Real Name: Paul Nineham
Year Of Birth: N/A
Country Of Residence: U.K
Aliases: N/A
Time with the label: 1993 – 1996
KF Family Labels: Kniteforce / Remix Records / KFA

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Luna-C Says:
I have known Brisk for a long time. I met him just after Remix Records started…although I have no memory of our first meeting! I am not even sure who introduced us. All I know is that he must have impressed me because I invited him to my studio pretty soon after first contact. I have never been a person who worries about someone’s music/engineering skills. I figure that as I had none, and I have done okay, then anyone can, so I have only worked with people I like. Generally it takes me a few years before I invite someone into my studio…so for me to ask Brisk in is a testament to the impression he made on me.
At the time, although he was a name as a DJ (and nowhere near as famous as he is now) he had only done one release, with Stormtrooper records, which I hadn’t heard.

I remember the first time he came in, because he brought a load of tunes that he liked. They were mostly from Ruffneck recordings, and this was my first contact with Gabba. I didn’t like most of it, but I thought some of it was amazing, and went away with a list of tunes to buy!
When we made REC07, the kick was way too soft for Brisk, but I was even more stubborn then than I am now, which explains why his releases on my labels were never that banging. I found working with him reasonably easy, and I think this is because we were both fired up, plus he was full of ideas so it wasn’t hard for me to vibe off him.

As time went by though, his work and my commitments made it harder and harder to organise studio time, and unfortunately, the label was in “wobbling” period a small time after we released Airhead. So, as the label slowed down (what a nice way to put it) things started to go wrong.
I had a problem with Brisk when the labels went down, because I owed him quite a lot of money when the label had none. Part of the problem was I was too generous, and also badly organised. When I did my accounts, I took 50% for the label, and gave Brisk the other 50% – which is to say, I didn’t pay myself. So when Brisk got paid for REC07, he got double what was due. I was happy with this – indeed, it was my idea and I did this with most of the artists. The label was making enough money for me anyway, and I wanted to earn money for my friends. Generous, but a little naive, perhaps….
The problem here is that when the label stopped making a profit, I could not afford to pay what I owed, let alone double what I should have been paying in the first place. Because Brisk had been paid this way for REC07, he quite rightly expected to be paid the same way for REC09. But I couldn’t afford it, so I took my artist cut, which meant that to Brisk, the money for REC09 didn’t meet expectations. This inevitably led to him feeling like I had wronged him.
And I still feel a little guilty – I firmly believe that if you make a deal with someone, you should stick to it. And because I couldn’t, I didn’t. Plus I totally messed up the publishing side of things.
After a time spent where we were both annoyed with each other, we sorted out our differences, and we remain friends.
We didn’t actually see each other for about 4 years, in which time Ham and he built Next Generation and found great success both here and with / as Stimulant Dj’s, amongst various other projects, and only met up again on my 2003 Australian tour. It was strange to see him again – we have both changed a lot, and I am not sure how he felt, but I found it extremely weird! Some of the changes were obvious, but we soon settled into an easy conversation and talked of the scene and general life things…
Since then, we have spoken more and more and re-established the relationship so it feels just like it used to be, and that pleases me no end. He and V.A.G.A.B.O.N.D remixed Airhead for me, and we share promos and talk pretty often about the scene.
I hope the future will enable us to work again on a tune together at some point, although its so tricky with both of us running our own labels, and no easier now that I have moved to the USA!

From Brisk’s Myspace Page:
With a distinctive and unparalleled musical dimension; a mastered continuity and a refreshing open-mindedness that is unique Brisk aka Stimulant DJs he proves that he is one DJ whose insightful productions, insatiable passion, natural yet experienced technical prowess is encompassing of a person who has built himself through blood, sweat and tears to rock dance floors internationally. He has persevered to become a well respected figure through every aspect of the dance scene from the underground to the mainstream, by both clubber and artists alike.
Hardcore, hard house, hard trance or hard dance, Brisk is a pillar of 21st century dance music, with an exciting ability to help shape and maintain the future journey of the scene.
As he continues his DJ dominance that began three decades ago, one of the busiest DJs of today, moonlighting from DJ Brisk the Hardcore God to Hard Dance heavy weight Stimulant DJs, each weekend he dons the decks and commands the dance floors, Manchester or Melbourne, London or LA, 150 or 20,000 people, whichever, this is one DJ that provides the people with their hard earned weekend escape and good solid dose of dance fuelled serenity!
The latter months have been typically demanding for Brisk with guest appearances and performances nationwide on the airwaves, and globally via the internet on BBC Radio1 and his weekly show on Galaxy Still regularly hosting and delivering an explosive and revolutionary Hardcore arena to the Tidy contingency for their Magna and infamous Tidy Weekender haunts, he still finds time to review for the number 1 dance magazine iDJ (International DJ) and has just completed a 3rd volume in the TV advertised sister album to the highly acclaimed Bonkers that is the Hardcore Heaven album. Having not long released the third instalment of the Next Generation Volumes, a compilation of their NG Collective, Brisk and musical comrade Ham are frantically working on their 4th chapter along with their long awaited debut Stimulant album featuring orginals and remixes of their work by the likes of Yoji Biomehanika, Organ Donors, Paul Glazby, Lab4, Oliver Klitzing, The Fallen Angel , Scot Project, Gaz West and many more.
With a heavy tour schedule not unusually covering every corner of the United Kingdom week in week out, Brisk is also in regular demand to grace the turntables and indulge his fanatical crowd across Europe and worldwide alike.

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