DJ Deluxe

Real Name: Steven Jon Theobald
Year Of Birth: 1973
Country Of Residence: U.K
Aliases: N/A
Time with the label: 1999 – Present Day
KF Family Labels: KFA
Other Labels Worked With: Rogue Squadron, Ruffneck, Sharkfin, Enormous Mouse, Pitch control, Stopid Vinyl, BBHC, Hardcore Lives, Back T The Old Skool, Indiscriminate Records

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Own Website:
Podcasts & Radio Shows: Regular on and
Dj Residencies: N/A


Luna-C Says:
Stevie was a scarily obsessive KF fan. Was? Okay, still is. Obsessive, I mean. But at least its not as scary anymore LOL.
He first came to notice when I had set up the clothing part of the label, and didn’t have time to handle the many calls we were receiving daily. I got Poosie on the case with the phone, and he and Stevie got to know each other pretty well, and because of that, he got to know me a little bit too.
Although the first time I met him, I am surprised he didn’t get pissed off with me. Here’s how it went (via my hazy memory)
Stevie pulled up outside my house in an enormous lorry, and asked about promo’s…I am guessing something must have pissed me off that day, because I went outside and told him not to come round, as Julian (who he had come to see) had other work to do. What a wanker – oh well, I was younger then.
Despite my rudeness, Stevie called me every 8 or 9 months, before he called me in 2001, I think, and asked if he could do the web-site. As I had never really used the internet at that time, I said yeah, fine…I mean, what did I care? I knew that Stevie knew as much as anyone outside the KF crew could know about the label. Plus, in the back of my mind, I thought, if he runs the site, and I supply the info, I can explain DBM and how things went wrong, and at least set the record straight about a few bits and bobs.

So off he went, and lo! was born!

Since that time, Stevie and I have spent quite a lot of time together, and even though the site is now out of his hands, I owe him a great debt for opening my eyes to the “virtual” world, instead of the boring world I was in at the time of his call.
Stevie has made numerous tracks for the label, and has been creating his own music too, setting up his own label and generally driving head first into the industry, retaining the passion he has always had for the music. Becoming more versatile as he gets more experienced, Stevie and I have kept in contact for a long time, and remain firm friends. I look forward to new releases from him, whether they are on my label or not!

Dj Deluxe Says:
Hi, I’m DJ Deluxe, Del, Stevie T, or just plain old Steve. I’ve been involved in the rave scene since the old warehouse parties of 1991. I spent my raving/DJing years collecting all manner of obscure underground hardcore tracks. As the music diversified and spilt, I moved into the happy hardcore era, up until about 1997, when it all went shit, co-incidentally, about the time when Chris sold KF to the DBM stable. However, by this time, I had collected every Kniteforce release, and became solid friends with many of the Kniteforce crew.

In 2001, I helped Luna-C set up and was credited with causing the re-birth of what is now KFA Records, which I think is a little much, but flattering all the same. My first release was KFA007, a 150bpm old-skool piano tune entitled Error 17 (after an error message on Luna-C’s Akai), and I got my first solo release on KFA27 (Trivia – this was the first KFA release that went back to the old ‘Knite Force Records’ logo. Chris said it was a thanks for doing the website, as I’d been there from the beginning – how stoked was I?) I’ve also been lucky enough to remix one of my favourite FP tracks, and that is on KFA041. Since then I have gone on to enjoy many releases on various labels, and worked with some talented new artists along the way. In 2007, myself and D-Con teamed up to start our own label, Rogue Squadron Recordings, as a platform to promote our unique take on the Hardcore Breaks sound.

I have also released a free digital album (the first free hardcore breaks artist album in the scene!), which is available from the above web link, and I was pleased to hit over 1500 downloads in the first 4 weeks of release. So please check it out, and let me know any feedback.

So, from Raver to DJ to Kniteforce Fanboy to Producer, I think I’ve not done badly. I’m bang into the music, and I’ve learned a hell of a lot over the years, both personally and professionally, met some great people, and been to countries to play that have been amazing. And this is mainly down to this small label called Kniteforce. It has given me the belief and the tuition I needed to achieve many of my musical ambition, and for that, I will always be grateful. So here is the gratuitous KF slogan…….
Kniteforce – The retarded child of hardcore since 1993.

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