Real Name: Melanocetus johnsonii
Year Of Birth: 1986
Country Of Residence: USA
Aliases: N/A
Time With The Label: 2013 – Present Day
Links to more information:
MySpace: lol do people still use this?
Twitter: @djanglerfish
Dj Residencies etc: Outlet

Anglerfish Says:
Prepare to be lured to the dancefloor! When not lurking thousands of meters below the ocean’s surface attracting prey with bioluminescence, San Francisco resident Anglerfish is best known for her love for vinyl, quick mixing, and high-energy, versatile sets spanning all things hard and fast, most notably hardtek, tribecore, and Frenchcore. In recent years she has begun making forays into the realm of production, and her track “Smashed” on KFA Recordings with Lucider as XTATX has been earning support internationally from DJs including Luna-C, Jimni Cricket, No Left Turn, Maromi, and Dynamic. Anglerfish’s unique sound has set her apart as one of northern California’s most in-demand hardcore DJs, making appearances all over the west coast and beyond.

Luna-C Says:-
I had been looking for someone who would take over the KFA A&R department for a long while. I needed someone with a list qualities that are often hard to find in one person. The person had to be a) very into hardcore b) very open to all the different styles of hardcore c) involved with the scene for pleasure d) happy with promoting etc via social media and most difficult of all e) trusted by me.

Sparky hits all of those points out of the park. Having worked with her a number of times, I know she can be trusted. As a Facebook friend, I have seen her posts and her unflagging enthusiasm for hardcore. She is Djing regularly, involved with production (having released recently on KFA) yet not in anyones pocket or affiliated with any other organization. Thats important because I value even handedness when it comes to releasing music.
Most importantly she is on the ball in a way I have not been for a few years. Hardcore should be about bringing in the new ideas and building on the past. I think Sparky will breathe new life into KFA, which is why she is now actively searching for new artists for the label. Do you produce? Are you looking to get your music released? Go to our “contact” page and see what happens….

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