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Hello Everyone!

Its a blog post, which can only mean something big enough is happening that it requires a blog post ha ha. And its true, this is one of those “big things are happening so let me tell you about it” times. But where to start? I need to talk about Remix Records AND All The Rave….So lets start with All The Rave as Remix Records is pretty much well known anyway, even if the relaunch has a slightly different approach to what the old RR used to have!

All The Rave is two things. It is our brand new compilation album series, and our brand new bandcamp website. They serve different needs but with the same aim: To work more with other labels and to increase the opportunities within our scene.
I have wanted to be able to sell other peoples records for a while now. Kniteforce has a good system and superb customers (looking at you!) and I want other labels to be able to reap the beniefits of that, plus its just good business to be able to sell other labels. And anyway, I…want to. Which is my main reason for doing the things I do anyway ha ha.
However, the Kniteforce Bandcamp page isnt ideal for that, what with it being, you know, the KNITEFORCE bandcamp page. So a new site was needed. And so, All The Rave…You can visit it here:

This is a separate site from the kniteforce bandcamp site, and right now, has only 5 releases on it, but they are all significant. There are the three Remix Records EPs, the first in the series of the All The Rave 12” and Double CD compilations, and an EP from our dear friends Try Unity. We will be adding to the site on a regular basis with new labels and releases from our friends and more, with the hope of it becoming a one stop shop for all the good stuff 🙂

So thats the website. Meanwhile, the All The Rave compilation series is a new venture we are trying out. The idea is to make an album based on a certain year in the rave world, and we have started with 1991 which is a significant year for me as it was when i first started to really produce rave music. However, I wanted to avoid making the anthem bashing / obvious compilation albums we have all heard before. I was more interested in making something that might have occurred in an alternate universe. So the album contains some original music from that year, but remastered. And some tunes that came out later, but have been remixed into the style of that year. And some brand new music that sounds like it was made back then. And everything in between, as long as it fits the overall ethic – a set you might have heard in 1991. The result is something quite unique I think.
The compilation album idea came first, and it is the first time we have ventured into using material from our friends outside of the KF stable, such as Dj Jedi and Try Unity. But of course there are tunes from some of our original old skool KF artists like Liquid, Sublove and Hyper On Experience. And then from our new artists as well, such as Wislov and Ant To Be and Shadowplay. Not to mention Idealz and Alex Jungle and Saiyan and Lowercase…basically its an series where we can all work together to make something a bit special.

Still, when we needed a new website, it made sense to use the same name, because now we have an album with Try Unity on it, and are also selling their EP on the store, and we already work with Dj Jedi and it opens up a lot of possibilities. Plus, it has a nice synergy, you see?

I have hopes that this compilation series will eventually serve as a calling card for our new “retro” rave scene, but if not, it will instead be an amazing series of albums featuring a huge selection of excellent artists and will breathe new life into the idea of compilation albums as they have, in my opinion, become a bit stagnant.

Also, its at a bargain price – at least for the first month.£19.91 is the year, £19.91 is the price for a double CD and a vinyl 12”? It seemed…fitting.

I really hope you will support the series AND the website.
And to encourage people…we decided Remix Records should be exclusive to All The Rave. And that makes sense too – Remix Records was always more user friendly than some of the Kniteforce releases lol. Yet the new Remix Records is serving a slightly different purpose to the old one, a purpose which fits the entire ethos of the All The Rave site.
Yes, the new RR is, like All The Rave, a way to work with our friends. The label will serve a s a place for guests to release music. Kniteforce has always been focussed on having a somewhat exclusive roster, but that means it has made it harder to work with long term friends such as Al Storm, or to find a suitable place to put an EP by one of the few MCs I have enjoyed working with on a professional level AND also like very much on a personal level, MC Whizzkid.
So we have the first two new releases on Remix Records from those two hardcore luminaries, and they are both AMAZING EPs. True old skool with a huge feel good factor, hands in the air full on rave – just like the original Remix Records was.

The other purpose of Remix Records is to allow some of the original RR artists a place to release music. So you can look forward to new EPs from Dj Brisk, The Timespan, and others. Its gonna be epic, basically. It already is.

Oh, and to sweeten the deal? the last few “Six Days” Remix EPs, which were an exclusive freebie for the regular KF buyers, are on there at a normal price. Once gone, they are gone! AND if you meander on to you will find a discount code for the two pre sale Remix Records EPs!

So here is where I would say “please support this” but you know what, if all this goodness doesnt excite you, let the music speak for itself. We already have 3 other Remix Records EPs on the go, and two more All The Rave compilation albums in the works, and are talking to 4 other labels who want to go through the new site. These first few will let us know if we are swimming in the right direction, or heading towards the titanic lol.

Either way, these are very exciting times!

Nice one, Luna-C

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