KFA82 – Clayfighter – Arcade Love Story EP (Executive Edition)


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I want to extend a warm welcome to Clayfighter, the latest addition to the KFA family. We have been talking amongst ourselves, us KFA types, and we all decided that this EP is absolutely wicked. It has all the playfulness you expect from a KFA release, and all the tunes are absolutely marvellous! Personal favs for me are PK Rockin’ and Into My Eyes, which is weird cos I dont normally love the vocal stuff. But like the rest of this EP, its done with such flair…so get in while you can. 2 weeks only for the Ex Ec, as usual! And you can expect a lot more from Clayfighter, this is just his, and our, and the, and probably, a, beginning 🙂

Here is the track list / zip file contents.

KFA82 – Clayfighter – Arcade Love Story

  1. PK Rockin’
  2. Intergalactic
  3. Sonic Boom
  4. Mystics Play There
  5. Into My Eyes

Executive Edition Track

Intergalactic – Dj Luna-C Remix


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