The Hardcore Labels


kf logo 100Kniteforce Records was started in 1993 and is where it all started….

remix records logo 100Remix Records was the first Kniteforce offshoot, started by Luna-C and Jimmy J in 1994!

knitebreed logo 100Knitebreed was originally set up to give new artists a way into the scene.

MALICE logo 100Malice was due to Luna-C’s love of gabber and especially the Ruffneck Records label.

KFA 3d logo 100KFA, or Kniteforce Again, started in 2001 and continues to release unusual hardcore to this very day…


The Drum & Bass Labels

Influential Logo 100Influential Records started in 1996 to allow for some Jump Up drum & bass releases…

defwish 100Def Wish was an offshoot started by Hired Gun and Def Wish

dyne 100Dyne was for the more technical D’n’B sound…also, the word “Dyne” means “a unit of force”.

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