Real Name: Alexander Crossley
Year Of Birth: 1973
Country Of Residence: U.K
Aliases: Bertie / Future Primitive
Time with the label: 1992 – 2007
KF Family Labels: Remix Records / Kniteforce / KFA

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Luna-C Says:
Alex was my first, and therefore remains, my longest friend. In our area there was a big posse of skaters. I was a totally uncool geek boy, skate pud extraordinaire, and I was an outsider to this group for a long time.

I remember first meeting Alex (who was part of this group) outside a shop in Loughton, and skating about doing Bonelesses and 360’s. I think its fair to say Alex has never cared what people thought of him, and has always gone his own way. We were friends from the off…

In the studio, me and Alex often completely misunderstand each other, and end up shouting our opinions. Or rather, I would get all moody and silent, while he refused to give up until we did understand each other. Although we have often disagreed about music, we have had very few personal arguments, and this is largely due to his refusal to be beaten by anything. Especially not a grumpy engineer…and this in turn has lead to me having a great deal of respect for him.

Always lively, and completely hectic, we have matured over the years, and have a lot less disagreements than we used to, studio wise. And over the years, he has taught himself to play piano pretty well, often stepping up the pace within the actual making of the tune, or supplying the main riff for the FP tunes as well as his own music!

During the later years of KF, Alex set up E4 sounds with some dodgy geezer who worked in a local record shop of the same name. He released 5 tracks, but owing to the scene going all techno, and his tracks being breakbeat style, they didn’t do as well as they should have. He made less on KF for the same reason as I lost enthusiasm, i.e. neither of us felt that the heavy kick drum was the way forward.

And his first project on KFA, back to back with Unsubdued, has showcased a certain flair for old skool goodness and new skool production, as well as an unexpected competency with the jungle style in Styler Style, his first attempt at such a track.

A respected and trusted friend, both him and Julian are more like brothers than friends to me, and as I said in the label history, KF’s existence is as much because of these two, as me.

Bertie Says:
Awaiting information!

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