Welcome to the new Kniteforce site.

As most of you will know by now, I tend to treat the record label, and my career in music, as an interesting experiment. I try not to be attached to any single way of doing things, and I try to keep my mind open to new ideas and innovations. I am like this with my music, and with my business as a whole.

I dont always get things right, but I usually end up where I want to be. The only question is, where do I want to be?

This is why, every 3 or 4 years, I change the way the site and label does things. It also keeps me from being bored, which keeps the label alive. The downside is that it can be a little bit confusing, but life without a little confusion would be dull, eh?

So here we are, on the fourth or fifth reincarnation of the Kniteforce website, having travelled a huge distance from the first website and an even huger distance from the first vinyl release in 1992. A great deal has changed, and yet many things are just the same as they always have been.

What can I tell you about the site and label that you don’t already know?

I guess the main thing to stress right now is that the site is a work in progress. There are many things I still want to add to it, and many adjustments that need to be made, some subtle, some obvious. I will be working on these things for the next few months, and maybe continually from  now on…

In the meantime, let me cover the practical stuff first. The new MP3 store will be where you will download MP3s. Duh. The current labels – the ones that are releasing regularly, are KFA, Kniteforce Digital, and less often, KFX. KFA is the main label, and I expect new music to be coming out every 4-8 weeks. The label covers all the styles that I like, which is to say:

Modern Hardcore, Old Skool Hardcore, D’n’B, Gabber, Hardcore Breaks, Dubstep and pretty much anything that makes you want to dance like a lunatic.

Kniteforce Digital covers similar things, and is free to those on the mailing list. It sometimes deals with tracks that are a little bit more…err…dubious with the samples. These tracks are not sold on the store, but may be given away free to those clever people on the mailing list.

KFX is for unusual one off releases that sometimes wander into difficult places.

There. I am sure that made everything clear. If it is not, then thats probably because the boundaries I set for each label are hardly boundaries at all, and I keep my guidelines deliberately fluid.

All the other labels on the site are currently on a sort of permanent pause. There may come a time when I want to release a new Malice or Kniteforce track, and if that happens, I will certainly tell everyone about it. But for now, the back catalogue is all that I have to give!

Feel free to ask me anything, the less ridiculous the better because its very difficult to answer ridiculous questions. I always like to get suggestions to improve the site as well.

There is a contact page which you can fill in, and I will get any message directly. I do my best to answer all messages, but I do sometimes forget or get distracted by other things – so if you don’t get an answer, just hassle me. I wont mind, and even if I did mind, I can hardly complain as I should have answered in the first place. Thats just common courtesy.


Anyway, thats all I have to say for now. I hope you enjoy the site 🙂


Chris / Luna-C

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