slipmatt was very decent and called me to check it was okay). I was a little bit gutted at the time, but only a little bit, as we didn’t have the same bond of friendship I had with the other artists, plus I understood the desire to work with Matt, as at that time, everyone wanted to! So after “Simply Electric” we sort of parted company, although nothing was ever said. It was just naturally the way it went. I know they were doing UK dance, and have had great success with anthems such as “Heart Of Gold” and more recently, Styles and Breeze have torn up the dance floor with “Heartbeatz/Electric”, While Force has moved on to playing both old skool and house. As for James and Paul, I am not sure what they are up to – if you read this, email me, and I will add whatever needs to be added!

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