Dj Doughboy

Real Name: Chris Shipley
Year Of Birth: 1984
Country Of Residence: USA
Aliases: N/A
Time With The Label: 2014 – Present Day
Links to more information:
Twitter: @doughboy_hxc
Other Labels Released On: Justice Hardcore, Contagious Records, Venom Drive, Diskowarp

DJ Doughboy is Seattle’s hardcore DJ known for cooking things up on the decks
and leaving people both satisfied and hungry for more. He’s been dishing
out sets for fourteen years, his focus on getting the crowd moving through his passion
for hardcore. You can usually expect an anthem or two, mixed in with his own tracks and
exclusive material.

Dj Luna-C Says:

Doughboy was one of the first to use the submit music section of my site to send a tune – and what a tune it was. The remarkable “Holiday” track immediately grabbed my attention, only to be pushed aside by the anthemyness (my word, patent pending) of “Heartbreaker”.  I signed him to KFA as soon as I had the chance, and before I really got to know him – so its a good thing he is as cool as he is, otherwise I would be in real trouble lol.

I think he will be a name to watch in the future, and I am looking forward to his next releases….


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