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1. All tracks should be in 320 MP3 format. If we want the track, we will contact you for the aif or wav file.

2. All track files must be named correctly. I need to know the artist, track name, remix name if applicable. And most importantly, contact details in the message section.

3. All submissions to KFA or Kniteforce must never have been online in full. Short soundclips on your personal site or Soundloud are fine, but if the track has already been downloadable, or released in any other way, it is no good to us! Sorry!

4. DO NOT SEND more than 4 tracks per month.

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Get Released On KFA Recordings

Would you like to be on KFA recordings? Course you would. Well, below are some details of what we are looking for. Have a read through, and if you think you have something we would like, submit your music at the bottom of this page.
KFA deals with modern and unusual hardcore, freeform, drum and bass, gabber, dubstep, breakcore etc etc. We don’t have set requirements, but we are always looking for things that are original and fun, even a bit weird. Ideally, we like 3 or 4 tracks per E.P plus a few free bonus tracks for the Executive Edition.

Things to avoid:-
Obvious blatant rip offs.
Boring stuff.
Polka and Marching Band music.

KFA is about variety, so we usually don’t want 4 tracks of the same style, although thats not a deal breaker and remixes are possible if we need to add a little something….

KFA’s A&R department is now being looked after by US Dj and Producer Anglerfish. All submissions made to KFA will go to her, and then be passed on to Dj Luna-C for final approval.

Here is Anglerfish’s bio…

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Get Released On Kniteforce Recordings

Would you like to be on Kniteforce Records? Hellz yeah! We are looking for very specific things, so please read carefully before submitting any music as a potential Kniteforce release. If you think you have something we would like, follow the submission instructions at the bottom of the page!

Kniteforce is releasing music in the old skool style. And it is a very specific style. I am talking 1992 – 1997 breakbeat hardcore. So usually 155bpm or higher, but not faster than 175bpm. It can have a kick drum, it can be drum and bass, it can even be gabber. The question you have to ask yourself is simple – would the track fit on the old Kniteforce label or its subsidiaries? If you answer yes, then send it to me. If no, then maybe send it to KFA instead?
I realize of course that production has improved, and thats a good thing. I am more concerned with finding tracks that capture the essence of the hardcore of that time.

Things to avoid:-
Obvious blatant rip offs.
Boring Stuff.
Polka and Marching Band music.
Trance riffs. Freeform. That sort of thing is great, but was never Kniteforce.

Tracks for Luna-C to play in a podcast or in a Superset, and possibly review on the KF siteā€¦.

I love good hardcore. I love it whether it is 140bpm or 210bpm, breakbeat or kick drum, freeform or old skull, d’n’b or dustup or just plain fucking weird. So send me if if you want me to play it! Include links or info in the “message” section of the form, and I will let people know on the podcasts where and when the track is available! Only send tracks you have the right to send, obviously.

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