Real Name: Darren Maycock
Year Of Birth: N/A
Country Of Residence: U.K
Aliases: Alk-e-d / Monster / Toxic Avengers (With Luna-C) / “D”
Time with the label: 1992 – Present Day
KF Family Labels: Kniteforce / Monster / Malice / KFA

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Luna-C Says:
Alk-e-d was, and is a dear friend. I know without doubt I can trust him, and we have never had a bad word between us. It was always fun being in the studio with him, and it remains so now, perhaps because our music taste follow’s the same lines, and we instinctively know what’s needed to be done at any point in a tune, generally without disagreement. In the Kniteforce days, we always went record buying together, we Dj-ed together, and we even seemed to meet girls at the same time, and have the relationships end at the same time. Quite often unknown to either of us, as we met the girls separately, the girls would be friends before we knew them. Strange huh? That particular bit of weirdness ended with the end of KF, and hasn’t resumed – probably a good thing for both of us! Other than me, he is still the most sought after Dj when people book a KF related event so we regularly fly out to Germany, Poland or wherever and play a gig. It could be that his popularity is based on the fact he has the most extensive and excellent selection of Old Skool Jungle out of anyone I know ;o) and mixes well, even when “tipsy” on a pint or 12 – which he claims “helps to calm his nerves – yeah, right!

I first met Alk-e-d in the supermarket where we both worked, (the same one where I met Mr.Tom, fellow Smart’ E) and we got on well as soon as we met…In a building full of old ladies, the few full-time workers under 25 years old had to stick together! But we shared a keen interest in Skating, Hip Hop, Djing and Raving, both of us favouring ragga vocals, scratching and aggressive bass lines, or darker techno like Energy Flash or Mentasm, which explains the style we made together. He is easy to work with, and always brings so much to the studio, sample wise and idea wise. Although “Home” was the most successful track he released, the track I liked best out of the old KF era was “Selecta”. I think it was the track closest to Alk-e-d’s style. Plus I loved the beats in it. A very laid back guy, he perhaps didn’t bug me enough for studio time during later times…after KF35, he got very little time. I was so busy, so if artists weren’t on my case, they got left behind. I regret that, because I forgot that these original KF members should always have had priority…..then again, I guess that Alk-e-d also was getting tired of the music…..

Still, I have been able to get him in the studio’s a bit more for KFA, and his “On The Piss” LP is regarded by many as the best release on the label so far – not bad considering we were both just getting used to each other again. Not that that had any effect, to be honest – it was just like old times! Turning up with a pack of beers on a Sunday morning looking a little worse for wear, and with a wry smile on his face. He always comes with a stack of samples – he has pretty much every ragga sample you ever heard, as he is a keen collector of dancehall music. Often he will pull out a track as say “hey, look at this – its the track M-Beat sampled for…” It is also strangely relaxing making music with Darren, because he has this laid back approach to life.
I have worked with Darren away from music too, as he owns his own landscaping business. i got to drive about in a dumbpser and lay a path lol…basically, its all cool with Alk-e-d, whatever we are getting up to.

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