Real Name: Russell Leigh Aird
Year Of Birth: 1981
Country Of Residence: Perth, Australia
Aliases: N/A
Time with the label: 2003 – Present Day
KF Family Labels: KFA

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Luna-C Says:
I have lost contact with Russell over the last few years – if you read this mate, email me? I would like to catch up!
Dj Dair is one of Australia’s best know hardcore Dj’s. Based in Perth, he has had releases on various labels, including Next Gen, Hectec, but most importantly, KFA (he he). I met Dair (Russell) on my first KFA era tour of Australia. The tour was run by Olly and Hilton of RuffKnite productions.
While I was in Perth, I stayed at Russells house, instead of a hotel. I find it very uncomfortable to live in someone else’s house, even if its only for a week…however, Russell and his family made me feel so welcome that I could relax and enjoy a week of idleness before the next set. Russell is a really friendly guy and as with anyone I invite to join the label, he has a great sense of humour. So the week flew by, chilling by his pool, mucking about on the decks, and we got on so well that I invited him to the studio next time he hit the UK. Months later he arrived in the UK and we started to make some tunes…and the days went quick, because as well as being prepared beforehand (you wouldnt believe how many people turn up at the studio with no samples, no musical knowledge and no idea, LOL) we both had a great deal of fun making the tunes…and the 4 things we worked on all got used (thats a high hit rate-usually 1 or 2 in 4 tracks get dumped).

Since then, we have become firm friends, and it seems only natural to welcome him to the label….

Oh, and here’s a funny “Dair” related story…
About 4 months before I first met Dair, I went into London’s HMV to buy some CDR’s. I also wanted to return a few that didnt work. To save time, I thought I could get the replacement CD’s I needed before going to exchange. But I couldn’t find the ones i wanted as singles, so I picked up a box of 10. I queued up to speak to the “customer service” guy (who was Australian) and asked to change the CD. Looking sort of grumpy (it was monday and busy) he opened the 10 pack (after a struggle with the unbreakable cellophane that seems to be required to keep CD’s “fresh”) to change the CD’s over, at which point I realised i had picked up the same brand that didnt work before in the 10 pack. Sheepishly, I told the guy that actually, the ones he had just opened were the wrong ones. So off he went to find the right ones while I stood at the front on an increasingly impatient queue feeling like a right pain.
Anyway, looking even less happy to be serving me than before, he brought the correct CD’s for me, and started to sort out the reciepts and all that hoopla that you have to go through when you return something. During the uncomfortable silence that followed, I suddenly had a great idea – ask him about Australia! If there’s one thing I know about Aussie’s, it’s that they love their country, and if you do too, thats recognised as a REALLY GOOD THING! Plus how can you not like Australia? If you haven’t been, go!
So, I put the plan into effect, and it worked! By the time I actually left the till (much to the relief of the now enormous trail of people behind me) the guy was smiling and I felt less like a complete twat.

When I arrived in Perth and first met Russ, it took me a while to realise where I had seen him before. He had been working in HMV, and although he doesn’t remember the incident (after all, i was one of hundreds of annoying customers he dealt with every day) I think its quite an amusing story…

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