Real Names: Patois, Carl H., Jesse P.
Group Members: Bella, Donna & Killz
Years Of Birth: 20th Century
Country Of Residence: Canada
Aliases: N/A
Time with the label: 1992 – Present Day
KF Family Labels: Kniteforce / Monster / Malice / KFA

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Other Labels Released On: Sublight, Industrial Strength, Tigerbeats6, Dross:tik, Smerk
Podcasts & Radio Shows: N/A
Dj Residencies: N/A


Luna-C Says:
Belladonnakillz was bought to my attention at some point in 2005. My memory is appalling, but I seem to recall The Panacea mentioning them to me, or it could have been The Goodfellaz crew.
Hailing from Canada, the first piece of music I heard from them was also the first release I put out by them, the backwardsly titled “Killbelladonna”.
It is an amazing record, and even though a few years have gone by since its release, it remains a stand alone track that sounds like nothing else. There is a distinct punk feel to all of their releases, and Killbelladonna is both the siren call for the future of hardcore, and at the same time, a throwback to old skool. Rarely are vocals put into hardcore music without the words “stars” or “fluffy” appearing in each chorus. To have the combination of both rough production and intelligently crafted songwriting / lyrics is as unusual now as it was when I first heard the record. To produce such an original piece of music is really quite and achievement, and Belladonnakillz is one of those artists that I would love to be able to emulate. Like Hyper On Experience or The Panacea, they seem to be in their own world, making music that sounds entirely individual.
It is hard for me to say anything on a personal level, as I have only met the band members a few times, and the that has been at raves, which are not the best places for conversation. Although I did get to witness their insane live show – a sight to be seen if you get the chance! All other communication has been via email, which is not the best way to get to know anyone, especially when I am one of those people that usually only emails when I have something to organize, lol. my overall impression remains one of an artist possessing both integrity and the will to evolve regardless of what is current, or commercially viable.
Since the release of “Killbelladonna” on my label, I have kept an eye on their subsequent career. This is a group of people who refuse to stick to the plan (if there is one which I doubt lol), and that is another reason I admire them. Their music has a huge range, and moves from softer and curious electronic doodles such as the track “Bi” which, in my opinion, is one of the greatest electronic tunes ever written. In a just world, it would have been a huge commercial success, despite (or maybe because of) the subversive lyrics. At the other end of the spectrum are tracks like “Abort” which is wrong on any number of levels, and is a furious gabba track complete with babies crying and twisted vocals. Many of these tracks are more extreme in range than I could release on my labels, and Belladonnakillz has released much music outside of KFA. Two albums to date, and both are superb, the perfect antidote to the bland and tedious “hardcore” albums sold to the sheeple! And a third on its way at the time of writing. Check them out, you wont be disappointed, and if you are, then its because your brain isn’t working. My hope is that I can get more releases from this amazing band in the future!

Belladonnakillz Says:
Belladonnakillz originally started in 2002 as a one-man dj live show. The first releases came out on industrial strength records ISF4: chillin is killin compilation. In 2005 belladonnakillz released its debut album entitled ‘perverted and proud’ and evolved into a 3-piece live act to promote the record. 2006 saw the release of ‘as if,’ which demonstrated the evolution of their sound into a blend of pop and techno with a punk sensibility. At this time, belladonnakillz began to play shows all over the united states and canada with gigs in Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, Pittsburgh among some of the many shows they have performed. By this point in time, belladonnakillz has been remixed by numerous artists, most prominently a remix of their hit ‘kill bella donna’ by the famous PANACEA.
2007 had been rather quiet for the band until the eastern european tour during august 2008. Belladonnakillz will be returning to europe for another mini-tour which will take them to London, Ghent, Zurich, Delft and Kiev. This show will precede the release of their 3rd album entitled ‘sorry try again.’ This album will be a further departure from their original sound. It will include many of the signature characteristics but will overall be a more accessible and less hyperactive sound, reflecting the maturity and growth of belladonnakillz. Check the myspace site periodically for updates to the playlist which already includes to be released titles ‘a ok’ and ‘b in love.’

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